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A Complicated Song'Weird Al' Yankovic1970-01-01
Achy Greaky Song'Weird Al' Yankovic1970-01-01
Addicted to Spuds'Weird Al' Yankovic1970-01-01
Alimony'Weird Al' Yankovic1970-01-01
Amish Paradise'Weird Al' Yankovic1970-01-01
Another One Rides the Bus'Weird Al' Yankovic1970-01-01
Bedrock Anthem'Weird Al' Yankovic1970-01-01
Christmas at Ground Zero'Weird Al' Yankovic1970-01-01
Couch Potato'Weird Al' Yankovic1970-01-01
Dare to Be Stupid'Weird Al' Yankovic1970-01-01
Eat It'Weird Al' Yankovic1970-01-01
Fat'Weird Al' Yankovic1970-01-01
Grapefruit Diet'Weird Al' Yankovic1970-01-01
Grapefruit Diet (LIVE)'Weird Al' Yankovic1970-01-01
Gump'Weird Al' Yankovic1970-01-01
Headline News'Weird Al' Yankovic1970-01-01
I Lost on Jeopardy'Weird Al' Yankovic1970-01-01
I Love Rocky Road'Weird Al' Yankovic1970-01-01
I Think I'm a Clone Now'Weird Al' Yankovic1970-01-01
I Want a New Duck'Weird Al' Yankovic1970-01-01
Isle Thing'Weird Al' Yankovic1970-01-01
It's Still Billy Joel to Me'Weird Al' Yankovic1970-01-01
Its All About the Pentiums'Weird Al' Yankovic1970-01-01
Jerry Springer'Weird Al' Yankovic1970-01-01
Like a Surgeon'Weird Al' Yankovic1970-01-01
My Bologna'Weird Al' Yankovic1970-01-01
My Bologna (LIVE)'Weird Al' Yankovic1970-01-01
Night Santa Went Crazy, The'Weird Al' Yankovic1970-01-01
Ode to a Super Hero'Weird Al' Yankovic1970-01-01
One More Minute'Weird Al' Yankovic1970-01-01
Phone Calls'Weird Al' Yankovic1970-01-01
Phony Calls'Weird Al' Yankovic1970-01-01
Ricky'Weird Al' Yankovic1970-01-01
She Drives Like Crazy'Weird Al' Yankovic1970-01-01
She Drives Like Crazy (LIVE)'Weird Al' Yankovic1970-01-01
Smells Like Nirvana'Weird Al' Yankovic1970-01-01
Smells Like Nirvana (LIVE)'Weird Al' Yankovic1970-01-01
Spam'Weird Al' Yankovic1970-01-01
The Saga Begins'Weird Al' Yankovic1970-01-01
The Saga Begins (LIVE)'Weird Al' Yankovic1970-01-01
White and Nerdy'Weird Al' Yankovic1970-01-01
Yoda'Weird Al' Yankovic1970-01-01
You Don't Love Me Anymore'Weird Al' Yankovic1970-01-01
When Your Heart Stops Beating441970-01-01
Countdown2 Chainz & Chris Brown1970-01-01
Oh La La La2 Eivissa1970-01-01
Doo Wah Diddy2 Live Crew1970-01-01
We Want Some P2 Live Crew1970-01-01
Beautiful Day3 Colours Red1970-01-01
Arizona Rain3 Doors Down1970-01-01
Be Like That3 Doors Down1970-01-01
Case of the Ex3 Doors Down1970-01-01
Citizen Soldier3 Doors Down1970-01-01
Duck & Run3 Doors Down1970-01-01
Duck and Run3 Doors Down1970-01-01
Every Time You Go3 Doors Down1970-01-01
It's Not My Time3 Doors Down1970-01-01
Kryptonite3 Doors Down1970-01-01
Landing in London3 Doors Down1970-01-01
Let Me Be Myself3 Doors Down1970-01-01
Loser3 Doors Down1970-01-01
Love Is Enough3 Doors Down1970-01-01
Train3 Doors Down1970-01-01
When I'm Gone3 Doors Down1970-01-01
When You're Young3 Doors Down1970-01-01
Love Is Enough3 of Hearts1970-01-01
No More (Baby I'ma Do Right)3LW1970-01-01
Don’t Trust Me3OH!31970-01-01
Double Vision3OH!31970-01-01
Starstrukk3OH!3 & Katy Perry1970-01-01
Tease Me3T1970-01-01
Basics of Life4 Him1970-01-01
For Future Generations4 Him1970-01-01
Freedom4 Him1970-01-01
Where There Is Faith4 Him1970-01-01
1930-01-154 Non Blondes1970-01-01
1930-01-134 Runner1970-01-01
1930-01-124 Runner1970-01-01
Rag Doll4 Seasons1970-01-01
Signs5 Man Electrical Band1970-01-01
Ooh Child5 Stairsteps1970-01-01
Aquarius (Let the Sun Shine In)5th Dimension1970-01-01
I Didn't Get to Sleep at All (Last Night)5th Dimension1970-01-01
Stoned Soul Picnic5th Dimension1970-01-01
Up up and Away5th Dimension1970-01-01
Sing7th Heaven1970-01-01
Question Everything8Stops71970-01-01
Beautiful10 Years1970-01-01
Through the Iris10 Years1970-01-01
Because the Night10,000 Maniacs1970-01-01
Candy Everybody Wants10,000 Maniacs1970-01-01
Like the Weather10,000 Maniacs1970-01-01
Trouble Me10,000 Maniacs1970-01-01
Dreadlock Holiday10cc1970-01-01
I'm Mandy10cc1970-01-01
Rubber Bullets10cc1970-01-01
Things We Do for Love10cc1970-01-01
Wallstreet Shuffle10cc1970-01-01
We Do for Love10cc1970-01-01
Dunkie Butt12 Gauge1970-01-01
Far Away12 Stones1970-01-01
21st Century Girls21st Century Girls1970-01-01
Kill30 Seconds to Mars1970-01-01
Kings & Queens30 Seconds to Mars1970-01-01
If I'd Been the One38 Special1970-01-01
Rockin' into the Night38 Special1970-01-01
Second Chance38 Special1970-01-01
Wild Eyed Southern Boys38 Special1970-01-01
We're in the Money42nd Street1970-01-01
Disco Inferno (Radio Version)50 Cent1970-01-01
How We Do (Radio Version)50 Cent1970-01-01
In Da Club 50 Cent1970-01-01
Just a Lil' Bit50 Cent1970-01-01
Outlaw50 Cent1970-01-01
Outta Control50 Cent1970-01-01
P.I.M.P.50 Cent1970-01-01
P.I.M.P. (Radio Version)50 Cent1970-01-01
1929-11-2650 Cent1970-01-01
Piggy Bank50 Cent1970-01-01
Pimp50 Cent1970-01-01
Patiently Waiting50 Cent & Eminem1970-01-01
21 Questions50 Cent & Nate Dogg1970-01-01
Best Friend50 Cent & Olivia1970-01-01
How We Do50 Cent & the Game1970-01-01
How We Do (Radio Version)50 Cent & the Game1970-01-01
Because of You98 Degrees1970-01-01
Give Me Just One Night (Una Noche)98 Degrees1970-01-01
Hardest Thing98 Degrees1970-01-01
I Do (Cherish You)98 Degrees1970-01-01
Invisible Man98 Degrees1970-01-01
Why (Are We Still Friends)98 Degrees1970-01-01
Somebody's Been Sleeping100 Proof (Aged in Soul)1970-01-01
Cruella De Vil101 Dalmations1970-01-01
Cruella De Vil (Vocals)101 Dalmations1970-01-01
Come See Me1121970-01-01
Dance with Me1121970-01-01
Hot and Wet1121970-01-01
It's over Now1121970-01-01
Na Na Na1121970-01-01
Peaches & Cream1121970-01-01
Hey You3111970-01-01
I Still Love You7021970-01-01
All I Want Is You9111970-01-01
How Do You Want Me to Love You9111970-01-01
Little Bit More9111970-01-01
More Than a Woman9111970-01-01
Party People (Friday Night)9111970-01-01
Private Number9111970-01-01
1, 2, 3 Redlight1910 Fruitgum Company1970-01-01
Lift It High (All About Belief)1910 Fruitgum Company1970-01-01
Simon Says1910 Fruitgum Company1970-01-01
Dance Ten Looks ThreeA Chorus Line1970-01-01
NothingA Chorus Line1970-01-01
OneA Chorus Line1970-01-01
What I Did for LoveA Chorus Line1970-01-01
All Signs Point to LauderdaleA Day to Remember1970-01-01
It's ComplicatedA Day to Remember1970-01-01
JuanesA Dios Le Pido1970-01-01
Have I NeverA Few Good Men1970-01-01
I Ran (So Far Away)A Flock of Seagulls1970-01-01
Wishing (I Had a Photograph of You)A Flock of Seagulls1970-01-01
Make Me Do Anything You WantA Foot in Cold Water1970-01-01
Say SomethingA Great Big World ft. Christina Aguilera1970-01-01
Send in the ClownsA Little Night Music1970-01-01
Victoria BeckhamA Mind of Its Own1970-01-01
Blue (remix)A Perfect Circle1970-01-01
ImagineA Perfect Circle1970-01-01
JudithA Perfect Circle1970-01-01
OutsiderA Perfect Circle1970-01-01
PassiveA Perfect Circle1970-01-01
Weak and PowerlessA Perfect Circle1970-01-01
Son By FourA Puro Dolor1970-01-01
Boogie Oogie OogieA Taste of Honey1970-01-01
SukiyakiA Taste of Honey1970-01-01
Cry WolfA-ha1970-01-01
Hunting High & Lowa-ha1970-01-01
Take on Mea-ha1970-01-01
The Living Daylightsa-ha1970-01-01
The Sun Always Shines on TVa-ha1970-01-01
Parranda JibaraA. Alvarado1970-01-01
Around the WorldA*Teens1970-01-01
Bouncing off the Ceiling (Upside Down)A*Teens1970-01-01
Floor FillerA*Teens1970-01-01
Halfway Around the WorldA*Teens1970-01-01
Land of Make BelieveA*Teens1970-01-01
Mama MiaA*Teens1970-01-01
GoldieA$AP Rocky1970-01-01
Acompaname a Estar SoloA11970-01-01
Caught in the MiddleA11970-01-01
Every TimeA11970-01-01
Like a RoseA11970-01-01
No MoreA11970-01-01
Ready or NotA11970-01-01
Same Old Brand New YouA11970-01-01
Summertime of Our LivesA11970-01-01
Take on MeA11970-01-01
Woke up This Morning (The Sopranos, Chosen One Mix)A31970-01-01
No LightA3rd Strike1970-01-01
At Your BestAaliyah1970-01-01
Back and ForthAaliyah1970-01-01
Come OverAaliyah1970-01-01
I Care 4 UAaliyah1970-01-01
I Don't WannaAaliyah1970-01-01
Miss YouAaliyah1970-01-01
One I Gave My Heart ToAaliyah1970-01-01
We Need a ResolutionAaliyah & Timberland1970-01-01
Crazy LuvAaron Alexander1970-01-01
I'm All About MeAaron Carter1970-01-01
Saturday NightAaron Carter1970-01-01
I Want CandyAaron Center1970-01-01
Spending All My TimeAaron Fresh1970-01-01
All the Places I Will Kiss YouAaron Hall1970-01-01
I Miss YouAaron Hall1970-01-01
Let's Make LoveAaron Hall1970-01-01
Country BoyAaron Lewis1970-01-01
OutsideAaron Lewis & Fred Durst1970-01-01
Outside (Live)Aaron Lewis & Fred Durst1970-01-01
Love Changes EverythingAaron Lines1970-01-01
You Can't Hide BeautifulAaron Lines1970-01-01
You Can’t Hide BeautifulAaron Lines1970-01-01
Betcha By Golly WowAaron Neville1970-01-01
Can't Stop My Heart from Loving YouAaron Neville1970-01-01
Crazy LoveAaron Neville1970-01-01
Don't Fall Apart on Me TonightAaron Neville1970-01-01
Don't Take Away My HeavenAaron Neville1970-01-01
Everybody Plays the FoolAaron Neville1970-01-01
Grand TourAaron Neville1970-01-01
Tell It Like It IsAaron Neville1970-01-01
Even If My Heart Would BreakAaron Neville & Kenny G.1970-01-01
All My LifeAaron Neville & Linda Ronstadt1970-01-01
Don't Know MuchAaron Neville & Linda Ronstadt1970-01-01
When Something Is Wrong with My BabyAaron Neville & Linda Ronstadt1970-01-01
I Fall to PiecesAaron Neville & Trisha Yearwood1970-01-01
Always WasAaron Tippin1970-01-01
Call of the WildAaron Tippin1970-01-01
Come FridayAaron Tippin1970-01-01
DoorAaron Tippin1970-01-01
Everything I OwnAaron Tippin1970-01-01
For You I WillAaron Tippin1970-01-01
HerAaron Tippin1970-01-01
Honky Tonk SupermanAaron Tippin1970-01-01
How's the Radio KnowAaron Tippin1970-01-01
I Got It HonestAaron Tippin1970-01-01
I Was Born with a Broken HeartAaron Tippin1970-01-01
I Wouldn't Have It Any Other WayAaron Tippin1970-01-01
I'll Take Love over MoneyAaron Tippin1970-01-01
I'm LeavingAaron Tippin1970-01-01
If Her Lovin' Don't Kill MeAaron Tippin1970-01-01
Kiss ThisAaron Tippin1970-01-01
Love Like There's No TomorrowAaron Tippin1970-01-01
My Blue AngelAaron Tippin1970-01-01
People Like UsAaron Tippin1970-01-01
She Feels Like a Brand New Man TonightAaron Tippin1970-01-01
That's As Close As I'll Get to Loving YouAaron Tippin1970-01-01
That's What Happens When I Hold YouAaron Tippin1970-01-01
There Ain't Nothin' Wrong with the RadioAaron Tippin1970-01-01
What This Country NeedsAaron Tippin1970-01-01
Where the Stars and Stripes and the Eagle FlyAaron Tippin1970-01-01
Where the Stars and Stripes and the Eagles FlyAaron Tippin1970-01-01
Whole Lotta Love on the LineAaron Tippin1970-01-01
Without Your LoveAaron Tippin1970-01-01
Workin' Man's Ph.DAaron Tippin1970-01-01
You've Got to Stand for SomethingAaron Tippin1970-01-01
Love Like There's No TomorrowAaron Tippin & Thea1970-01-01
Love Like There's No TomorrowAaron Tippin & Thea Tippin1970-01-01
RemedyAbandoned Pools1970-01-01
Angel EyesABBA1970-01-01
Dancing QueenABBA1970-01-01
Does Your Mother KnowABBA1970-01-01
Gimme! Gimme! Gimme!ABBA1970-01-01
Happy New YearABBA1970-01-01
Have a Dream, IABBA1970-01-01
Honey HoneyABBA1970-01-01
I Do, I Do, I Do, I Do, I DoABBA1970-01-01
Knowing Me Knowing YouABBA1970-01-01
Lay All Your Love on MeABBA1970-01-01
Mamma MiaABBA1970-01-01
Money, Money , MoneyABBA1970-01-01
Name of the GameABBA1970-01-01
One of UsABBA1970-01-01
Ring RingABBA1970-01-01
Super TrouperABBA1970-01-01
Take a Chance on MeABBA1970-01-01
Thank You for the MusicABBA1970-01-01
Winner Takes It AllABBA1970-01-01
Street of DreamsAbbey Lincoln1970-01-01
All of My HeartABC1970-01-01
Be Near MeABC1970-01-01
Poison ArrowABC1970-01-01
The Look of Love, Part FourABC1970-01-01
When Smokey SingsABC1970-01-01
Playa SolaAbelardo Pulido Buenrostro1970-01-01
Four Leaf CloverAbra Moore1970-01-01
Northern RedemptionAbrams Brothers1970-01-01
7 WaysAbs1970-01-01
Little Miss PerfectAbs1970-01-01
Back in BlackAC/DC1970-01-01
Big BallsAC/DC1970-01-01
Big GumAC/DC1970-01-01
Big GunAC/DC1970-01-01
Dirty Deeds Done Dirt CheapAC/DC1970-01-01
For Those About to RockAC/DC1970-01-01
Girls Got RhythmAC/DC1970-01-01
Hard As a RockAC/DC1970-01-01
Have a Drink on MeAC/DC1970-01-01
Hello HelloAC/DC1970-01-01
Hells BellsAC/DC1970-01-01
High VoltageAC/DC1970-01-01
Highway to HellAC/DC1970-01-01
It's a Long Way to the Top (If You Want to Rock & Roll)AC/DC1970-01-01
Problem ChildAC/DC1970-01-01
Ride OnAC/DC1970-01-01
Rock 'N Roll Ain't Noise PollutionAC/DC1970-01-01
Safe in New York CityAC/DC1970-01-01
Shoot to ThrillAC/DC1970-01-01
Sin CityAC/DC1970-01-01
Sink the PinkAC/DC1970-01-01
Stiff Upper LipAC/DC1970-01-01
Who Made WhoAC/DC1970-01-01
Whole Lotta RosieAC/DC1970-01-01
You Shook Me All Night LongAC/DC1970-01-01
Balls to the WallAccept1970-01-01
How LongAce1970-01-01
New York GrooveAce Frehley1970-01-01
RideAce Hood & Trey Songz1970-01-01
All That She WantsAce of Base1970-01-01
Always Have Always WillAce of Base1970-01-01
Cruel SummerAce of Base1970-01-01
Don't Turn AroundAce of Base1970-01-01
Every Time It RainsAce of Base1970-01-01
Life Is a FlowerAce of Base1970-01-01
Living in DangerAce of Base1970-01-01
Lucky LoveAce of Base1970-01-01
Never Gonna Say I'm So SorryAce of Base1970-01-01
SignAce of Base1970-01-01
Boy from New York CityAd Libs & Manhattan Transfer1970-01-01
Ant MusicAdam Ant1970-01-01
Desperate but Not SeriousAdam Ant1970-01-01
Goody Two ShoesAdam Ant1970-01-01
Prince CharmingAdam Ant1970-01-01
Stand & DeliverAdam Ant1970-01-01
Ready for LoveAdam Brand1970-01-01
How About ThatAdam Faith1970-01-01
Poor MeAdam Faith1970-01-01
What Do You WantAdam Faith1970-01-01
Crazy DaysAdam Gregory1970-01-01
Better Than I Know MyselfAdam Lambert1970-01-01
Black or WhiteAdam Lambert1970-01-01
For Your EntertainmentAdam Lambert1970-01-01
If I Can't Have YouAdam Lambert1970-01-01
If I Had YouAdam Lambert1970-01-01
Mad WorldAdam Lambert1970-01-01
No BoundariesAdam Lambert1970-01-01
OneAdam Lambert1970-01-01
WantAdam Lambert1970-01-01
Whataya Want from MeAdam Lambert1970-01-01
I Breathe AgainAdam Rickitt1970-01-01
At a Medium PaceAdam Sandler1970-01-01
Chanukah SongAdam Sandler1970-01-01
Ode to My CarAdam Sandler1970-01-01
Piece of Shit CarAdam Sandler1970-01-01
What the Hell Happened to MeAdam Sandler1970-01-01
What the Hell Happened to Me?Adam Sandler1970-01-01
Es Mi VidaAdamo1970-01-01
Mi Gran NocheAdamo1970-01-01
Mis Manos En Tu CinturaAdamo1970-01-01
Muy JuntosAdamo1970-01-01
Porque Yo QuieroAdamo1970-01-01
San Toi MamieAdamo1970-01-01
Tu NombreAdamo1970-01-01
Un Mechon De Tu CabelloAdamo1970-01-01
AlmohadaAdan Torres1970-01-01
Chasing PavementsAdele1970-01-01
Cold ShoulderAdele1970-01-01
Hometown GloryAdele1970-01-01
I Can't Make You Love MeAdele1970-01-01
I'll Be WaitingAdele1970-01-01
Make You Feel My LoveAdele1970-01-01
One and OnlyAdele1970-01-01
Right As RainAdele1970-01-01
Rolling in the DeepAdele1970-01-01
Rumour Has ItAdele1970-01-01
Set Fire to the RainAdele1970-01-01
Someone Like YouAdele1970-01-01
Turning TablesAdele1970-01-01
Freaking Out Adema1970-01-01
Giving InAdema1970-01-01
Way You Like ItAdema1970-01-01
Freak Like MeAdina Howard1970-01-01
Persona IdealAdolescentes1970-01-01
ClassicAdrian Gurvitz1970-01-01
Just a GirlAdrianna Freeman1970-01-01
Dirty CashAdventures of Stevie V1970-01-01
Baby, Please Don't GoAerosmith1970-01-01
Back in the SaddleAerosmith1970-01-01
Big Ten Inch RecordAerosmith1970-01-01
Don't Wanna Play HouseAerosmith1970-01-01
Draw the LineAerosmith1970-01-01
Dream OnAerosmith1970-01-01
Dude (Looks Like a Lady)Aerosmith1970-01-01
Dueces Are WildAerosmith1970-01-01
Eat the RichAerosmith1970-01-01
Falling in Love (Is Hard on the Knees)Aerosmith1970-01-01
Fly Away from HereAerosmith1970-01-01
Girls of SummerAerosmith1970-01-01
Hole in My SoulAerosmith1970-01-01
I Don't Want to Miss a ThingAerosmith1970-01-01
It's AmazingAerosmith1970-01-01
Janie's Got a GunAerosmith1970-01-01
Just Push PlayAerosmith1970-01-01
Just Push Play (Edited)Aerosmith1970-01-01
Last ChildAerosmith1970-01-01
Livin' on the EdgeAerosmith1970-01-01
Love in an ElevatorAerosmith1970-01-01
Luv LiesAerosmith1970-01-01
Mama KinAerosmith1970-01-01
Other SideAerosmith1970-01-01
Pandora's BoxAerosmith1970-01-01
Rag DollAerosmith1970-01-01
Same Old Song and DanceAerosmith1970-01-01
Sweet EmotionAerosmith1970-01-01
Toys in the AtticAerosmith1970-01-01
Train Kept a Rollin'Aerosmith1970-01-01
Train Kept a Rollin¹Aerosmith1970-01-01
Walk This WayAerosmith1970-01-01
What It TakesAerosmith1970-01-01
What Kind of Love Are You OnAerosmith1970-01-01
Girl's Not GreyAFI1970-01-01
Leaving Song Pt.IIAFI1970-01-01
Love Like WinterAFI1970-01-01
Miss MurderAFI1970-01-01
Silver & ColdAFI1970-01-01
Take over ControlAfrojack & Eva Simons1970-01-01
Give Me EverythingAfrojack & Pitbull & NeYo & Nayer1970-01-01
Can't StopAfter 71970-01-01
How Do You Tell the OneAfter 71970-01-01
Der KommissarAfter the Fire1970-01-01
Release MeAgnes1970-01-01
Si Me Dan PastelesAguadillanos, Los1970-01-01
Maria BonitaAgustin Lara1970-01-01
A Step Too FarAida1970-01-01
Easy as LifeAida1970-01-01
El PastorAida Cuevas1970-01-01
Going Through the MotionsAimee Mann1970-01-01
Going Through the Motions (Studio Version)Aimee Mann1970-01-01
Men Don't ChangeAimy Daily1970-01-01
Keep Me a SecretAinsley1970-01-01
Making Love out of Nothing at AllAir Supply1970-01-01
Por Volverte a VerAkeks Syntek1970-01-01
Be with YouAkon1970-01-01
Locked UpAkon1970-01-01
Locked up (Radio Version)Akon1970-01-01
Lonely (Radio Version)Akon1970-01-01
Right Now (Na Na Na)Akon1970-01-01
We Don't CareAkon1970-01-01
BeautifulAkon & Colbie O'Donis & Kardinal Offishall1970-01-01
Smack ThatAkon & Eminem1970-01-01
I Wanna Love YouAkon & Snoop Dogg1970-01-01
Locked up (Radio Version)Akon & Styles P.1970-01-01
Alone with YouAl B. Sure!1970-01-01
I Love ItAl B. Sure!1970-01-01
I Love It (Papi Aye Aye Aye)Al B. Sure!1970-01-01
Nite and DayAl B. Sure!1970-01-01
Right NowAl B. Sure!1970-01-01
Be the OneAl Denson1970-01-01
Say It with LoveAl Denson1970-01-01
Pistol Packin' MamaAl Dexter & His Troopers1970-01-01
Too Late to Worry, Too Blue to CryAl Dexter & His Troopers1970-01-01
Call MeAl Green1970-01-01
Call Me (Come Back Home)Al Green1970-01-01
Here I Am (Come and Take Me)Al Green1970-01-01
How Can You Mend a Broken HearAl Green1970-01-01
I'm Still in Love with YouAl Green1970-01-01
L-O-V-EAl Green1970-01-01
Let's Stay TogetherAl Green1970-01-01
Look What You've Done for MeAl Green1970-01-01
Put a Little Love in Your HeartAl Green1970-01-01
Sha-La-La (Make Me Happy)Al Green1970-01-01
Tired of Being AloneAl Green1970-01-01
You Ought to Be with MeAl Green1970-01-01
Your Heart's in Good HandsAl Green1970-01-01
Funny How Time Slips AwayAl Green & Lyle Lovett1970-01-01
After AllAl Jarreau1970-01-01
Boogie DownAl Jarreau1970-01-01
Mornin'Al Jarreau1970-01-01
Since I Fell for YouAl Jarreau1970-01-01
Teach Me TonightAl Jarreau1970-01-01
Wait for the MagicAl Jarreau1970-01-01
We're in This Love TogetherAl Jarreau1970-01-01
After You've GoneAl Jolson1970-01-01
Anniversary SongAl Jolson1970-01-01
April ShowerAl Jolson1970-01-01
Beautiful DreamerAl Jolson1970-01-01
California Here I ComeAl Jolson1970-01-01
I'm Sitting on Top of the WorldAl Jolson1970-01-01
My MammyAl Jolson1970-01-01
Rock-A-Bye Your BabyAl Jolson1970-01-01
SwaneeAl Jolson1970-01-01
Toot-Toot-TootsieAl Jolson1970-01-01
You Made Me Love YouAl Jolson1970-01-01
Daddy's Little GirlAl Martino1970-01-01
Here in My HeartAl Martino1970-01-01
I Love You TrulyAl Martino1970-01-01
Mary in the MorningAl Martino1970-01-01
More Than the Eyes Can SeeAl Martino1970-01-01
My Foolish HeartAl Martino1970-01-01
Spanish EyesAl Martino1970-01-01
WantedAl Martino1970-01-01
Time PassagesAl Stewart1970-01-01
Year of the CatAl Stewart1970-01-01
Show and TellAl Wilson1970-01-01
SnakeAl Wilson1970-01-01
Are You Sure Hank Done It This WayAlabama1970-01-01
Between the Two of ThemAlabama1970-01-01
Can't Keep a Good Man DownAlabama1970-01-01
Christmas in DixieAlabama1970-01-01
Close Enough to PerfectAlabama1970-01-01
Dancin on the BoulevardAlabama1970-01-01
Dancin' Shaggin' on the BoulevardAlabama1970-01-01
Dixieland DelightAlabama1970-01-01
Face to FaceAlabama1970-01-01
Fallin' AgainAlabama1970-01-01
Fire in the NightAlabama1970-01-01
Forever's As Far As I'll GoAlabama1970-01-01
Forty Hour WeekAlabama1970-01-01
God Must Have Spent (A Little More Time on You)Alabama1970-01-01
High CottonAlabama1970-01-01
Hometown HoneymoonAlabama1970-01-01
How Do You Fall in LoveAlabama1970-01-01
I'm in a Hurry and I Don't Know WhyAlabama1970-01-01
I'm in the MoodAlabama1970-01-01
If I Had YouAlabama1970-01-01
If You're Gonna Play in TexasAlabama1970-01-01
In PicturesAlabama1970-01-01
Katy Brought My Guitar Back TodayAlabama1970-01-01
Keepin UpAlabama1970-01-01
Keepin' UpAlabama1970-01-01
Lady Down on LoveAlabama1970-01-01
Maker Said Take HerAlabama1970-01-01
My Home's in AlabamaAlabama1970-01-01
Of Course I'm AlrightAlabama1970-01-01
Old FlameAlabama1970-01-01
On This Side of the MoonAlabama1970-01-01
Pass It on DownAlabama1970-01-01
Pictures and MemoriesAlabama1970-01-01
Roll on Eighteen WheelerAlabama1970-01-01
Sad Lookin' MoonAlabama1970-01-01
Say IAlabama1970-01-01
She and IAlabama1970-01-01
She's Got That Look in Her EyesAlabama1970-01-01
Small StuffAlabama1970-01-01
Song of the SouthAlabama1970-01-01
Southern StarAlabama1970-01-01
T.L.C. A.S.A.P.Alabama1970-01-01
That FeelingAlabama1970-01-01
There's No WayAlabama1970-01-01
Touch Me When We're DancingAlabama1970-01-01
Twentieth CenturyAlabama1970-01-01
We Made LoveAlabama1970-01-01
Why Lady WhyAlabama1970-01-01
Woman He LovesAlabama1970-01-01
God Must Have Spent (A Little More Time on You)Alabama & N'Sync1970-01-01
A Whole New WorldAladdin1970-01-01
A Whole New World (Pop)Aladdin1970-01-01
A Whole New World (Single Pop Version) (Vocals)Aladdin1970-01-01
A Whole New World (Vocals)Aladdin1970-01-01
Arabian NightsAladdin1970-01-01
Arabian Nights (Vocals)Aladdin1970-01-01
Friend Like MeAladdin1970-01-01
Friend Like Me (Vocals)Aladdin1970-01-01
One Jump AheadAladdin1970-01-01
One Jump Ahead (Reprise)Aladdin1970-01-01
One Jump Ahead (Reprise) (Vocals)Aladdin1970-01-01
One Jump Ahead (Vocals)Aladdin1970-01-01
Prince AliAladdin1970-01-01
Prince Ali (Vocals)Aladdin1970-01-01
Proud of Your BoyAladdin1970-01-01
Proud of Your Boy (Vocals)Aladdin1970-01-01
Whole New WorldAladdin1970-01-01
Whole New World (Single Pop Version)Aladdin1970-01-01
Y VolvereAlain Barriere & R. Lopez1970-01-01
A House with No CurtainsAlan Jackson1970-01-01
A Woman's LoveAlan Jackson1970-01-01
A Woman's Love (Radio Version)Alan Jackson1970-01-01
Another Good Reason Not to DrinkAlan Jackson1970-01-01
Between the Devil and MeAlan Jackson1970-01-01
Blues ManAlan Jackson1970-01-01
Chasin' That Neon RainbowAlan Jackson1970-01-01
ChattahoocheeAlan Jackson1970-01-01
Country BoyAlan Jackson1970-01-01
DallasAlan Jackson1970-01-01
Don't Rock the JukeboxAlan Jackson1970-01-01
DriveAlan Jackson1970-01-01
Drive (For Daddy Gene)Alan Jackson1970-01-01
Everything I LoveAlan Jackson1970-01-01
Gone CountryAlan Jackson1970-01-01
Gone CrazyAlan Jackson1970-01-01
Gonna Come Back As a Country SongAlan Jackson1970-01-01
Good TimeAlan Jackson1970-01-01
Hard Hat and a HammerAlan Jackson1970-01-01
Here in the Real WorldAlan Jackson1970-01-01
HomeAlan Jackson1970-01-01
I Don't Even Know Your NameAlan Jackson1970-01-01
I Only Want You for Christmas (Christmas)Alan Jackson1970-01-01
I Still Like BolognaAlan Jackson1970-01-01
I'd Love You All over AgainAlan Jackson1970-01-01
I'll Go on Loving YouAlan Jackson1970-01-01
I'll TryAlan Jackson1970-01-01
It Must Be LoveAlan Jackson1970-01-01
It's All About HimAlan Jackson1970-01-01
It's Alright to Be a RedneckAlan Jackson1970-01-01
It's Just That WayAlan Jackson1970-01-01
Jam TonightAlan Jackson1970-01-01
Job DescriptionAlan Jackson1970-01-01
Let It Be ChristmasAlan Jackson1970-01-01
Life Keeps Bringin' Me DownAlan Jackson1970-01-01
Like Red on a RoseAlan Jackson1970-01-01
Little BittyAlan Jackson1970-01-01
Little ManAlan Jackson1970-01-01
Livin' on LoveAlan Jackson1970-01-01
Long Way to GoAlan Jackson1970-01-01
Love's Got a Hold on YouAlan Jackson1970-01-01
Make Love EasyAlan Jackson1970-01-01
Meat and Potato ManAlan Jackson1970-01-01
Mercury BluesAlan Jackson1970-01-01
Midnight in MontgomeryAlan Jackson1970-01-01
Monday Morning ChurchAlan Jackson1970-01-01
Must've Had a BallAlan Jackson1970-01-01
My Own Kind of HatAlan Jackson1970-01-01
Pop a TopAlan Jackson1970-01-01
Remember WhenAlan Jackson1970-01-01
Right on the MoneyAlan Jackson1970-01-01
She Just Started Liking Cheatin' SongsAlan Jackson1970-01-01
She's Got the RhythmAlan Jackson1970-01-01
She's Got the Rhythm (And I Got the Blues)Alan Jackson1970-01-01
Sissy's SongAlan Jackson1970-01-01
Small Town Southern ManAlan Jackson1970-01-01
So You Don't Have to Love Me AnymoreAlan Jackson1970-01-01
SomedayAlan Jackson1970-01-01
Song for the LifeAlan Jackson1970-01-01
Summertime BluesAlan Jackson1970-01-01
Talkin' Song Repair BluesAlan Jackson1970-01-01
Tall Tall TreesAlan Jackson1970-01-01
Tequila SunriseAlan Jackson1970-01-01
That'd Be AlrightAlan Jackson1970-01-01
There GoesAlan Jackson1970-01-01
Three Minute Uptempo Love SongAlan Jackson1970-01-01
Tonight I Climbed the WallAlan Jackson1970-01-01
Too Much of a Good ThingAlan Jackson1970-01-01
Tropical DepressionAlan Jackson1970-01-01
USA TodayAlan Jackson1970-01-01
Walk on the RocksAlan Jackson1970-01-01
WantedAlan Jackson1970-01-01
When Love Comes AroundAlan Jackson1970-01-01
When Somebody Loves YouAlan Jackson1970-01-01
Where I Come FromAlan Jackson1970-01-01
Where Were You (When the World Stopped Turning)Alan Jackson1970-01-01
Who Says You Can't Have It AllAlan Jackson1970-01-01
Who's Cheatin' WhoAlan Jackson1970-01-01
Work in ProgressAlan Jackson1970-01-01
WWW.MemoryAlan Jackson1970-01-01
You Can't Give up on LoveAlan Jackson1970-01-01
You Can't Have It AllAlan Jackson1970-01-01
You Cant Give up on LoveAlan Jackson1970-01-01
Barefootin'Alan Jackson & Jimmy Buffett1970-01-01
It's Five O'Clock SomewhereAlan Jackson & Jimmy Buffett1970-01-01
Ring of FireAlan Jackson, Lee Ann Womack1970-01-01
Undercover AngelAlan O'Day1970-01-01
Alan Parsons ProjectAlan Parsons Project1970-01-01
Don't Answer MeAlan Parsons Project1970-01-01
Eye in the SkyAlan Parsons Project1970-01-01
Games People PlayAlan Parsons Project1970-01-01
TimeAlan Parsons Project1970-01-01
Hi-Lili, Hi-LoAlan Price Set1970-01-01
House That Jack BuiltAlan Price Set1970-01-01
Hello Muddah, Hello Faddah (A Letter from Camp)Alan Sherman1970-01-01
32 FlavorsAlana Davis1970-01-01
CrazyAlana Davis1970-01-01
All I Really Want to DoAlanis Morissette1970-01-01
CrazyAlanis Morissette1970-01-01
Crazy (James Michael Mix)Alanis Morissette1970-01-01
Eight Easy StepsAlanis Morissette1970-01-01
EmpathyAlanis Morissette1970-01-01
EverythingAlanis Morissette1970-01-01
ForgivenAlanis Morissette1970-01-01
GuardianAlanis Morissette1970-01-01
Hand in My PocketAlanis Morissette1970-01-01
Hands CleanAlanis Morissette1970-01-01
Head over FeetAlanis Morissette1970-01-01
IronicAlanis Morissette1970-01-01
Joining YouAlanis Morissette1970-01-01
Mary JaneAlanis Morissette1970-01-01
Not As WeAlanis Morissette1970-01-01
PerfectAlanis Morissette1970-01-01
Precious IllusionsAlanis Morissette1970-01-01
Right Through YouAlanis Morissette1970-01-01
So PureAlanis Morissette1970-01-01
Thank YouAlanis Morissette1970-01-01
That I Would Be GoodAlanis Morissette1970-01-01
Til YouAlanis Morissette1970-01-01
UnderneathAlanis Morissette1970-01-01
UninvitedAlanis Morissette1970-01-01
UnsentAlanis Morissette1970-01-01
Woman DownAlanis Morissette1970-01-01
You LearnAlanis Morissette1970-01-01
You Oughta KnowAlanis Morissette1970-01-01
Black VelvetAlannah Miles1970-01-01
Black VelvetAlannah Myles1970-01-01
BrickAlbert Collins1970-01-01
It Never Rains in Southern CaliforniaAlbert Hammond1970-01-01
Born Under a Bad SignAlbert King1970-01-01
Call My JobAlbert King1970-01-01
Good Time CharlieAlbert King1970-01-01
That's What Love Will Make You DoAlbert King1970-01-01
FeelingsAlbert Morris1970-01-01
Prieta CasadaAlbert Zamora1970-01-01
Quien Mas Te AdoraAlbert Zamora1970-01-01
MaracasAlberta Vasquez & Joan Sebastian1970-01-01
Aunque Me Cueste La VidaAlberto Beltran1970-01-01
CompasionAlberto Beltran1970-01-01
Cuando Vuelvas ConmigoAlberto Beltran1970-01-01
EnamoradoAlberto Beltran1970-01-01
Ignoro Tu ExistenciaAlberto Beltran1970-01-01
Papa BocoAlberto Beltran1970-01-01
Siempre Con Mi CarinoAlberto Beltran1970-01-01
Te Miro a TiAlberto Beltran1970-01-01
A Partir De MananaAlberto Cortez1970-01-01
Castillos En El AireAlberto Cortez1970-01-01
Cuando Un Amigo Se VaAlberto Cortez1970-01-01
DistanciaAlberto Cortez1970-01-01
En Un Rincon Del AlmaAlberto Cortez1970-01-01
Gracias a La VidaAlberto Cortez1970-01-01
Mi Arabol Y YoAlberto Cortez1970-01-01
No Soy De Aqui Ni Soy De AllaAlberto Cortez1970-01-01
La Guaracha SabrosonaAlberto Pedraza1970-01-01
AhoraAlberto Plaza1970-01-01
AventureraAlberto Plaza1970-01-01
BandidoAlberto Plaza1970-01-01
Febrero 14Alberto Plaza1970-01-01
No Me Quites La IlusionAlberto Plaza1970-01-01
Polvo De EstrellasAlberto Plaza1970-01-01
SentenciaAlberto Plaza1970-01-01
Yo Te SeguireAlberto Plaza1970-01-01
El PecadorAlberto Vazquez1970-01-01
OlvidaloAlberto Vazquez1970-01-01
Significas Todo Para MiAlberto Vazquez1970-01-01
Tu Forma De SerAlberto Y Roberto1970-01-01
Comentario De SolarAlbita1970-01-01
Como Se Baila El SonAlbita1970-01-01
Corazon AdentroAlbita1970-01-01
El Amor LlegoAlbita1970-01-01
El Chico ChevereAlbita1970-01-01
Que Manera De QuererteAlbita1970-01-01
Que Viva ChangoAlbita1970-01-01
Ta Bueno YaAlbita1970-01-01
Una Mujer Como YoAlbita1970-01-01
Crying at the DiscotequeAlcazar1970-01-01
Girls Night OutAlda1970-01-01
Little Bit MoreAlda1970-01-01
Real Good TimeAlda1970-01-01
FantasyAldo Nova1970-01-01
I'm Diggin' ItAlecia Elliott1970-01-01
You Wanna WhatAlecia Elliott1970-01-01
Cuidado Con El CorazonAlejandra Guzman1970-01-01
De VerdadAlejandra Guzman1970-01-01
DespertarAlejandra Guzman1970-01-01
Eternamente BellaAlejandra Guzman1970-01-01
Guante De SedaAlejandra Guzman1970-01-01
Hacer El Amor Con OtroAlejandra Guzman1970-01-01
La PlagaAlejandra Guzman1970-01-01
Llama Por FavorAlejandra Guzman1970-01-01
Mala HierbaAlejandra Guzman1970-01-01
Mentiras PiadosasAlejandra Guzman1970-01-01
Mirala MiraloAlejandra Guzman1970-01-01
Quante De SedaAlejandra Guzman1970-01-01
Reina De CorazonesAlejandra Guzman1970-01-01
Ten Cuidado Con El CorazonAlejandra Guzman1970-01-01
Toda La MitadAlejandra Guzman1970-01-01
Verano PeligrosoAlejandra Guzman1970-01-01
AbrazameAlejandro Fernandez1970-01-01
Amor De LunaAlejandro Fernandez1970-01-01
Amor GitanoAlejandro Fernandez1970-01-01
Apesar De TodoAlejandro Fernandez1970-01-01
Canta CorazonAlejandro Fernandez1970-01-01
Como El Sol Y El TrigoAlejandro Fernandez1970-01-01
Como Quien Pierde Una EstrellaAlejandro Fernandez1970-01-01
Dentro De Mi CorazonAlejandro Fernandez1970-01-01
Dos Corazones Dos HistoriasAlejandro Fernandez1970-01-01
En El JardinAlejandro Fernandez1970-01-01
EresAlejandro Fernandez1970-01-01
HablameAlejandro Fernandez1970-01-01
Jamas Te Vi Tan LindaAlejandro Fernandez1970-01-01
La Mitad Que Me FaltabaAlejandro Fernandez1970-01-01
LocoAlejandro Fernandez1970-01-01
Luchare Por Tu AmorAlejandro Fernandez1970-01-01
Me Dedique a Perderte (Pop)Alejandro Fernandez1970-01-01
Me Dedique a Perderte (Salsa)Alejandro Fernandez1970-01-01
Me Estoy EnamorandoAlejandro Fernandez1970-01-01
MentirososAlejandro Fernandez1970-01-01
Mono NegroAlejandro Fernandez1970-01-01
Nadie Simplemente NadieAlejandro Fernandez1970-01-01
Nina Amada MiaAlejandro Fernandez1970-01-01
NoAlejandro Fernandez1970-01-01
No Se Me Hace FacilAlejandro Fernandez1970-01-01
No Se OlvidarAlejandro Fernandez1970-01-01
Noche De RondaAlejandro Fernandez1970-01-01
Nube ViajeraAlejandro Fernandez1970-01-01
Ojitos TraidoresAlejandro Fernandez1970-01-01
Ojo Por OjoAlejandro Fernandez1970-01-01
Que BuenoAlejandro Fernandez1970-01-01
Que LastimaAlejandro Fernandez1970-01-01
Que Seas Muy FelizAlejandro Fernandez1970-01-01
Que Voy a Hacer Con Mi AmorAlejandro Fernandez1970-01-01
QuieremeAlejandro Fernandez1970-01-01
Se Me Va La VozAlejandro Fernandez1970-01-01
Si Dios Me Quita La VidaAlejandro Fernandez1970-01-01
Si He Sabido AmorAlejandro Fernandez1970-01-01
Si Tu No VuelvesAlejandro Fernandez1970-01-01
Si Tu SupierasAlejandro Fernandez1970-01-01
Tantita PenaAlejandro Fernandez1970-01-01
Te Voy a PerderAlejandro Fernandez1970-01-01
Tu RegresarasAlejandro Fernandez1970-01-01
VoyAlejandro Fernandez1970-01-01
Yo Naci Para AmarteAlejandro Fernandez1970-01-01
DimeloAlejandro Montaner1970-01-01
Voy a Volverte LocaAlejandro Montero1970-01-01
Aguanta CorazonAlejandro Perez1970-01-01
Amiga MiaAlejandro Sanz1970-01-01
Como Te Echo De MenosAlejandro Sanz1970-01-01
Corazon PartioAlejandro Sanz1970-01-01
Cuando Nadie Me VeAlejandro Sanz1970-01-01
Desde CuandoAlejandro Sanz1970-01-01
El AprendizAlejandro Sanz1970-01-01
EsoAlejandro Sanz1970-01-01
Hay Un Universo De Pequenas CosasAlejandro Sanz1970-01-01
La Fuerza Del CorazonAlejandro Sanz1970-01-01
La PeleitaAlejandro Sanz1970-01-01
La Tortura (Pop)Alejandro Sanz1970-01-01
Lo Que Fui Es Lo Que SoyAlejandro Sanz1970-01-01
Lo VesAlejandro Sanz1970-01-01
Looking for ParadiseAlejandro Sanz1970-01-01
Mi Soledad Y YoAlejandro Sanz1970-01-01
No Es Lo MismoAlejandro Sanz1970-01-01
Para Que Me QuierasAlejandro Sanz1970-01-01
Pisando FuerteAlejandro Sanz1970-01-01
Que No Te Daria YoAlejandro Sanz1970-01-01
Quiero Morir En Tu VenenoAlejandro Sanz1970-01-01
Quisiera SerAlejandro Sanz1970-01-01
Regalame La Silla Donde Te EspAlejandro Sanz1970-01-01
Si Hay DiosAlejandro Sanz1970-01-01
Si Tu Me MirasAlejandro Sanz1970-01-01
Te Lo Agradezco Pero NoAlejandro Sanz1970-01-01
Toca Para MiAlejandro Sanz1970-01-01
Una NocheAlejandro Sanz1970-01-01
Y Si Fuera EllaAlejandro Sanz1970-01-01
Y Solo Se Me Ocurre AmarteAlejandro Sanz1970-01-01
Y Solo Se Me Ocurre Amarte (Unplugged Version)Alejandro Sanz1970-01-01
Looking for ParadiseAlejandro Sanz & Alicia Keys1970-01-01
Lo Que Tu NecesitasAleks Syntek1970-01-01
Sexo, Pudor Y LagrimasAleks Syntek1970-01-01
Te SoneAleks Syntek1970-01-01
Duele El AmorAleks Syntek Y Ana Torroja1970-01-01
Boy Does NothingAlesha Dixon1970-01-01
Breathe SlowAlesha Dixon1970-01-01
Let's Get ExcitedAlesha Dixon1970-01-01
LipstickAlesha Dixon1970-01-01
To Love AgainAlesha Dixon1970-01-01
HereAlessia Cara1970-01-01
Scars to Your BeautifulAlessia Cara1970-01-01
Too CloseAlex Alaire1970-01-01
TonightAlex Band1970-01-01
I Wish I KnewAlex Boyd1970-01-01
Jardin ProhibidoAlex Bueno1970-01-01
Paso a PasoAlex Bueno1970-01-01
Quitame La VidaAlex Bueno1970-01-01
Forever YoursAlex Day1970-01-01
Dos AmantesAlex El Bizcochito1970-01-01
Maybe Thats What TakesAlex Park1970-01-01
Don't Give Me Your LifeAlex Party1970-01-01
Volverte a VerAlex Syntek1970-01-01
A Gritos De EsperanzaAlex Ubago1970-01-01
Dos Hombres Y Un DestinoAlex Ubago1970-01-01
Hay Que VerAlex Ubago1970-01-01
Por Esta CiudadAlex Ubago1970-01-01
Que Pides TuAlex Ubago1970-01-01
SabesAlex Ubago1970-01-01
Siempre En Mi MenteAlex Ubago1970-01-01
Sin Miedo a NadaAlex Ubago1970-01-01
FairytaleAlexander Rybak1970-01-01
Broken HeelsAlexandra Burke1970-01-01
HallelujahAlexandra Burke1970-01-01
AmameAlexandre Pires1970-01-01
Corazon ProfanoAlexandre Pires1970-01-01
Cuando Se Acaba El PlacerAlexandre Pires1970-01-01
En El Silencio Negro De La NocAlexandre Pires1970-01-01
Es Por AmorAlexandre Pires1970-01-01
NecesidadAlexandre Pires1970-01-01
Quitemonos La RopaAlexandre Pires1970-01-01
Usted Se Me Llevo La VidaAlexandre Pires1970-01-01
SteadyAlexis Spight1970-01-01
Nothing Can Stand in Your WayAlfie Zappacosta1970-01-01
El Camello Que No Paso InspeccAlfonso Velez1970-01-01
Estas Como TuercaAlfonso Velez1970-01-01
Weekend ThangAlfonzo Hunter1970-01-01
A Change Is Gonna ComeAli1970-01-01
World's GreatestAli1970-01-01
That Look in Your EyeAli Campbell1970-01-01
More Than Words Can SayAlias1970-01-01
Ballad of Dwight FryAlice Cooper1970-01-01
Be My LoverAlice Cooper1970-01-01
Billion Dollar BabiesAlice Cooper1970-01-01
Dead BabiesAlice Cooper1970-01-01
DesperadoAlice Cooper1970-01-01
EighteenAlice Cooper1970-01-01
ElectedAlice Cooper1970-01-01
Feed My FrankensteinAlice Cooper1970-01-01
Generation LandslideAlice Cooper1970-01-01
Hello HoorayAlice Cooper1970-01-01
Hey StoopidAlice Cooper1970-01-01
I Love the DeadAlice Cooper1970-01-01
I Never CryAlice Cooper1970-01-01
I'm 18Alice Cooper1970-01-01
I'm EighteenAlice Cooper1970-01-01
Is It My BodyAlice Cooper1970-01-01
It's MeAlice Cooper1970-01-01
No More Mr. Nice GuyAlice Cooper1970-01-01
Only Woman BleedAlice Cooper1970-01-01
Only Women BleedAlice Cooper1970-01-01
PoisonAlice Cooper1970-01-01
Raped and FreezingAlice Cooper1970-01-01
School's OutAlice Cooper1970-01-01
Sick ThingsAlice Cooper1970-01-01
Some FolksAlice Cooper1970-01-01
Under My WheelsAlice Cooper1970-01-01
Welcome to My NightmareAlice Cooper1970-01-01
You and MeAlice Cooper1970-01-01
Better off AloneAlice Deejay1970-01-01
Better off AloneAlice Deejay & DJ Jurgen1970-01-01
AgainAlice in Chains1970-01-01
Check My BrainAlice in Chains1970-01-01
Don't FollowAlice in Chains1970-01-01
Man in the BoxAlice in Chains1970-01-01
WouldAlice in Chains1970-01-01
Your DecisionAlice in Chains1970-01-01
I Love the NightlifeAlicia Bridges1970-01-01
I Love the Nightlife (Disco)Alicia Bridges1970-01-01
A Woman's WorthAlicia Keys1970-01-01
ButterflyzAlicia Keys1970-01-01
DiaryAlicia Keys1970-01-01
Doesn't Mean AnythingAlicia Keys1970-01-01
Empire State of Mind Pt. IIAlicia Keys1970-01-01
Every Little Bit HurtsAlicia Keys1970-01-01
Fallin'Alicia Keys1970-01-01
How Come You Don't CallAlicia Keys1970-01-01
How Come You Don't Call MeAlicia Keys1970-01-01
If I Ain't Got YouAlicia Keys1970-01-01
If I Was Your WomanAlicia Keys1970-01-01
Jane DoeAlicia Keys1970-01-01
KarmaAlicia Keys1970-01-01
Karma (Radio Version)Alicia Keys1970-01-01
Like You'll Never See MeAlicia Keys1970-01-01
Like You'll Never See Me AgainAlicia Keys1970-01-01
No OneAlicia Keys1970-01-01
Piano & IAlicia Keys1970-01-01
Piano and IAlicia Keys1970-01-01
SuperwomanAlicia Keys1970-01-01
Teenage Love AffairAlicia Keys1970-01-01
Try Sleeping with a Broken HeartAlicia Keys1970-01-01
Un-thinkable (I'm Ready)Alicia Keys1970-01-01
UnbreakableAlicia Keys1970-01-01
Unbreakable (MTV Live)Alicia Keys1970-01-01
UnthinkableAlicia Keys1970-01-01
Why Do I Feel So SadAlicia Keys1970-01-01
Woman's WorthAlicia Keys1970-01-01
You Don't Know My NameAlicia Keys1970-01-01
Brotha (Part II)Alicia Keys & Angie Stone & Eve1970-01-01
Put It in a Love SongAlicia Keys & Beyonce1970-01-01
Lesson LearnedAlicia Keys & John Mayer1970-01-01
Girl on FireAlicia Keys & Nicki Minaj1970-01-01
DiaryAlicia Keys & Tony Toni Tone1970-01-01
My BooAlicia Keys & Usher1970-01-01
Besos Y CopasAlicia Villareal1970-01-01
Con La Misma PiedraAlicia Villareal1970-01-01
Dos MaresAlicia Villareal1970-01-01
El DanoAlicia Villareal1970-01-01
El LadronAlicia Villareal1970-01-01
El RollitoAlicia Villareal1970-01-01
EnredoAlicia Villareal1970-01-01
Insensible a TiAlicia Villareal1970-01-01
LadronAlicia Villareal1970-01-01
LandronAlicia Villareal1970-01-01
Las Mujeres OlvidadasAlicia Villareal1970-01-01
Me GustasAlicia Villareal1970-01-01
Ni Por InteresadaAlicia Villareal1970-01-01
Que No Se EntereAlicia Villareal1970-01-01
Que to PareceAlicia Villareal1970-01-01
Soy Lo ProhibidoAlicia Villareal1970-01-01
Te Quedo Grande La YeguaAlicia Villareal1970-01-01
VenenoAlicia Villareal1970-01-01
Yo Sin Tu AmorAlicia Villareal1970-01-01
Besos Y CopasAlicia Villarreal1970-01-01
Contigo Soy FelizAlicia Villarreal1970-01-01
El LadronAlicia Villarreal1970-01-01
Mi DueñoAlicia Villarreal1970-01-01
Te Quedo Grande La YeguaAlicia Villarreal1970-01-01
Esto Que SientoAlicia Villarreal Y Caballo Dorado1970-01-01
AcompañameAlicia Villarreal Y Pedro Fernandez1970-01-01
GlowAlien Ant Farm1970-01-01
These Days (Album Version)Alien Ant Farm1970-01-01
I Am, I FeelAlisha's Attic1970-01-01
IncidentalsAlisha's Attic1970-01-01
Baby MineAlison Krauss1970-01-01
Baby, Now That I've Found YouAlison Krauss1970-01-01
Baby, Now That I’ve Found YouAlison Krauss1970-01-01
BroadwayAlison Krauss1970-01-01
Down to the River to PrayAlison Krauss1970-01-01
Every Time You Say GoodbyeAlison Krauss1970-01-01
Find My Way Back to My HeartAlison Krauss1970-01-01
Forget About ItAlison Krauss1970-01-01
I Give You to His HeartAlison Krauss1970-01-01
Let Me Touch You for a WhileAlison Krauss1970-01-01
Lucky OneAlison Krauss1970-01-01
New FavoriteAlison Krauss1970-01-01
New FoolAlison Krauss1970-01-01
Oh AtlantaAlison Krauss1970-01-01
RestlessAlison Krauss1970-01-01
Simple LoveAlison Krauss1970-01-01
Sitting in the Window of My RoomAlison Krauss1970-01-01
When You Say Nothing at AllAlison Krauss1970-01-01
I'll Fly AwayAlison Krauss & Gillian Welch1970-01-01
Baby, Now That I’ve Found YouAlison Krauss & Union Station1970-01-01
Let Me Touch You for a WhileAlison Krauss & Union Station1970-01-01
Lucky OneAlison Krauss & Union Station1970-01-01
MaybeAlison Krauss & Union Station1970-01-01
My Love Follows You Where You GoAlison Krauss & Union Station1970-01-01
New FavoriteAlison Krauss & Union Station1970-01-01
Two HighwaysAlison Krauss & Union Station1970-01-01
When You Say Nothing at AllAlison Krauss & Union Station1970-01-01
When You See Nothing at AllAlison Krauss & Union Station1970-01-01
Where Love LivesAlison Limerick1970-01-01
All Cried OutAlison Moyet1970-01-01
InvisibleAlison Moyet1970-01-01
Is This LoveAlison Moyet1970-01-01
Love LettersAlison Moyet1970-01-01
Love ResurrectionAlison Moyet1970-01-01
Only YouAlison Moyet1970-01-01
That Old Devil Called LoveAlison Moyet1970-01-01
That Oldl Devil Called LoveAlison Moyet1970-01-01
Weak in the Presence of BeautyAlison Moyet1970-01-01
Nos Podemos EscaparAlix1970-01-01
More Than a WomanAliyah1970-01-01
One I Gave My Heart ToAliyah1970-01-01
Try AgainAliyah1970-01-01
All Hooked UpAll Saints1970-01-01
Black CoffeeAll Saints1970-01-01
Bootie CallAll Saints1970-01-01
Chick FitAll Saints1970-01-01
I Know Where It's AtAll Saints1970-01-01
Never EverAll Saints1970-01-01
Pure ShoresAll Saints1970-01-01
Under the BridgeAll Saints1970-01-01
War of NervesAll Saints1970-01-01
First Man in SpaceAll Seeing Eye1970-01-01
What's Goin OnAll Star Tribute1970-01-01
Dance ForeverAll Star Weekend1970-01-01
Backseat SerenadeAll Time Low1970-01-01
Damned If I Do Ya (Damned If I Don't)All Time Low1970-01-01
If These Sheets Were StatesAll Time Low1970-01-01
Irony of Choking on a LifesaverAll Time Low1970-01-01
Somewhere in NeverlandAll Time Low1970-01-01
I Can Love You Like ThatAll-4-One1970-01-01
I SwearAll-4-One1970-01-01
I Will Be Right ThereAll-4-One1970-01-01
I'm Your ManAll-4-One1970-01-01
She's Got SkillzAll-4-One1970-01-01
So Much in LoveAll-4-One1970-01-01
Dirty Little SecretAll-American Rejects1970-01-01
Future Has ArrivedAll-American Rejects1970-01-01
Gives You HellAll-American Rejects1970-01-01
Heartbeat Slowing DownAll-American Rejects1970-01-01
I WannaAll-American Rejects1970-01-01
It Ends TonightAll-American Rejects1970-01-01
Last SongAll-American Rejects1970-01-01
Move AlongAll-American Rejects1970-01-01
Someday's GoneAll-American Rejects1970-01-01
Swing, SwingAll-American Rejects1970-01-01
Swing, Swing (Radio Version)All-American Rejects1970-01-01
The Wind BlowsAll-American Rejects1970-01-01
Top of the WorldAll-American Rejects1970-01-01
Wind BlowsAll-American Rejects1970-01-01
Crazy DowntownAllan Sherman1970-01-01
Hello Muddah, Hello FaddahAllan Sherman1970-01-01
Twelve Days of ChristmasAllan Sherman1970-01-01
Hello Muddah, Hello Faddah (A Letter from Camp)Allan Sherman & Lou Busch1970-01-01
A Fellow Needs a GirlAllegro1970-01-01
Come HomeAllegro1970-01-01
So FarAllegro1970-01-01
What a Lovely Day for a WeddingAllegro1970-01-01
CornfieldsAllen & Ashcraft1970-01-01
Friday I'll Be over UAllison Iraheat1970-01-01
Down to the River to PrayAllison Krauss1970-01-01
Lucky OneAllison Krauss1970-01-01
When You Say Nothing at AllAllison Krauss1970-01-01
Whiskey LullabyeAllison Krauss1970-01-01
Every Time You Say GoodbyeAllison Krauss & Union Station1970-01-01
Forget About ItAllison Krauss & Union Station1970-01-01
Two HighwaysAllison Krauss & Union Station1970-01-01
A Soft Place to FallAllison Moorer1970-01-01
Alabama SongAllison Moorer1970-01-01
Dancing BarefootAllison Moorer1970-01-01
Send Down an AngelAllison Moorer1970-01-01
Soft Place to FallAllison Moorer1970-01-01
Think It OverAllison Moorer1970-01-01
Up This HighAllison Moorer1970-01-01
Send a MessageAllison Paige1970-01-01
Crazy LoveAllman Brothers Band1970-01-01
I'm No AngelAllman Brothers Band1970-01-01
MelissaAllman Brothers Band1970-01-01
One Way OutAllman Brothers Band1970-01-01
Please Call HomeAllman Brothers Band1970-01-01
Ramblin' ManAllman Brothers Band1970-01-01
Stormy Monday BluesAllman Brothers Band1970-01-01
All Cried OutAllure1970-01-01
Last ChanceAllure1970-01-01
DreamboatAlma Cogan1970-01-01
Quien Crees Que SoyAlma Pulido1970-01-01
AmericaAlmost Famous1970-01-01
Something in the AirAlmost Famous1970-01-01
Tiny DancerAlmost Famous1970-01-01
Sing LoudAlpha Rev1970-01-01
Forever YoungAlphaville1970-01-01
Before You Love MeAlsou1970-01-01
Can't StopAlter 71970-01-01
Ready or NotAlter 71970-01-01
Broken WingsAlter Bridge1970-01-01
Find the RealAlter Bridge1970-01-01
Open Your EyesAlter Bridge1970-01-01
Happy BirthdayAltered Images1970-01-01
Up Town Top RankingAlthea & Donna1970-01-01
AmameAlvaro Torres1970-01-01
De Punta a PuntaAlvaro Torres1970-01-01
Estoy Enamorado De TiAlvaro Torres1970-01-01
He Vivido Esperando Por TiAlvaro Torres1970-01-01
Mujer De NieveAlvaro Torres1970-01-01
Que LastimaAlvaro Torres1970-01-01
StressAlvaro Torres1970-01-01
Ven Y Dame Un Poco MasAlvaro Torres1970-01-01
Jealous MindAlvin Stardust1970-01-01
My Coo Ca ChooAlvin Stardust1970-01-01
PretendAlvin Stardust1970-01-01
Do You Believe in MagicAly & AJ1970-01-01
Do You Believe in Magic (Vocals)Aly & AJ1970-01-01
RushAly & AJ1970-01-01
SodiumAlyssa Milano1970-01-01
Oooh...Alyze Elyse & Celinski1970-01-01
SoledadAmaia Montero & Xavier1970-01-01
Everybody Doesn'tAmanda1970-01-01
Joy and PainAmanda E. Hendrix1970-01-01
I See You BabyAmanda Groove1970-01-01
Independent WomanAmanda Groove1970-01-01
BirminghamAmanda Marshall1970-01-01
This Could Take All NightAmanda Marshall1970-01-01
Amame Una Vez MasAmanda Miguel1970-01-01
El Gato Y YoAmanda Miguel1970-01-01
El Me MintioAmanda Miguel1970-01-01
Las Pequenas CosasAmanda Miguel1970-01-01
AngelAmanda Perez1970-01-01
Angel Amanda Perez1970-01-01
I PrayAmanda Perez1970-01-01
NeverAmanda Perez1970-01-01
Homeless HeartAmanda Stott1970-01-01
Gone from Love Too LongAmanda Wilkinson1970-01-01
Julio IglesiasAmaneci En Tus Brazos1970-01-01
Lamento BolivianoAmarfis1970-01-01
Third Rate RomanceAmazing Rhythm Aces1970-01-01
Too Good to Be ForgottenAmazulu1970-01-01
Just Like That (Ballad Version)Amber1970-01-01
This Is Your NightAmber1970-01-01
I Built This WallAmber Hayes1970-01-01
WaitAmber Hayes1970-01-01
Journey to the Center of the MindAmboy Dukes1970-01-01
Biggest Part of MeAmbrosia1970-01-01
Holdin' on to YesterdayAmbrosia1970-01-01
How Much I FeelAmbrosia1970-01-01
You're the Only WomanAmbrosia1970-01-01
Big Big WorldAmelia1970-01-01
Bend Me Shape MeAmen Corner1970-01-01
If Paradise Is Half As NiceAmen Corner1970-01-01
A Horse with No NameAmerica1970-01-01
Daisy JaneAmerica1970-01-01
From a Moving TrainAmerica1970-01-01
I Need YouAmerica1970-01-01
Lonely People, (This Is for All)America1970-01-01
Bend Me, Shape MeAmerican Breed1970-01-01
Art of LosingAmerican Hi-Fi1970-01-01
Flavor of the WeakAmerican Hi-Fi1970-01-01
Geeks Get the GirlsAmerican Hi-Fi1970-01-01
God Bless the U.S.A.American Idol Finalists1970-01-01
Hear 'Em AllAmerie1970-01-01
Talkin' to MeAmerie1970-01-01
Why Don't We Fall in LoveAmerie1970-01-01
Why R UAmerie1970-01-01
Pretty BrownAmerie Trey Songz1970-01-01
Hawaiian War Chant (Ta-Hu-Wa-Hu-Wai)Ames Brothers1970-01-01
Knock on WoodAmi Stewart1970-01-01
Talking in Your SleepAmi Stewart1970-01-01
Moving OutAmie Comeaux1970-01-01
Keep It Loose, Keep It TightAmos Lee1970-01-01
Windows Are Rolled DownAmos Lee1970-01-01
Que Chulos OjosAmparo Higuera Juárez & Antonio Moreno1970-01-01
Everybody's Got a ViceAmy Dalley1970-01-01
I Think You're BeautifulAmy Dalley1970-01-01
I Would CryAmy Dalley1970-01-01
Love's Got an AttitudeAmy Dalley1970-01-01
Men Don't ChangeAmy Dalley1970-01-01
All I Ever Have to BeAmy Grant1970-01-01
Baby, BabyAmy Grant1970-01-01
BelieveAmy Grant1970-01-01
Big Yellow TaxiAmy Grant1970-01-01
El-ShaddaiAmy Grant1970-01-01
EmmanuelAmy Grant1970-01-01
Every HeartbeatAmy Grant1970-01-01
Everywhere I GoAmy Grant1970-01-01
Father's EyesAmy Grant1970-01-01
Find a WayAmy Grant1970-01-01
Good for MeAmy Grant1970-01-01
Grown up Chirstmas ListAmy Grant1970-01-01
Grown up Christmas ListAmy Grant1970-01-01
Hope Set HighAmy Grant1970-01-01
House of LoveAmy Grant1970-01-01
I Have DecidedAmy Grant1970-01-01
I Will Be Your FriendAmy Grant1970-01-01
I Will Remember YouAmy Grant1970-01-01
I'm Gonna FlyAmy Grant1970-01-01
In a Little WhileAmy Grant1970-01-01
Like I Love YouAmy Grant1970-01-01
Love Can DoAmy Grant1970-01-01
Lucky OneAmy Grant1970-01-01
Next Time I Fall in LoveAmy Grant1970-01-01
Rockin' Around the Christmas TreeAmy Grant1970-01-01
Say You'll Be MineAmy Grant1970-01-01
Sing Your Praise to the LordAmy Grant1970-01-01
Stay for AwhileAmy Grant1970-01-01
Takes a Little TimeAmy Grant1970-01-01
Tennessee Christmas (Christmas)Amy Grant1970-01-01
That's What Love Is ForAmy Grant1970-01-01
Things We Do for LoveAmy Grant1970-01-01
Thy WordAmy Grant1970-01-01
Too LateAmy Grant1970-01-01
We Believe in GodAmy Grant1970-01-01
Whatever It TakesAmy Grant1970-01-01
Where Do You Hide Your Broken HeartAmy Grant1970-01-01
House of LoveAmy Grant & Vince Gill1970-01-01
True LoveAmy Grant & Vince Gill1970-01-01
I Just Want You to KnowAmy Rose1970-01-01
Just a Little GirlAmy Studt1970-01-01
MisfitAmy Studt1970-01-01
Under the ThumbAmy Studt1970-01-01
Back to BlackAmy Winehouse1970-01-01
He Can Only Hold HerAmy Winehouse1970-01-01
Just FriendsAmy Winehouse1970-01-01
Love Is a Losing GameAmy Winehouse1970-01-01
Me and Mr. JonesAmy Winehouse1970-01-01
RehabAmy Winehouse1970-01-01
Some Unholy WarAmy Winehouse1970-01-01
Tears Dry on Their OwnAmy Winehouse1970-01-01
Wake up AloneAmy Winehouse1970-01-01
You Know I'm No GoodAmy Winehouse1970-01-01
Hoja En BlancoAna & Ismael1970-01-01
Besame TocameAna Barbara1970-01-01
Como Me Haces FaltaAna Barbara1970-01-01
DejaAna Barbara1970-01-01
La TrampaAna Barbara1970-01-01
LocaAna Barbara1970-01-01
No Ha Sido FacilAna Barbara1970-01-01
No LlorareAna Barbara1970-01-01
Te Regalo La LluviaAna Barbara1970-01-01
A Pesar De TodosAna Gabriel1970-01-01
AhoraAna Gabriel1970-01-01
Ay AmorAna Gabriel1970-01-01
Con Un Mismo CorazonAna Gabriel1970-01-01
El CigarrilloAna Gabriel1970-01-01
Eres Todo En MiAna Gabriel1970-01-01
Es Demasiado TardeAna Gabriel1970-01-01
Es El Amor Quien LlegaAna Gabriel1970-01-01
EvidenciasAna Gabriel1970-01-01
Hablame De FrenteAna Gabriel1970-01-01
Huelo a SoledadAna Gabriel1970-01-01
LunaAna Gabriel1970-01-01
Mar Y ArenaAna Gabriel1970-01-01
Ni Un RoceAna Gabriel1970-01-01
No a Pedir PerdonAna Gabriel1970-01-01
ObsesionAna Gabriel1970-01-01
Pacto De AmorAna Gabriel1970-01-01
Pecado OriginalAna Gabriel1970-01-01
Quien Como TuAna Gabriel1970-01-01
Simplemente AmigosAna Gabriel1970-01-01
Tu Me AcostumbrasteAna Gabriel1970-01-01
Un Viejo AmorAna Gabriel1970-01-01
Cosas Del AmorAna Gabriel Y Vicky Carr1970-01-01
Cowboys & KissesAnastacia1970-01-01
I'm Outta LoveAnastacia1970-01-01
Left Outside AloneAnastacia1970-01-01
Made for Loving YouAnastacia1970-01-01
Not That KindAnastacia1970-01-01
One Day in Your LifeAnastacia1970-01-01
Paid My DuesAnastacia1970-01-01
Why'd You Lie to MeAnastacia1970-01-01
You'll Never Be AloneAnastacia1970-01-01
Cave InAnchor1970-01-01
Que No Me Da La Ganaand inos, Los1970-01-01
Nobody Else Like YouAndrae Crouch1970-01-01
Soon and Very SoonAndrae Crouch1970-01-01
Through It AllAndrae Crouch1970-01-01
Ama Credi E VaiAndrea Bocelli1970-01-01
AmapolaAndrea Bocelli1970-01-01
Ave MariaAndrea Bocelli1970-01-01
Because We BelieveAndrea Bocelli1970-01-01
Besame MuchoAndrea Bocelli1970-01-01
Can't Help Falling in LoveAndrea Bocelli1970-01-01
Canzoni StonateAndrea Bocelli1970-01-01
Cuando Me EnamoroAndrea Bocelli1970-01-01
JurameAndrea Bocelli1970-01-01
L'AppuntamentoAndrea Bocelli1970-01-01
Les Feuilles MortesAndrea Bocelli1970-01-01
Mi ManchiAndrea Bocelli1970-01-01
Pero te ExtranoAndrea Bocelli1970-01-01
PrayerAndrea Bocelli1970-01-01
Solamenta Una VezAndrea Bocelli1970-01-01
Somos NoviosAndrea Bocelli1970-01-01
PrayerAndrea Bocelli & Celine Dion1970-01-01
Vive YaAndrea Bocelli & Laura Pausini1970-01-01
Time to Say GoodbyeAndrea Bocelli & Sarah Brightman1970-01-01
More, More, MoreAndrea True Connection1970-01-01
Games We PlayAndreas Johnson1970-01-01
GloriousAndreas Johnson1970-01-01
En Cambio NoAndress1970-01-01
Lonely BoyAndrew Gold1970-01-01
Never Let Her Slip AwayAndrew Gold1970-01-01
All I Ask of YouAndrew Lloyd Webber (The Phantom of the Opera)1970-01-01
Party HardAndrew W.K.1970-01-01
Blowin up the DeathstarAndrew Z.1970-01-01
Picture (Dirty Parity)Andrew Z.1970-01-01
Alexander's Ragtime BandAndrews Sisters1970-01-01
Bei Mir Bist Du Schoen (Means That You're Grand)Andrews Sisters1970-01-01
Boogie Woogie Bugle BoyAndrews Sisters1970-01-01
Don't Sit Under the Apple TreeAndrews Sisters1970-01-01
I Wanna Be LovedAndrews Sisters1970-01-01
Lullaby of BroadwayAndrews Sisters1970-01-01
Roll out the Barrel (Beer Barrel Polka)Andrews Sisters1970-01-01
Sing, Sing, SingAndrews Sisters1970-01-01
Woodpecker SongAndrews Sisters1970-01-01
Do It with MadonnaAndroids1970-01-01
Agua PasadaAndy and y1970-01-01
BrokenAndy Childs1970-01-01
GeronimoAndy Childs1970-01-01
DesireAndy Gibb1970-01-01
Don't Throw It All Away, (Our Love)Andy Gibb1970-01-01
Everlasting Love, AnAndy Gibb1970-01-01
I Just Want to Be Your EverythingAndy Gibb1970-01-01
Love Is Thicker Than WaterAndy Gibb1970-01-01
Shadow DancingAndy Gibb1970-01-01
I Can't Help ItAndy Gibb & Olivia Newton-John1970-01-01
Wanna Make You Love MeAndy Gibson1970-01-01
Fine By MeAndy Grammer1970-01-01
Keep Your Head UpAndy Grammer1970-01-01
How Cool Is ThatAndy Griggs1970-01-01
I'll Go CrazyAndy Griggs1970-01-01
If HeavenAndy Griggs1970-01-01
Practice LifeAndy Griggs1970-01-01
She Thinks She Needs MeAndy Griggs1970-01-01
She's MoreAndy Griggs1970-01-01
Tonight I Wanna Be Your ManAndy Griggs1970-01-01
Waitin' on SundownAndy Griggs1970-01-01
You Made Me That WayAndy Griggs1970-01-01
You Won't Ever Be That LonelyAndy Griggs1970-01-01
Practice LifeAndy Griggs & Martina McBride1970-01-01
Rock Me GentlyAndy Kim1970-01-01
Casi Te EnvidioAndy Montanez1970-01-01
Cobarde CobardeAndy Montanez1970-01-01
JuliaAndy Montanez1970-01-01
Me GustaAndy Montanez1970-01-01
Me Lo Estas Poniendo DificilAndy Montanez1970-01-01
PayasoAndy Montanez1970-01-01
Sabor a MelaoAndy Montanez1970-01-01
VagabundoAndy Montanez1970-01-01
En Mi PuertorroAndy Montanez & Voltio1970-01-01
(Where Do I Begin?) Love StoryAndy Williams1970-01-01
Almost ThereAndy Williams1970-01-01
Aloha 'OeAndy Williams1970-01-01
Aloha OeAndy Williams1970-01-01
Aloha OneAndy Williams1970-01-01
Born FreeAndy Williams1970-01-01
ButterflyAndy Williams1970-01-01
Can't Get Used to Losing YouAndy Williams1970-01-01
Can't Help Falling in LoveAndy Williams1970-01-01
Can't Take My Eyes off of YouAndy Williams1970-01-01
Canadian SunsetAndy Williams1970-01-01
CharadeAndy Williams1970-01-01
Danny BoyAndy Williams1970-01-01
Days of Wine and RosesAndy Williams1970-01-01
Dear HeartAndy Williams1970-01-01
El Condor PasaAndy Williams1970-01-01
Exodus SongAndy Williams1970-01-01
Hawaiian Wedding SongAndy Williams1970-01-01
I Can't Get Used to Losing YouAndy Williams1970-01-01
It's the Most Wonderful Time of the YearAndy Williams1970-01-01
Lonely StreetAndy Williams1970-01-01
Love Is a Many Splendored ThingAndy Williams1970-01-01
Love Is a Many-Splendored ThingAndy Williams1970-01-01
Love Me with All Your HeartAndy Williams1970-01-01
Moody RiverAndy Williams1970-01-01
Moon RiverAndy Williams1970-01-01
MoreAndy Williams1970-01-01
Music to Watch Girls ByAndy Williams1970-01-01
Music to Watch the Girls ByAndy Williams1970-01-01
Red Roses for a Blue LadyAndy Williams1970-01-01
Second Time AroundAndy Williams1970-01-01
SolitaireAndy Williams1970-01-01
Somewhere, My Love (Lara's Theme)Andy Williams1970-01-01
Somewhere, My Love (Laura's Theme)Andy Williams1970-01-01
Speak Softly, Love (Godfather Theme)Andy Williams1970-01-01
Speak Softly, Love (Love Theme from the Godfather)Andy Williams1970-01-01
Theme from ExodusAndy Williams1970-01-01
Three Coins in the FountainAndy Williams1970-01-01
Where Do I Begin (Theme from Love Story)Andy Williams1970-01-01
ManaAngel De Amor1970-01-01
Glitter BandAngel Face1970-01-01
CalladosAngela Carrasco Y Camilo Sesto1970-01-01
Picture PerfectAngela Via1970-01-01
Treat U RiteAngela Winbush1970-01-01
Como Te Voy a OlvidarAngeles Azules, Los1970-01-01
El Liston De Tu PeloAngeles Azules, Los1970-01-01
Sin Ti No Se VivirAngeles Azules, Los1970-01-01
Un SuenoAngeles De Charly, Los1970-01-01
Battle Hymn of the RepublicAngeles Mass Choir, Los1970-01-01
Amor Por TiAngeles Negros, Los1970-01-01
Ayer Preguntaron Poe TiAngeles Negros, Los1970-01-01
Como Quisiera DecirteAngeles Negros, Los1970-01-01
Cuando Ya No Me QuierasAngeles Negros, Los1970-01-01
Debut Y DespedidaAngeles Negros, Los1970-01-01
Dejenme Si Estoy LlorandoAngeles Negros, Los1970-01-01
La MentiraAngeles Negros, Los1970-01-01
Murio La FlorAngeles Negros, Los1970-01-01
Porque Te QuieroAngeles Negros, Los1970-01-01
Quedate En Mi SuenoAngeles Negros, Los1970-01-01
Quedate En Mis SuenosAngeles Negros, Los1970-01-01
Quiero Mas De TiAngeles Negros, Los1970-01-01
Tanto AdiosAngeles Negros, Los1970-01-01
VolverasAngeles Negros, Los1970-01-01
VolvereAngeles Negros, Los1970-01-01
Y VolvereAngeles Negros, Los1970-01-01
Edi, Edi,Angelica Maria1970-01-01
Tu Sigues Siendo El MismoAngelica Maria1970-01-01
Yo Que No Vivo Sin TiAngelica Maria1970-01-01
My Boyfriend's BackAngels1970-01-01
AdventureAngels & Airwaves1970-01-01
Snow on the SaharaAnggun1970-01-01
Simply a FanaticAngie & Debbie1970-01-01
If I Could GoAngie Martinez1970-01-01
Take You HomeAngie Martinez & Kelis1970-01-01
If I Could GoAngie Martinez & Lil' Mo & Sacario1970-01-01
BabyAngie Stone1970-01-01
I Ain't Hearin' UAngie Stone1970-01-01
No More RainAngie Stone1970-01-01
SometimesAngie Stone1970-01-01
Wish I Didn't Miss YouAngie Stone1970-01-01
Wanna Thank Ya, IAngie Stone & Snoop Dogg1970-01-01
El CampaneroAniceto Molina1970-01-01
AnimalsAnimals, The1970-01-01
Boom BoomAnimals, The1970-01-01
Don't Bring Me DownAnimals, The1970-01-01
Don't Let Me Be MisunderstoodAnimals, The1970-01-01
I Put a Spell on YouAnimals, The1970-01-01
It's My LifeAnimals, The1970-01-01
San Franciscan NightsAnimals, The1970-01-01
See See RiderAnimals, The1970-01-01
Sky PilotAnimals, The1970-01-01
Spill the WineAnimals, The1970-01-01
Sugar SugarAnimals, The1970-01-01
The House of the Rising SunAnimals, The1970-01-01
We Gotta Get out of This PlaceAnimals, The1970-01-01
AngelAnita Baker1970-01-01
Body and SoulAnita Baker1970-01-01
Caught up in the RaptureAnita Baker1970-01-01
Fairy TalesAnita Baker1970-01-01
Giving You the Best That I GotAnita Baker1970-01-01
How Does It FeelAnita Baker1970-01-01
I ApologizeAnita Baker1970-01-01
Just BecauseAnita Baker1970-01-01
LatelyAnita Baker1970-01-01
No One in the WorldAnita Baker1970-01-01
Same Ole LoveAnita Baker1970-01-01
Soul InspirationAnita Baker1970-01-01
Sweet LoveAnita Baker1970-01-01
Talk to MeAnita Baker1970-01-01
Whatever It TakesAnita Baker1970-01-01
You Bring Me JoyAnita Baker1970-01-01
You're My EverythingAnita Baker1970-01-01
Little Bit of HoneyAnita Baker & Myers1970-01-01
Years from HereAnita Baker & Myers1970-01-01
Bewitched, Bothered and BewilderedAnita Boyer1970-01-01
I Got YouAnita Carter & Waylon Jennings1970-01-01
Daddy Can You See MeAnita Cochran1970-01-01
For Crying out LoudAnita Cochran1970-01-01
Good TimesAnita Cochran1970-01-01
I Wanna Hear a Cheating SongAnita Cochran1970-01-01
Will You Be HereAnita Cochran1970-01-01
You with MeAnita Cochran1970-01-01
Cheatin' Song, A, (I Wanna Hear)Anita Cochran & Conway Twitty1970-01-01
After All These YearsAnita Cochran & Jim Brickman1970-01-01
What If I SaidAnita Cochran & Steve Wariner1970-01-01
Trains & Boats & PlanesAnita Harris1970-01-01
Take the a TrainAnita O'Day1970-01-01
Caught up in a RaptureAnita Parker1970-01-01
Ring My BellAnita Ward1970-01-01
Pal of My Cradle DaysAnn Breen1970-01-01
Too-Ra-Loo-Ra-Loo-RaAnn Breen1970-01-01
Two TimesAnn Lee1970-01-01
VoicesAnn Lee1970-01-01
Bye Bye BirdieAnn Margret1970-01-01
I'll Do Anything for YouAnn Nesby1970-01-01
I'm Still Wearing Your NameAnn Nesby1970-01-01
Two More Bottles of WineAnna Garrott1970-01-01
CupsAnna Kendrick1970-01-01
Breathe (2 A.M.)Anna Nalick1970-01-01
Breathe (2 AM)Anna Nalick1970-01-01
In the RoughAnna Nalick1970-01-01
ShineAnna Nalick1970-01-01
Wreck of the DayAnna Nalick1970-01-01
Yo Quiero Amor De TiAnna Roman1970-01-01
Bye Bye BirdieAnne Margaret1970-01-01
A Little Good NewsAnne Murray1970-01-01
A Love SongAnne Murray1970-01-01
Another Sleepless NightAnne Murray1970-01-01
Blessed Are the BelieversAnne Murray1970-01-01
BluebirdAnne Murray1970-01-01
Broken Hearted MeAnne Murray1970-01-01
Can See Arkansas, IAnne Murray1970-01-01
Cotton JennyAnne Murray1970-01-01
Could I Have This DanceAnne Murray1970-01-01
Danny's SongAnne Murray1970-01-01
Daydream BelieverAnne Murray1970-01-01
Do You Hear What I HearAnne Murray1970-01-01
Feed This FireAnne Murray1970-01-01
He Thinks I Still CardAnne Murray1970-01-01
He Thinks I Still CareAnne Murray1970-01-01
I Can See ArkansasAnne Murray1970-01-01
I Just Fall in Love AgainAnne Murray1970-01-01
I'll Be Your Baby TonightAnne Murray1970-01-01
Just Another Woman in LoveAnne Murray1970-01-01
Little Drummer BoyAnne Murray1970-01-01
Little Good NewsAnne Murray1970-01-01
Love SongAnne Murray1970-01-01
Nobody Loves Me Like You DoAnne Murray1970-01-01
Now and Forever (You and Me)Anne Murray1970-01-01
Put Your Hand in the HandAnne Murray1970-01-01
Shadows in the MoonlightAnne Murray1970-01-01
SnowbirdAnne Murray1970-01-01
Somebody's Always Saying GoodbyeAnne Murray1970-01-01
Son of a Rotten GamblerAnne Murray1970-01-01
Stranger in My PlaceAnne Murray1970-01-01
Sweet Little Jesus BoyAnne Murray1970-01-01
There Goes My EverythingAnne Murray1970-01-01
You Needed MeAnne Murray1970-01-01
Nobody Loves Me Like You DoAnne Murray & Dave Loggins1970-01-01
Lay Down Your ArmsAnne Shelton1970-01-01
Besos Y CerezasAnnette Y Axxion1970-01-01
It's a Hard Knock LifeAnnie1970-01-01
You're Never Fully DressedAnnie1970-01-01
Anything You Can Do I Can Do BetterAnnie Get Your Gun1970-01-01
Girl That I MarryAnnie Get Your Gun1970-01-01
My Defenses Are DownAnnie Get Your Gun1970-01-01
There's No Business Like Show BusinessAnnie Get Your Gun1970-01-01
They Say It's WonderfulAnnie Get Your Gun1970-01-01
A Whiter Shade of PaleAnnie Lennox1970-01-01
I Can't Get Next to YouAnnie Lennox1970-01-01
Little BirdAnnie Lennox1970-01-01
No More ''I Love You's''Annie Lennox1970-01-01
Shining LightAnnie Lennox1970-01-01
Thin Line Between Love and HateAnnie Lennox1970-01-01
Train in VainAnnie Lennox1970-01-01
Waiting in VainAnnie Lennox1970-01-01
Walking on Broken GlassAnnie Lennox1970-01-01
WhyAnnie Lennox1970-01-01
Wonderful TonightAnnie Lennox1970-01-01
Put a Little Love in Your HeartAnnie Lennox & Al Greene1970-01-01
Put It on PaperAnnie Lennox & Al Greene1970-01-01
That'll Do ItAnointed1970-01-01
All My LifeAnonimo1970-01-01
Baby LoveAnonimo1970-01-01
Dancing on the StreetAnonimo1970-01-01
For Your LoveAnonimo1970-01-01
I Just Wanna FlyAnonimo1970-01-01
Pure ShoresAnonimo1970-01-01
Spanish HarlemAnonimo1970-01-01
Whole Lotta RosieAnonimo1970-01-01
Be Alone No MoreAnother Level1970-01-01
Bomb DiggyAnother Level1970-01-01
Freak MeAnother Level1970-01-01
From the HeartAnother Level1970-01-01
I Want You for MyselfAnother Level1970-01-01
Yo Te ConfiesoAnthony1970-01-01
4evermoreAnthony David ft. Algebra1970-01-01
Best of MeAnthony Hamilton1970-01-01
Can't Let GoAnthony Hamilton1970-01-01
CharleneAnthony Hamilton1970-01-01
Comin' from Where I'm FromAnthony Hamilton1970-01-01
Please StayAnthony Hamilton1970-01-01
Point of It AllAnthony Hamilton1970-01-01
The Point of It AllAnthony Hamilton1970-01-01
Writing on the WallAnthony Hamilton1970-01-01
CoolAnthony Hamilton ft. David Banner1970-01-01
A Wonderful Day Like TodayAnthony Newley1970-01-01
Candy ManAnthony Newley1970-01-01
Gonna Build Me a MountainAnthony Newley1970-01-01
Good Old Bad Old DaysAnthony Newley1970-01-01
It Isn't EnoughAnthony Newley1970-01-01
JokerAnthony Newley1970-01-01
My WayAnthony Newley1970-01-01
Nothing Can Stop Me NowAnthony Newley1970-01-01
Once in a LifetimeAnthony Newley1970-01-01
Strawberry FairAnthony Newley1970-01-01
Talk to the AnimalsAnthony Newley1970-01-01
This Time the Dream's on MeAnthony Newley1970-01-01
What Kind of Fool Am IAnthony Newley1970-01-01
Who Can I Turn ToAnthony Newley1970-01-01
WhyAnthony Newley1970-01-01
Vete Alejate De MiAnthony Santos1970-01-01
Half a ManAnthony Smith1970-01-01
Half a Man Anthony Smith1970-01-01
If That Ain't CountryAnthony Smith1970-01-01
John J. BlanchardAnthony Smith1970-01-01
Love Is Love Is LoveAnthony Smith1970-01-01
Caught in a MoshAnthrax1970-01-01
Got the TimeAnthrax1970-01-01
I'm the ManAnthrax1970-01-01
Don't Look BackAntigone Rising1970-01-01
Miss My LoveAntoine Dunn1970-01-01
Adios Madre QueridaAntonio Aguilar1970-01-01
AdoloridoAntonio Aguilar1970-01-01
Albur De AmorAntonio Aguilar1970-01-01
Carabina 30-30Antonio Aguilar1970-01-01
Copitas De MezcalAntonio Aguilar1970-01-01
Cuatro MesesAntonio Aguilar1970-01-01
El Hijo DesobedienteAntonio Aguilar1970-01-01
El Puente RotoAntonio Aguilar1970-01-01
Gabino BarreraAntonio Aguilar1970-01-01
Hace Un AoAntonio Aguilar1970-01-01
La MancornadoraAntonio Aguilar1970-01-01
Mi LupitaAntonio Aguilar1970-01-01
Por El Amor a Mi MadreAntonio Aguilar1970-01-01
Tampico HermosoAntonio Aguilar1970-01-01
Tres DiasAntonio Aguilar1970-01-01
Triste RecuerdoAntonio Aguilar1970-01-01
Tristes RecuerdosAntonio Aguilar1970-01-01
Y and aleAntonio Aguilar1970-01-01
Ya Viene AmaneciendoAntonio Aguilar1970-01-01
Yo El AventureroAntonio Aguilar1970-01-01
Corazon CulpableAntony Santos1970-01-01
Cuanto LamentoAntony Santos1970-01-01
Durmiendo SoloAntony Santos1970-01-01
La Jaula De OroAntony Santos1970-01-01
Me Enamore (Corazon Culpable)Antony Santos1970-01-01
Pegame Tu VicioAntony Santos1970-01-01
Por Mi TimidezAntony Santos1970-01-01
Quien Te EnganoAntony Santos1970-01-01
Voy Pa'llaAntony Santos1970-01-01
Heaven HopAnything Goes1970-01-01
You're the TopAnything Goes1970-01-01
Heart Go BoomApollo 4401970-01-01
Sex ShooterApollonia 61970-01-01
Sex ShooterApollonia 6 (Prince)1970-01-01
Don't WorryAppleton1970-01-01
Just Between You and MeApril Wine1970-01-01
Around the WorldAqua1970-01-01
Barbie Girl (Duet)Aqua1970-01-01
Candy ManAqua1970-01-01
Cartoon HeroesAqua1970-01-01
Doctor JonesAqua1970-01-01
Good Morning SunshineAqua1970-01-01
Heat of the NightAqua1970-01-01
My Oh MyAqua1970-01-01
Turn Back TimeAqua1970-01-01
Brighter Than SunshineAqualung1970-01-01
Good Times Gonna ComeAqualung1970-01-01
Election DayArcadia1970-01-01
AgresivoArcangel & Daddy Yankee1970-01-01
Where There's SmokeArcher Park1970-01-01
Tighten UpArchie Bell & the Drells1970-01-01
Dark End of the StreetArchie Campbell & Lorene Mann1970-01-01
Sugar, SugarArchies, The1970-01-01
Crying LightningArctic Monkeys1970-01-01
I Bet You Look Good on the DancefloorArctic Monkeys1970-01-01
(You Make Me Feel Like) a Natural WomanAretha Franklin1970-01-01
A Deeper LoveAretha Franklin1970-01-01
A Rose Is Still a RoseAretha Franklin1970-01-01
Ain't No WayAretha Franklin1970-01-01
Amazing GraceAretha Franklin1970-01-01
Baby I Love YouAretha Franklin1970-01-01
Chain of FoolsAretha Franklin1970-01-01
Day DreamingAretha Franklin1970-01-01
Do Right Woman, Do Right ManAretha Franklin1970-01-01
Don't Play That SongAretha Franklin1970-01-01
Dr. FeelgoodAretha Franklin1970-01-01
Freeway of LoveAretha Franklin1970-01-01
Here We Go AgainAretha Franklin1970-01-01
Higher GroundAretha Franklin1970-01-01
House That Jack BuiltAretha Franklin1970-01-01
How Deep Is Your LoveAretha Franklin1970-01-01
How Many TimesAretha Franklin1970-01-01
I Don't Want to KnowAretha Franklin1970-01-01
I Never Loved a Man the Way I Love YouAretha Franklin1970-01-01
I Say a Little PrayerAretha Franklin1970-01-01
I'm in LoveAretha Franklin1970-01-01
In the MorningAretha Franklin1970-01-01
It Hurts Like Hell (Waiting to Exhale)Aretha Franklin1970-01-01
Love PangAretha Franklin1970-01-01
Neither One of UsAretha Franklin1970-01-01
RespectAretha Franklin1970-01-01
Rock SteadyAretha Franklin1970-01-01
Share Your Love with MeAretha Franklin1970-01-01
Sisters Are Doin' It for ThemselvesAretha Franklin1970-01-01
ThinkAretha Franklin1970-01-01
Til You Come Back to MeAretha Franklin1970-01-01
Until You Come Back to MeAretha Franklin1970-01-01
Who's Zoomin' WhoAretha Franklin1970-01-01
Willing to ForgiveAretha Franklin1970-01-01
WomanAretha Franklin1970-01-01
WonderfulAretha Franklin1970-01-01
Through the StormAretha Franklin & Elton John1970-01-01
I Knew You Were Waiting (For Me)Aretha Franklin & George Michael1970-01-01
WonderfulAretha Franklin & George Michael1970-01-01
Hold Your Head UpArgent1970-01-01
Dangerous WomanAriana Grande1970-01-01
FocusAriana Grande1970-01-01
The WayAriana Grande & Mac Miller1970-01-01
Side to SideAriana Grande ft. Nicki Minaj1970-01-01
4 the LoversArika Kane1970-01-01
Three of HeartsArizona Rain1970-01-01
Con Quien EstarasArkangel R-151970-01-01
Con Quien Estaras (Version Pop)Arkangel R-151970-01-01
Te Suplique Muchas VecesArkangel R-151970-01-01
City of New OrleansArlo Guthrie1970-01-01
Coming into Los AngelesArlo Guthrie1970-01-01
You Don't Know MeArmand Van Helden1970-01-01
AdoroArmando Manzanero1970-01-01
Como Yo Te AmeArmando Manzanero1970-01-01
Contigo AprendiArmando Manzanero1970-01-01
Edi EdiArmando Manzanero1970-01-01
Esta Tarde Vi LloverArmando Manzanero1970-01-01
FelicidadArmando Manzanero1970-01-01
Llorando EstoyArmando Manzanero1970-01-01
MiaArmando Manzanero1970-01-01
Nada PersonalArmando Manzanero1970-01-01
OfrendaArmando Manzanero1970-01-01
Parece Que Fue AyerArmando Manzanero1970-01-01
Por Debajo De La MesaArmando Manzanero1970-01-01
Si Me Faltas TuArmando Manzanero1970-01-01
Somos NoviosArmando Manzanero1970-01-01
Te ExtranoArmando Manzanero1970-01-01
Voy a Apagar La LuzArmando Manzanero1970-01-01
GoodbyeArmy of Anyone1970-01-01
For RealArnel Larrieux1970-01-01
Ease My MindArrested Development1970-01-01
Everyday PeopleArrested Development1970-01-01
Mr. WendelArrested Development1970-01-01
TennesseeArrested Development1970-01-01
Colgada a Mi CuelloArrolladora Limon, La1970-01-01
El Arbol De La HorcaArrolladora Limon, La1970-01-01
La CalabazaArrolladora Limon, La1970-01-01
Que Me Vas a Dar?Arrolladora Limon, La1970-01-01
Tu RisaArrolladora Limon, La1970-01-01
Ya Es Muy TardeArrolladora Limon, La1970-01-01
Hot Hot HotArrows1970-01-01
Bright EyesArt Garfunkel1970-01-01
I Only Have Eyes for YouArt Garfunkel1970-01-01
Since I Don't Have YouArt Garfunkel1970-01-01
Wonderful WorldArt Garfunkel1970-01-01
Ever Since You Went AwayArt n' Soul1970-01-01
Moving Too FastArtful Dodger1970-01-01
Please Don't Turn Me OnArtful Dodger1970-01-01
RewindArtful Dodger1970-01-01
Woman TroubleArtful Dodger1970-01-01
Twenty Four SevenArtful Dodger & Melanie Blatt1970-01-01
FireArthur Brown1970-01-01
Sweet Soul MusicArthur Conley1970-01-01
DriftwoodAselin Debison1970-01-01
Las KetchupAsereje1970-01-01
Life Less OrdinaryAsh1970-01-01
No Te Quiero Nadahaash - No TeAsh1970-01-01
Ain't No Stopping Her NowAsh Bowers1970-01-01
I Still Believe in ThatAsh Bowers1970-01-01
StuckAsh Bowers1970-01-01
Don't Leave Me AloneAshanti1970-01-01
Dreams (Radio Version)Ashanti1970-01-01
Good GoodAshanti1970-01-01
Only UAshanti1970-01-01
Only YouAshanti1970-01-01
Rain on MeAshanti1970-01-01
Rain on Me (Radio Version)Ashanti1970-01-01
Rock Wit U (Awww Baby)Ashanti1970-01-01
Way That I Love YouAshanti1970-01-01
Always on TimeAshanti & Ja Rule1970-01-01
I Love CollegeAsher Roth1970-01-01
Be By MyselfAsher Roth ft. Cee Lo Green1970-01-01
SolidAshford & Simpson1970-01-01
Solid As a RockAshford & Simpson1970-01-01
BoyfriendAshlee Simpson1970-01-01
Boyfriend (Radio Version)Ashlee Simpson1970-01-01
InvisibleAshlee Simpson1970-01-01
L.O.V.E.Ashlee Simpson1970-01-01
La LaAshlee Simpson1970-01-01
Little Miss ObsessiveAshlee Simpson1970-01-01
Pieces of MeAshlee Simpson1970-01-01
ShadowAshlee Simpson1970-01-01
Where Do I GoAshley Cleveland1970-01-01
Can You Hear Me When I Talk to YouAshley Gearing1970-01-01
Five More MinutesAshley Gearing1970-01-01
Me, My Heart and IAshley Gearing1970-01-01
Out the WindowAshley Gearing1970-01-01
What You Think About UsAshley Gearing1970-01-01
SatisfiedAshley Monroe1970-01-01
I Don't Want ToAshley Monroe & Ronnie Dunn1970-01-01
Let U GoAshley Parker Angel1970-01-01
Where Did You GoAshley Parker Angel1970-01-01
Be Good to MeAshley Tisdale1970-01-01
It's Alright, It's OKAshley Tisdale1970-01-01
OverratedAshley Tisdale1970-01-01
What IfAshley Tisdale1970-01-01
I Ain't Dead YetAshton Shepherd1970-01-01
Look It UpAshton Shepherd1970-01-01
Sounds So GoodAshton Shepherd1970-01-01
Takin' off This PainAshton Shepherd1970-01-01
Heat of the MomentAsia1970-01-01
Only Time Will TellAsia1970-01-01
Cherokee MaidenAsleep at the Wheel1970-01-01
Blues for DixieAsleep at the Wheel & Lyle Lovett1970-01-01
Roly PolyAsleep at the Wheel & the Dixie Chicks1970-01-01
Be the GirlAslyn1970-01-01
Love Changes EverythingAspects of Love1970-01-01
Along Comes MaryAssociation1970-01-01
Everything That Touches YouAssociation1970-01-01
Never My LoveAssociation1970-01-01
Around the BendAsteroids Galaxy Tour1970-01-01
Por Que No Fui Tu AmigoAstros, Los1970-01-01
Girl from IpanemaAstrud Gilberto1970-01-01
Shadow of Your SmileAstrud Gilberto1970-01-01
Don't Turn AroundAswad1970-01-01
Boys of SummerAtaris, The1970-01-01
In This DiaryAtaris, The1970-01-01
Saddest SongAtaris, The1970-01-01
Around the World (La La La La La)ATC1970-01-01
What I Didn't KnowAthenaeum1970-01-01
El SalvadorAthlete1970-01-01
You Got the StyleAthlete1970-01-01
Calling All GirlsATL1970-01-01
Sweet Country MusicAtlanta1970-01-01
Imaginary LoverAtlanta Rhythm Section1970-01-01
So into YouAtlanta Rhythm Section1970-01-01
AlwaysAtlantic Starr1970-01-01
I'll Remember YouAtlantic Starr1970-01-01
MasterpieceAtlantic Starr1970-01-01
Secret LoversAtlantic Starr1970-01-01
Be with YouAtomic Kitten1970-01-01
Eternal FlameAtomic Kitten1970-01-01
If You Come to MeAtomic Kitten1970-01-01
Ladies NightAtomic Kitten1970-01-01
Last GoodbyeAtomic Kitten1970-01-01
Love Doesn't Have to HurtAtomic Kitten1970-01-01
Tide Is HighAtomic Kitten1970-01-01
Tide Is High (Get the Feeling)Atomic Kitten1970-01-01
Walking on the WaterAtomic Kitten1970-01-01
Whole AgainAtomic Kitten1970-01-01
You AreAtomic Kitten1970-01-01
Be YourselfAudioslave1970-01-01
Doesn't Remind MeAudioslave1970-01-01
I Am the HighwayAudioslave1970-01-01
Like a StoneAudioslave1970-01-01
Out of ExileAudioslave1970-01-01
Show Me How to LiveAudioslave1970-01-01
What You AreAudioslave1970-01-01
Your Time Has ComeAudioslave1970-01-01
Looking DownAudiovent1970-01-01
Followed the WavesAuf Der Maur1970-01-01
I-95 Asshole SongAugust & the Spur of the Moment Band1970-01-01
One More MinuteAuthority Zero1970-01-01
Turn up the RadioAutograph1970-01-01
I Don't Want to GoAvalon1970-01-01
4 MinutesAvant1970-01-01
Can't WaitAvant1970-01-01
Don't Say No, Just Say YesAvant1970-01-01
Don't Take Your Love AwayAvant1970-01-01
Kiss GoodbyeAvant1970-01-01
Makin Good LoveAvant1970-01-01
Read Your MindAvant1970-01-01
When It HurtsAvant1970-01-01
Your Body Is the BusinessAvant1970-01-01
My First LoveAvante & Ketara Wyatt1970-01-01
Bat CountryAvenged Sevenfold1970-01-01
NightmareAvenged Sevenfold1970-01-01
Ciego De AmorAventura1970-01-01
Cuando VolverasAventura1970-01-01
Dile Al Amor w vocalAventura1970-01-01
El PerdedorAventura1970-01-01
La GuerraAventura1970-01-01
La PeliculaAventura1970-01-01
Los InfielesAventura1970-01-01
Mi CorazoncitoAventura1970-01-01
Mi Nina CambioAventura1970-01-01
No Lo Perdona DiosAventura1970-01-01
No No NoAventura1970-01-01
Noche De SexoAventura1970-01-01
Our SongAventura1970-01-01
Por Un SegundoAventura1970-01-01
Su VenenoAventura1970-01-01
Te InvitoAventura1970-01-01
Un BesoAventura1970-01-01
There Is Life Outside Your ApartmentAvenue Q1970-01-01
There's a Fine, Fine LIne (static lyrics)Avenue Q1970-01-01
Cut the CakeAverage White Band1970-01-01
Let's Go Round AgainAverage White Band1970-01-01
Work to DoAverage White Band1970-01-01
Ugly Part of MeAvery Sunshine1970-01-01
Wake Me Up!Avicii1970-01-01
Seven Days Without YouAvion1970-01-01
AliceAvril Lavigne1970-01-01
Anything but OrdinaryAvril Lavigne1970-01-01
ComplicatedAvril Lavigne1970-01-01
Don't Tell MeAvril Lavigne1970-01-01
Fall to PiecesAvril Lavigne1970-01-01
Falling DownAvril Lavigne1970-01-01
GirlfriendAvril Lavigne1970-01-01
Girlfriend (Radio Version)Avril Lavigne1970-01-01
He WasntAvril Lavigne1970-01-01
Here's to Never Growing UpAvril Lavigne1970-01-01
HotAvril Lavigne1970-01-01
I Always Get What I WantAvril Lavigne1970-01-01
I Don't GiveAvril Lavigne1970-01-01
I'm with YouAvril Lavigne1970-01-01
Keep Holding OnAvril Lavigne1970-01-01
Knockin' on Heaven's DoorAvril Lavigne1970-01-01
Losing GripAvril Lavigne1970-01-01
MobileAvril Lavigne1970-01-01
My Happy EndingAvril Lavigne1970-01-01
My WorldAvril Lavigne1970-01-01
NakedAvril Lavigne1970-01-01
Nobody's HomeAvril Lavigne1970-01-01
Sk8er BoiAvril Lavigne1970-01-01
SmileAvril Lavigne1970-01-01
UnwantedAvril Lavigne1970-01-01
What the HellAvril Lavigne1970-01-01
When You're GoneAvril Lavigne1970-01-01
Wish You Were HereAvril Lavigne1970-01-01
ConstipatedAvril Lavigne (Parody)1970-01-01
Not Your FaultAWOLNATION1970-01-01
Every WomanAz Yet1970-01-01
Hard to Say I'm SorryAz Yet1970-01-01
Hard to Say I'm SorryAz Yet & Peter Cetera1970-01-01
Last NightAz Yet & Peter Cetera1970-01-01
Somewhere in My HeartAztec Camera1970-01-01
La BombaAzul Azul1970-01-01
Deadbeat ClubB-52's, The1970-01-01
DebbieB-52's, The1970-01-01
Good StuffB-52's, The1970-01-01
Love ShackB-52's, The1970-01-01
Private IdahoB-52's, The1970-01-01
RoamB-52's, The1970-01-01
Rock LobsterB-52's, The1970-01-01
Someone to LoveB. Jon1970-01-01
Fire in Your EyesB. Taylor ft. Pauley Perrette1970-01-01
My MariaB. W. Stevenson1970-01-01
CaldoniaB.B. King1970-01-01
Is You or Is You Ain'tB.B. King1970-01-01
Paying the Cost to Be the BossB.B. King1970-01-01
Rock Me BabyB.B. King1970-01-01
Thrill Is GoneB.B. King1970-01-01
Why I Sing the BluesB.B. King1970-01-01
Riding with the KingB.B. King & Eric Clapton1970-01-01
My HoodB.G. ft. Mannie Fresh & Gar1970-01-01
(Hey Won't You Play) Another Somebody Done Somebody Wrong SongB.J. Thomas1970-01-01
Everybody Loves a Rain SongB.J. Thomas1970-01-01
Eyes of a New York WomanB.J. Thomas1970-01-01
Hooked on a FeelingB.J. Thomas1970-01-01
Jingle BellsB.J. Thomas1970-01-01
Mighty Clouds of JoyB.J. Thomas1970-01-01
New Looks from an Old LoverB.J. Thomas1970-01-01
Raindrops Keep Fallin' on My HeadB.J. Thomas1970-01-01
Rock and Roll LullabyB.J. Thomas1970-01-01
Two Car GarageB.J. Thomas1970-01-01
As Long as We Got Each OtherB.J. Thomas & Dusty Springfield1970-01-01
U Will KnowB.M.U.1970-01-01
Don't Let Me FallB.o.B1970-01-01
So GoodB.o.B1970-01-01
Nothin' on YouB.o.B ft. Bruno Mars1970-01-01
MagicB.o.B ft. Rivers Cuomo1970-01-01
AirplanesB.o.B Hayley Williams1970-01-01
Bombs AwayB.o.B.1970-01-01
Ray BandsB.o.B.1970-01-01
Never Let You GoB.o.B. ft. Ryan Tedder1970-01-01
Do It (Till You're Satisfied)B.T. Express1970-01-01
Blame It on the WeathermanB*Witched1970-01-01
C'est La VieB*Witched1970-01-01
I Shall Be ThereB*Witched1970-01-01
Jesse Hold OnB*Witched1970-01-01
Jump DownB*Witched1970-01-01
To Earth with LoveB*Witched1970-01-01
To You I BelongB*Witched1970-01-01
Gots Ta BeB2K1970-01-01
Uh HuhB2K1970-01-01
Why I Love YouB2K1970-01-01
Why I Love You B2K1970-01-01
BadaboomB2K & Fabolous1970-01-01
Bump, Bump, BumpB2K & P. Diddy1970-01-01
All I DoB51970-01-01
Get'cha Head in the Game (No Graphics)B51970-01-01
HydrolicB5 & Bow-Wow1970-01-01
Head FirstBabies1970-01-01
What Happened to That BoyBaby & Clipse1970-01-01
Do That...Baby & P. Diddy1970-01-01
Suga SugaBaby Bash1970-01-01
Baby I'm BackBaby Bash & Akon1970-01-01
Suga SugaBaby Bash & Frankie J.1970-01-01
What Is ItBaby Bash & Sean Kingston1970-01-01
CycloneBaby Bash & T-Pain1970-01-01
Way I LiveBaby Boy & Lil Boosie1970-01-01
Let Me Be Your FantasyBaby D1970-01-01
Por QueBaby's, Los1970-01-01
Bad Old ManBabybird1970-01-01
And Our FeelingsBabyface1970-01-01
Day That You Gave Me a SonBabyface1970-01-01
Diggin on YouBabyface1970-01-01
Everytime I Close My EyesBabyface1970-01-01
Fire and RainBabyface1970-01-01
For the Cool in YouBabyface1970-01-01
Grown & SexyBabyface1970-01-01
How Come, How LongBabyface1970-01-01
I Need a Love SongBabyface1970-01-01
My Kinda GirlBabyface1970-01-01
Never Keeping SecretsBabyface1970-01-01
Simple DaysBabyface1970-01-01
Sorry for the Stupid ThingsBabyface1970-01-01
Talk to MeBabyface1970-01-01
This Is for the Lover in YouBabyface1970-01-01
When Can I See YouBabyface1970-01-01
When Your Body Gets WeakBabyface1970-01-01
Whip AppealBabyface1970-01-01
Dream AwayBabyface & Lisa Stansfield1970-01-01
Slow JamsBabyface, Quincy Jones & Tamia1970-01-01
SpacemanBabylon Zoo1970-01-01
Every Time I Think of YouBabys1970-01-01
Head FirstBabys1970-01-01
Isn't It TimeBabys1970-01-01
Yes Sir I Can BoogieBaccara1970-01-01
Cuando VolverasBachata1970-01-01
Dos LocosBachata1970-01-01
La Copa RotaBachata1970-01-01
Me Voy a Quitar De En MedioBachata1970-01-01
Medicina De AmorBachata1970-01-01
Mi NinaBachata1970-01-01
Personal IdealBachata1970-01-01
Rondando Tu EsquinaBachata1970-01-01
Si Te Pudiera MentirBachata1970-01-01
Sublime MunerBachata1970-01-01
Vine a Decirte AdiosBachata1970-01-01
Let It RideBachman-Turner Overdrive (BTO)1970-01-01
Roll on Down the HighwayBachman-Turner Overdrive (BTO)1970-01-01
Takin' Care of BusinessBachman-Turner Overdrive (BTO)1970-01-01
You Ain't Seen Nothin' YetBachman-Turner Overdrive (BTO)1970-01-01
Besala YaBacilos1970-01-01
Dime Lo Que SientesBacilos1970-01-01
Feliz ConmigoBacilos1970-01-01
Guerras PerdidasBacilos1970-01-01
Mi Primer MillonBacilos1970-01-01
Pasos De GiganteBacilos1970-01-01
Tabaco Y ChanelBacilos1970-01-01
10,000 PromisesBackstreet Boys1970-01-01
All I Have to GiveBackstreet Boys1970-01-01
Anywhere for YouBackstreet Boys1970-01-01
As Long as You Love MeBackstreet Boys1970-01-01
Back to Your HeartBackstreet Boys1970-01-01
Boys Will Be BoysBackstreet Boys1970-01-01
Bye Bye ByeBackstreet Boys1970-01-01
CallBackstreet Boys1970-01-01
Christmas TimeBackstreet Boys1970-01-01
Darlin'Backstreet Boys1970-01-01
Don't Leave MeBackstreet Boys1970-01-01
DrowningBackstreet Boys1970-01-01
EverybodyBackstreet Boys1970-01-01
Everybody (Backstreet's Back)Backstreet Boys1970-01-01
Get DownBackstreet Boys1970-01-01
Helpless When She SmilesBackstreet Boys1970-01-01
Hey Mr. DJBackstreet Boys1970-01-01
I Just Want You to KnowBackstreet Boys1970-01-01
I Love It Like ThatBackstreet Boys1970-01-01
I Want It That WayBackstreet Boys1970-01-01
I Wouldn't Believe Your RadioBackstreet Boys1970-01-01
I'll Never Break Your HeartBackstreet Boys1970-01-01
I'll Never StopBackstreet Boys1970-01-01
If I Don't Have YouBackstreet Boys1970-01-01
If You Want It to Be Good (Get Yourself a Bad Boy)Backstreet Boys1970-01-01
IncompleteBackstreet Boys1970-01-01
InconsolableBackstreet Boys1970-01-01
It's TrueBackstreet Boys1970-01-01
Larger Than LifeBackstreet Boys1970-01-01
Like a ChildBackstreet Boys1970-01-01
More Than ThatBackstreet Boys1970-01-01
OneBackstreet Boys1970-01-01
Perfect FanBackstreet Boys1970-01-01
Quit Playing Games (With My Heart)Backstreet Boys1970-01-01
Set Adrift on Memory BlissBackstreet Boys1970-01-01
Shape of My HeartBackstreet Boys1970-01-01
Show Me the Meaning of Being LonelyBackstreet Boys1970-01-01
Tearing up My HeartBackstreet Boys1970-01-01
That's the Way I Like ItBackstreet Boys1970-01-01
That's What She SaidBackstreet Boys1970-01-01
We've Got It Goin' OnBackstreet Boys1970-01-01
Bad Boy This Bad Boy ThatBad Boy's Da Band1970-01-01
TonightBad Boy's Da Band1970-01-01
Under the BoardwalkBad Boys Blue1970-01-01
Bad CompanyBad Company1970-01-01
Can't Get Enough of Your LoveBad Company1970-01-01
Cant Get EnoughBad Company1970-01-01
Feel Like Makin' LoveBad Company1970-01-01
Good Lovin' Gone BadBad Company1970-01-01
Movin' OnBad Company1970-01-01
One NightBad Company1970-01-01
Ready for LoveBad Company1970-01-01
Rock 'n' Roll FantasyBad Company1970-01-01
Rock SteadyBad Company1970-01-01
SeagullBad Company1970-01-01
Shooting StarBad Company1970-01-01
Young BloodBad Company1970-01-01
When I See You SmileBad English1970-01-01
SorrowBad Religion1970-01-01
Baby BlueBadfinger1970-01-01
Come and Get ItBadfinger1970-01-01
Day After DayBadfinger1970-01-01
No Matter WhatBadfinger1970-01-01
Without YouBadfinger1970-01-01
In a DreamBadlands1970-01-01
Angeline Is Coming HomeBadlees1970-01-01
DisillusionBadly Drawn Boy1970-01-01
Pissing in the WindBadly Drawn Boy1970-01-01
Hakuna MatataBaha Men1970-01-01
Hakuna Matata (Vocals)Baha Men1970-01-01
Move It Like ThisBaha Men1970-01-01
Who Let the Dogs OutBaha Men1970-01-01
Who Let the Dogs out (Dance Mix)Baha Men1970-01-01
You All DatBaha Men1970-01-01
Long ShotBailey & the Boys1970-01-01
Contigo Se VaBalilos1970-01-01
Tarzan BoyBallinmore Ceili Band1970-01-01
Tarzan BoyBaltimora1970-01-01
Cruel SummerBananarama1970-01-01
I Heard a RumourBananarama1970-01-01
Love in the First DegreeBananarama1970-01-01
Na Na Hey Hey (Kiss Him Goodbye)Bananarama1970-01-01
Nathan JonesBananarama1970-01-01
Night They Drove Old Dixie DownBananarama1970-01-01
Robert De Niro's WaitingBananarama1970-01-01
Shy Boy (Don't It Make You Feel Good)Bananarama1970-01-01
Do They Know It's ChristmasBand Aid1970-01-01
Better Dig TwoBand Perry, The1970-01-01
ChainsawBand Perry, The1970-01-01
DoneBand Perry, The1970-01-01
Forever Mine NevermindBand Perry, The1970-01-01
Hip to My HeartBand Perry, The1970-01-01
If I Die YoungBand Perry, The1970-01-01
Mother Like MineBand Perry, The1970-01-01
Postcard from ParisBand Perry, The1970-01-01
You LieBand Perry, The1970-01-01
I Shall Be ReleasedBand, The1970-01-01
Life Is a CarnivalBand, The1970-01-01
The Night They Drove Old Dixie DownBand, The1970-01-01
Up on Cripple CreekBand, The1970-01-01
WeightBand, The1970-01-01
Sopa De CaracolBanda Blanca1970-01-01
Swing LatinoBanda Blanca1970-01-01
Que Se Te OlvidaBanda el Recodo1970-01-01
Aca Entre NosBanda el Recodo, La1970-01-01
Acabame De MatarBanda el Recodo, La1970-01-01
Cada Vez Te Extrano MasBanda el Recodo, La1970-01-01
Como PudisteBanda el Recodo, La1970-01-01
CostumbresBanda el Recodo, La1970-01-01
DejaBanda el Recodo, La1970-01-01
Dos Hojas Sin RumboBanda el Recodo, La1970-01-01
El CallejeroBanda el Recodo, La1970-01-01
El Sauce Y La PalmaBanda el Recodo, La1970-01-01
iCarayBanda el Recodo, La1970-01-01
La ChanclaBanda el Recodo, La1970-01-01
Las Tontas No Van Al CieloBanda el Recodo, La1970-01-01
Las Vias Del AmorBanda el Recodo, La1970-01-01
Leña De PirulBanda el Recodo, La1970-01-01
Linda GueritaBanda el Recodo, La1970-01-01
Los Dos JefesBanda el Recodo, La1970-01-01
Me Nace Del CorazonBanda el Recodo, La1970-01-01
Mi Primer AmorBanda el Recodo, La1970-01-01
No Hay NovedadBanda el Recodo, La1970-01-01
No Me Se RajarBanda el Recodo, La1970-01-01
No Me Vuelvo a EnamorarBanda el Recodo, La1970-01-01
Para Toda La VidaBanda el Recodo, La1970-01-01
Para Toda VidaBanda el Recodo, La1970-01-01
Pena Tras PenaBanda el Recodo, La1970-01-01
Por Una Muner BonitaBanda el Recodo, La1970-01-01
Que BonitoBanda el Recodo, La1970-01-01
Que Se Te OlvidoBanda el Recodo, La1970-01-01
Que Solo Estoy Sin TiBanda el Recodo, La1970-01-01
Se Me Olvido Otra VezBanda el Recodo, La1970-01-01
Seis Pies AbajoBanda el Recodo, La1970-01-01
Sube, Sube, SubeBanda el Recodo, La1970-01-01
Te Ofrezco Un CorazonBanda el Recodo, La1970-01-01
Te PresumoBanda el Recodo, La1970-01-01
Tiro De GraciaBanda el Recodo, La1970-01-01
Tomame O DejameBanda el Recodo, La1970-01-01
Tus PalabrasBanda el Recodo, La1970-01-01
Y Llegaste TuBanda el Recodo, La1970-01-01
Yo Se Que Te AcordarasBanda el Recodo, La1970-01-01
A EscondidasBanda La Autentica1970-01-01
Acto SuicidaBanda La Autentica1970-01-01
Apenas Te Fuiste AyerBanda La Autentica1970-01-01
Donde EstasBanda La Autentica1970-01-01
El Muchacho AlegreBanda La Autentica1970-01-01
El ZacatecanoBanda La Autentica1970-01-01
Mil HorasBanda La Autentica1970-01-01
Por Ningun MotivoBanda La Autentica1970-01-01
Que Manera De PerderBanda La Autentica1970-01-01
Sabiendo Quien Era YoBanda La Autentica1970-01-01
Tengo MiedoBanda La Autentica1970-01-01
Ya Lo Se Que Tu Te VasBanda La Autentica1970-01-01
Por La EspaldaBanda La Costena1970-01-01
Al Gato Y Al RatonBanda Machos1970-01-01
En Toda La ChapaBanda Machos1970-01-01
Lena De PirulBanda Machos1970-01-01
Me Llamo RaquelBanda Machos1970-01-01
No Compro AmoresBanda Machos1970-01-01
Un Indio Quiere LlorarBanda Machos1970-01-01
Dos Gotas De AguaBanda Maguey1970-01-01
Mil GraciasBanda Maguey1970-01-01
Que Bonito AmorBanda Maguey1970-01-01
El M1Banda MS, La1970-01-01
El MechonBanda MS, La1970-01-01
El Sr. De Las MananasBanda MS, La1970-01-01
Escuela De RanchoBanda MS, La1970-01-01
La ChanclaBanda MS, La1970-01-01
Mi Mayor AnheloBanda MS, La1970-01-01
Pa Que Me Sirve La VidaBanda MS, La1970-01-01
PudreteBanda MS, La1970-01-01
Te AmoBanda MS, La1970-01-01
Una TardeBanda MS, La1970-01-01
La Nina FresaBanda Zeta1970-01-01
Hot Hot HeatBandages1970-01-01
Be with YouBangles1970-01-01
Eternal FlameBangles1970-01-01
Eternal FlamesBangles1970-01-01
Hazy Shade of WinterBangles1970-01-01
Hero Takes a FallBangles1970-01-01
If She Knew What She WantsBangles1970-01-01
In Your RoomBangles1970-01-01
Manic MondayBangles1970-01-01
Something That You SaidBangles1970-01-01
Walk Like an EgyptianBangles1970-01-01
Freakshow on the DancefloorBar-Kays1970-01-01
Shake Your Rump to the FunkBar-Kays1970-01-01
Know Him So Well, IBarbara Dixon & Elaine Page1970-01-01
Kid StuffBarbara Fairchild1970-01-01
Teddy Bear SongBarbara Fairchild1970-01-01
I KnowBarbara George1970-01-01
Baby, I'm YoursBarbara Lewis1970-01-01
Baby, Im YoursBarbara Lewis1970-01-01
Hello StrangerBarbara Lewis1970-01-01
Make Me Your BabyBarbara Lewis1970-01-01
You'll Lose a Good ThingBarbara Lynn1970-01-01
CrackersBarbara Mandrell1970-01-01
Fast Lanes and Counry RoadsBarbara Mandrell1970-01-01
Feed the FireBarbara Mandrell1970-01-01
Happy Birthday Dear HeartacheBarbara Mandrell1970-01-01
I Don't Want to Be RightBarbara Mandrell1970-01-01
I Was Country When Country Wasn't CoolBarbara Mandrell1970-01-01
If Loving You Is Wrong (I Don't Want to Be Right)Barbara Mandrell1970-01-01
In Times Like TheseBarbara Mandrell1970-01-01
Married, but Not to Each OtherBarbara Mandrell1970-01-01
No One Mends a Broken Heart Like YouBarbara Mandrell1970-01-01
One of a Kind, Pair of FoolsBarbara Mandrell1970-01-01
Only a Lonely Heart KnowsBarbara Mandrell1970-01-01
SatisfiedBarbara Mandrell1970-01-01
Sleeping Single in a Double BedBarbara Mandrell1970-01-01
Standing Room OnlyBarbara Mandrell1970-01-01
Ten Pound HammerBarbara Mandrell1970-01-01
There's No Love in TennesseeBarbara Mandrell1970-01-01
Till You're GoneBarbara Mandrell1970-01-01
To MeBarbara Mandrell1970-01-01
Tonight My Baby's Coming HomeBarbara Mandrell1970-01-01
Wish You Were HereBarbara Mandrell1970-01-01
Woman to WomanBarbara Mandrell1970-01-01
YearsBarbara Mandrell1970-01-01
After Closing TimeBarbara Mandrell & David Houston1970-01-01
To MeBarbara Mandrell & Lee Greenwood1970-01-01
To Me (Duet)Barbara Mandrell & Lee Greenwood1970-01-01
Yes, I'm ReadyBarbara Mason1970-01-01
Everybody DanceBarbara Tucker1970-01-01
Everybody Dance (The Horn Song)Barbara Tucker1970-01-01
A Piece of SkyBarbra Streisand1970-01-01
All I Ask of YouBarbra Streisand1970-01-01
All Is Fair in LoveBarbra Streisand1970-01-01
All My LifeBarbra Streisand1970-01-01
All of My LifeBarbra Streisand1970-01-01
As If We Never Said GoodbyeBarbra Streisand1970-01-01
As Time Goes ByBarbra Streisand1970-01-01
Being AliveBarbra Streisand1970-01-01
Christmas LullabyBarbra Streisand1970-01-01
Christmas MemoriesBarbra Streisand1970-01-01
Comin' in and out of Your LifeBarbra Streisand1970-01-01
Cry Me a RiverBarbra Streisand1970-01-01
Cry Me a River (Timeless Concert)Barbra Streisand1970-01-01
Don't Rain on My ParadeBarbra Streisand1970-01-01
Evergreen (Theme from a Star Is Born)Barbra Streisand1970-01-01
Everybody Says Don'tBarbra Streisand1970-01-01
For All We KnowBarbra Streisand1970-01-01
Free AgainBarbra Streisand1970-01-01
Gentle RainBarbra Streisand1970-01-01
Grown up Christmas ListBarbra Streisand1970-01-01
GuiltyBarbra Streisand1970-01-01
Happy Days Are Here AgainBarbra Streisand1970-01-01
He Touched MeBarbra Streisand1970-01-01
Hello DollyBarbra Streisand1970-01-01
Here's That Rainy DayBarbra Streisand1970-01-01
Here's to LifeBarbra Streisand1970-01-01
Higher GroundBarbra Streisand1970-01-01
I Finally Found SomeoneBarbra Streisand1970-01-01
I Won't Be the One to Let GoBarbra Streisand1970-01-01
I'll Be Home for ChristmasBarbra Streisand1970-01-01
I've Dreamed of YouBarbra Streisand1970-01-01
If You Ever Leave MeBarbra Streisand1970-01-01
In the Wee Small Hours of the MorningBarbra Streisand1970-01-01
IslandBarbra Streisand1970-01-01
Just One LifetimeBarbra Streisand1970-01-01
Kiss Me in the RainBarbra Streisand1970-01-01
Ladies Who LunchBarbra Streisand1970-01-01
Love Like OursBarbra Streisand1970-01-01
Luck Be a Lady (from Guys & Dolls)Barbra Streisand1970-01-01
Main EventBarbra Streisand1970-01-01
Make Some HappyBarbra Streisand1970-01-01
Man I LoveBarbra Streisand1970-01-01
Man That I LoveBarbra Streisand1970-01-01
MemoryBarbra Streisand1970-01-01
Music of the NightBarbra Streisand1970-01-01
Music That Makes Me DanceBarbra Streisand1970-01-01
My Heart Belongs to MeBarbra Streisand1970-01-01
My ManBarbra Streisand1970-01-01
Nor More TearsBarbra Streisand1970-01-01
Not While I'm AroundBarbra Streisand1970-01-01
Ordinary MiraclesBarbra Streisand1970-01-01
Papa, Can You Hear MeBarbra Streisand1970-01-01
PeopleBarbra Streisand1970-01-01
Places That Belong to YouBarbra Streisand1970-01-01
Sam, You Made the Pants Too LongBarbra Streisand1970-01-01
Second Hand RoseBarbra Streisand1970-01-01
Send in the ClownsBarbra Streisand1970-01-01
Smoke Gets in Your EyesBarbra Streisand1970-01-01
Some Enchanted EveningBarbra Streisand1970-01-01
SomewhereBarbra Streisand1970-01-01
Song BirdBarbra Streisand1970-01-01
Spring Can Really Hang You up the MostBarbra Streisand1970-01-01
Stoney EndBarbra Streisand1970-01-01
Summer KnowsBarbra Streisand1970-01-01
Tell HimBarbra Streisand1970-01-01
TomorrowBarbra Streisand1970-01-01
Way He Makes Me FeelBarbra Streisand1970-01-01
Way We WereBarbra Streisand1970-01-01
We Must Be Loving RightBarbra Streisand1970-01-01
We're Not Makin' Love AnymoreBarbra Streisand1970-01-01
What Are You Doing New Year's Eve?Barbra Streisand1970-01-01
What Are You Doing the Rest of Your Life?Barbra Streisand1970-01-01
What Kind of FoolBarbra Streisand1970-01-01
Where Do You StartBarbra Streisand1970-01-01
With One LookBarbra Streisand1970-01-01
With One Look (from Sunset Boulevard)Barbra Streisand1970-01-01
Woman in LoveBarbra Streisand1970-01-01
Woman in the MoonBarbra Streisand1970-01-01
You Don't Bring Me FlowersBarbra Streisand1970-01-01
You Must Believe in SpringBarbra Streisand1970-01-01
GuiltyBarbra Streisand & Barry Gibb1970-01-01
What Kind of FoolBarbra Streisand & Barry Gibb1970-01-01
I Finally Found SomeoneBarbra Streisand & Bryan Adams1970-01-01
Tell HimBarbra Streisand & Celine Dion1970-01-01
Tell Him (Duet)Barbra Streisand & Celine Dion1970-01-01
Till I Loved YouBarbra Streisand & Don Johnson1970-01-01
No More Tears (Enough Is Enough)Barbra Streisand & Donna Summer1970-01-01
I Have a Love (One Hand One Heart)Barbra Streisand & Johnny Mathis1970-01-01
You Don't Bring Me FlowersBarbra Streisand & Neil Diamond1970-01-01
If You Ever Leave MeBarbra Streisand & Vince Gill1970-01-01
If You Ever Leave Me (Female)Barbra Streisand & Vince Gill1970-01-01
AlcoholBarenaked Ladies1970-01-01
Another PostcardBarenaked Ladies1970-01-01
Another Postcard (Chimps)Barenaked Ladies1970-01-01
Be My Yoko OnoBarenaked Ladies1970-01-01
Brian WilsonBarenaked Ladies1970-01-01
Brian Wilson (2000 Version)Barenaked Ladies1970-01-01
Brian Wilson (Original Version)Barenaked Ladies1970-01-01
Call & AnswerBarenaked Ladies1970-01-01
Call and AnswerBarenaked Ladies1970-01-01
EnidBarenaked Ladies1970-01-01
Failing for the First TimeBarenaked Ladies1970-01-01
Falling for the First TimeBarenaked Ladies1970-01-01
Get in LineBarenaked Ladies1970-01-01
Get in Line (Duet Version)Barenaked Ladies1970-01-01
Get in Line (Solo Version)Barenaked Ladies1970-01-01
If I Had $1000000Barenaked Ladies1970-01-01
If I Had $1000000 (Duet)Barenaked Ladies1970-01-01
If I Had $1000000 (Yellow Tape Version)Barenaked Ladies1970-01-01
It's All Been DoneBarenaked Ladies1970-01-01
JaneBarenaked Ladies1970-01-01
Never Is EnoughBarenaked Ladies1970-01-01
Old ApartmentBarenaked Ladies1970-01-01
One WeekBarenaked Ladies1970-01-01
Pinch MeBarenaked Ladies1970-01-01
Shoe BoxBarenaked Ladies1970-01-01
Straw HatBarenaked Ladies1970-01-01
Too Little Too LateBarenaked Ladies1970-01-01
What a Good BoyBarenaked Ladies1970-01-01
When I FallBarenaked Ladies1970-01-01
You Run AwayBarenaked Ladies1970-01-01
Fish HeadsBarnes & Barnes1970-01-01
Y Por Esa Calle ViveBaron De Apodaca, Los1970-01-01
Snoopy Vs the Red BaronBaron Hotshots1970-01-01
Money (That's What I Want)Barrett Strong1970-01-01
Cerca De TiBarrio Boys1970-01-01
Eres AsiBarrio Boys1970-01-01
Dancing on a Saturday NightBarry Blue1970-01-01
Do You Wanna DanceBarry Blue1970-01-01
All I Have to Do Is DreamBarry Manilow1970-01-01
And I Love HerBarry Manilow1970-01-01
Are You Lonesome TonightBarry Manilow1970-01-01
Ave MariaBarry Manilow1970-01-01
Beautiful MusicBarry Manilow1970-01-01
Beyond the SeaBarry Manilow1970-01-01
Blue VelvetBarry Manilow1970-01-01
Brooklyn BluesBarry Manilow1970-01-01
Can't Help Falling in LoveBarry Manilow1970-01-01
Can't Smile Without YouBarry Manilow1970-01-01
Cherish/WindyBarry Manilow1970-01-01
Close to YouBarry Manilow1970-01-01
CopacabanaBarry Manilow1970-01-01
Could It Be MagicBarry Manilow1970-01-01
Could It Be Magic (Remix)Barry Manilow1970-01-01
DaybreakBarry Manilow1970-01-01
Even NowBarry Manilow1970-01-01
Give My Regards to BroadwayBarry Manilow1970-01-01
He Ain't Heavy, He's My BrotherBarry Manilow1970-01-01
I Don't Want to Walk Without YouBarry Manilow1970-01-01
I Made It Through the RainBarry Manilow1970-01-01
I Write the SongsBarry Manilow1970-01-01
IfBarry Manilow1970-01-01
It Never Rains in Southern CaliforniaBarry Manilow1970-01-01
It's a MiracleBarry Manilow1970-01-01
It's All in the GameBarry Manilow1970-01-01
It's Not for Me to SayBarry Manilow1970-01-01
Looks Like We Made ItBarry Manilow1970-01-01
Love Is a Many-Splendored ThingBarry Manilow1970-01-01
MandyBarry Manilow1970-01-01
MemoryBarry Manilow1970-01-01
Moments to RememberBarry Manilow1970-01-01
Moonlight SerenadeBarry Manilow1970-01-01
My Eyes Adored YouBarry Manilow1970-01-01
Old SongsBarry Manilow1970-01-01
One VoiceBarry Manilow1970-01-01
Rags to RichesBarry Manilow1970-01-01
Raindrops Keep Fallin' on My HeadBarry Manilow1970-01-01
Read 'Em and WeepBarry Manilow1970-01-01
Ready to Take a Chance AgainBarry Manilow1970-01-01
SailingBarry Manilow1970-01-01
ShipsBarry Manilow1970-01-01
Sincerely/Teach Me TonightBarry Manilow1970-01-01
Some Kind of FriendBarry Manilow1970-01-01
Somewhere in the NightBarry Manilow1970-01-01
Strangers in the NightBarry Manilow1970-01-01
The Long and Winding RoadBarry Manilow1970-01-01
There's a Kind of HushBarry Manilow1970-01-01
This Guy's in Love with YouBarry Manilow1970-01-01
This One's for YouBarry Manilow1970-01-01
Tryin' to Get the Feeling AgainBarry Manilow1970-01-01
Unchained MelodyBarry Manilow1970-01-01
VenusBarry Manilow1970-01-01
Way We WereBarry Manilow1970-01-01
Weekend in New EnglandBarry Manilow1970-01-01
What a Difference a Day MadeBarry Manilow1970-01-01
When I Fall in LoveBarry Manilow1970-01-01
When October GoesBarry Manilow1970-01-01
Write the Songs, IBarry Manilow1970-01-01
You've Got a FriendBarry Manilow1970-01-01
You've Lost That Lovin' Feelin'Barry Manilow1970-01-01
Young at HeartBarry Manilow1970-01-01
Who Put the BompBarry Mann1970-01-01
Who Put the Bomp (In the Bomp, Bomp, Bomp)Barry Mann1970-01-01
Hummers in HeavenBarry Martin1970-01-01
Eve of DestructionBarry McGuire1970-01-01
Uncountrify MeBarry Michael1970-01-01
Ballad of the Green BeretsBarry Sadler1970-01-01
Always and ForeverBarry White1970-01-01
Can't Get Enough of Your Love, BabeBarry White1970-01-01
Come OnBarry White1970-01-01
Her and NowBarry White1970-01-01
I Only Want to Be with YouBarry White1970-01-01
I'm Gonna Love You Just a Little Bit More BabyBarry White1970-01-01
I'm Gonna Love You Just a Little More BabyBarry White1970-01-01
I've Got So Much to GiveBarry White1970-01-01
It's Ecstasy When You Lay Down Next to MeBarry White1970-01-01
Just the Way You AreBarry White1970-01-01
Let the Music PlayBarry White1970-01-01
Never, Never Gonna Give Ya UpBarry White1970-01-01
Never, Never Gonna Give You UpBarry White1970-01-01
Practice What You PreachBarry White1970-01-01
What Am I Gonna Do with YouBarry White1970-01-01
You See the Trouble with MeBarry White1970-01-01
You're the First, the Last, My EverythingBarry White1970-01-01
It Takes TwoBase & D.J. E-Z Rock1970-01-01
Joy and PainBase & D.J. E-Z Rock1970-01-01
Red AlertBasement Jaxx1970-01-01
RomeoBasement Jaxx1970-01-01
Where's Your Head AtBasement Jaxx1970-01-01
New Day for YouBasia1970-01-01
Time and TideBasia1970-01-01
Cisne Cuello NegroBasilio1970-01-01
Como TuBasilio1970-01-01
Demasiado AmorBasilio1970-01-01
Tanto Tanto AmorBasilio1970-01-01
Te Quiero a TiBasilio1970-01-01
Tel Llevare Una RosaBasilio1970-01-01
Tu Ni Te ImaginasBasilio1970-01-01
Ve Con ElBasilio1970-01-01
Vivir Lo NuestroBasilio1970-01-01
Cara LunaBasilos1970-01-01
All I Ever WantedBasshunter1970-01-01
Now You're GoneBassHunter1970-01-01
Bye Bye BabyBay City Rollers1970-01-01
I Only Wanna Be with YouBay City Rollers1970-01-01
Saturday NightBay City Rollers1970-01-01
Shang-A-LangBay City Rollers1970-01-01
Summer Love SensationBay City Rollers1970-01-01
DreamerBB & Q Band1970-01-01
Back HereBBMak1970-01-01
Ghost of You and MeBBMak1970-01-01
Out of My Heart (Into Your Head)BBMak1970-01-01
Still on Your SideBBMak1970-01-01
409Beach Boys1970-01-01
All Summer LongBeach Boys1970-01-01
Barbara AnnBeach Boys1970-01-01
Barbara Ann  Beach Boys1970-01-01
Be True to Your SchoolBeach Boys1970-01-01
California GirlsBeach Boys1970-01-01
Catch a WaveBeach Boys1970-01-01
Dance Dance DanceBeach Boys1970-01-01
Darlin'Beach Boys1970-01-01
Do You Wanna DanceBeach Boys1970-01-01
Don't Worry BabyBeach Boys1970-01-01
Fun, Fun, FunBeach Boys1970-01-01
Girl Don't Tell MeBeach Boys1970-01-01
Girls on the BeachBeach Boys1970-01-01
God Only KnowsBeach Boys1970-01-01
Good VibrationsBeach Boys1970-01-01
Good Vibrations Beach Boys1970-01-01
Help Me RhondaBeach Boys1970-01-01
Heroes and VillainsBeach Boys1970-01-01
I Can Hear MusicBeach Boys1970-01-01
I Get AroundBeach Boys1970-01-01
In My RoomBeach Boys1970-01-01
KokomoBeach Boys1970-01-01
Let Him Run WildBeach Boys1970-01-01
Little Deuce CoupeBeach Boys1970-01-01
Little Saint Nick (Christmas)Beach Boys1970-01-01
Rock and Roll MusicBeach Boys1970-01-01
Sail on SailorBeach Boys1970-01-01
Sloop John BBeach Boys1970-01-01
Surfer GirlBeach Boys1970-01-01
Surfin' U.S.A.Beach Boys1970-01-01
Warmth of the SunBeach Boys1970-01-01
WendyBeach Boys1970-01-01
When I Grow up to Be a ManBeach Boys1970-01-01
Wouldn't It Be NiceBeach Boys1970-01-01
Barbara AnnBeach Boys (Disney Style)1970-01-01
Barbara Ann (Vocals)Beach Boys (Disney Style)1970-01-01
California SunBeach Boys (Disney Style)1970-01-01
California Sun (Vocals)Beach Boys (Disney Style)1970-01-01
Dance, Dance, DanceBeach Boys (Disney Style)1970-01-01
Dance, Dance, Dance (Vocals)Beach Boys (Disney Style)1970-01-01
Fun, Fun, FunBeach Boys (Disney Style)1970-01-01
Fun, Fun, Fun (Vocals)Beach Boys (Disney Style)1970-01-01
Good VibrationsBeach Boys (Disney Style)1970-01-01
Good Vibrations (Vocals)Beach Boys (Disney Style)1970-01-01
Help Me RhondaBeach Boys (Disney Style)1970-01-01
Help Me Rhonda (Vocals)Beach Boys (Disney Style)1970-01-01
I Get AroundBeach Boys (Disney Style)1970-01-01
I Get Around (Vocals)Beach Boys (Disney Style)1970-01-01
Surfin' U.S.A.Beach Boys (Disney Style)1970-01-01
Surfin' U.S.A. (Vocals)Beach Boys (Disney Style)1970-01-01
Roc the MicBeanie Sigel & Freeway1970-01-01
Don't StopBeanie Sigel & Snoop Dogg1970-01-01
Brass MonkeyBeastie Boys1970-01-01
Ch-Check It OutBeastie Boys1970-01-01
Fight for Your Right to PartyBeastie Boys1970-01-01
Get It TogetherBeastie Boys1970-01-01
Hey LadiesBeastie Boys1970-01-01
Make Some NoiseBeastie Boys1970-01-01
No Sleep Til BrooklynBeastie Boys1970-01-01
Paul RevereBeastie Boys1970-01-01
SabotageBeastie Boys1970-01-01
So What'cha WantBeastie Boys1970-01-01
Sure ShotBeastie Boys1970-01-01
Triple TroubleBeastie Boys1970-01-01
Don't Play No Game That I Can't WinBeastie Boys & Santigold1970-01-01
She's a WomanBeatles1970-01-01
Words of LoveBeatles & Buddy Holly, The1970-01-01
ChainsBeatles & Cookies, The1970-01-01
A Day in the LifeBeatles, The1970-01-01
A Hard Day's NightBeatles, The1970-01-01
Across the UniverseBeatles, The1970-01-01
Act NaturallyBeatles, The1970-01-01
All My LovingBeatles, The1970-01-01
All You Need Is LoveBeatles, The1970-01-01
And I Love HerBeatles, The1970-01-01
And Your Bird Can SingBeatles, The1970-01-01
Anna (Go to Him)Beatles, The1970-01-01
Any Time at AllBeatles, The1970-01-01
Ask Me WhyBeatles, The1970-01-01
Baby, You're a Rich ManBeatles, The1970-01-01
Back in the U.S.S.R.Beatles, The1970-01-01
Being for the Benefit of Mr. Kite!Beatles, The1970-01-01
Besame MuchoBeatles, The1970-01-01
BirthdayBeatles, The1970-01-01
BlackbirdBeatles, The1970-01-01
Can't Buy Me LoveBeatles, The1970-01-01
Can’t Buy Me LoveBeatles, The1970-01-01
ChainsBeatles, The1970-01-01
Come TogetherBeatles, The1970-01-01
Day TripperBeatles, The1970-01-01
Dear PrudenceBeatles, The1970-01-01
Do You Want to Know a SecretBeatles, The1970-01-01
Don't Bother MeBeatles, The1970-01-01
Don't Let Me DownBeatles, The1970-01-01
Don't Pass Me ByBeatles, The1970-01-01
Drive My CarBeatles, The1970-01-01
Eight Days a WeekBeatles, The1970-01-01
Eleanor RigbyBeatles, The1970-01-01
Fixing a HoleBeatles, The1970-01-01
For No OneBeatles, The1970-01-01
Free As a BirdBeatles, The1970-01-01
From Me to YouBeatles, The1970-01-01
Get BackBeatles, The1970-01-01
Getting BetterBeatles, The1970-01-01
GirlBeatles, The1970-01-01
Glass OnionBeatles, The1970-01-01
Golden Slumbers/Carry That Weight/The EndBeatles, The1970-01-01
Good Day SunshineBeatles, The1970-01-01
Got to Get You into My LifeBeatles, The1970-01-01
Happiness Is a Warm GunBeatles, The1970-01-01
Hello, GoodbyeBeatles, The1970-01-01
Help!Beatles, The1970-01-01
Helter SkelterBeatles, The1970-01-01
Here Comes the SunBeatles, The1970-01-01
Here, There and EverywhereBeatles, The1970-01-01
Hey BulldogBeatles, The1970-01-01
Hey JudeBeatles, The1970-01-01
I Am the WalrusBeatles, The1970-01-01
I Call Your NameBeatles, The1970-01-01
I Feel FineBeatles, The1970-01-01
I Saw Her Standing ThereBeatles, The1970-01-01
I Should Have Known BetterBeatles, The1970-01-01
I Wanna Be Your ManBeatles, The1970-01-01
I Want to Hold Your HandBeatles, The1970-01-01
I WillBeatles, The1970-01-01
I'll Cry InsteadBeatles, The1970-01-01
I'll Follow the SunBeatles, The1970-01-01
I'm a LoserBeatles, The1970-01-01
I'm DownBeatles, The1970-01-01
I'm Happy Just to Dance with YouBeatles, The1970-01-01
I've Just Seen a FaceBeatles, The1970-01-01
If I FellBeatles, The1970-01-01
In My LifeBeatles, The1970-01-01
It Won't Be LongBeatles, The1970-01-01
It's All Too MuchBeatles, The1970-01-01
Lady MadonnaBeatles, The1970-01-01
Let It BeBeatles, The1970-01-01
Love Me DoBeatles, The1970-01-01
Lovely RitaBeatles, The1970-01-01
Lucy in the Sky with DiamondsBeatles, The1970-01-01
Magical Mystery TourBeatles, The1970-01-01
Maxwell's Silver HammerBeatles, The1970-01-01
MichelleBeatles, The1970-01-01
Mr. MoonlightBeatles, The1970-01-01
No ReplyBeatles, The1970-01-01
Norwegian Wood (This Bird Has Flown)Beatles, The1970-01-01
Nowhere ManBeatles, The1970-01-01
Ob-La-Di, Ob-La-DaBeatles, The1970-01-01
Octopus's GardenBeatles, The1970-01-01
Oh! DarlingBeatles, The1970-01-01
P.S. I Love YouBeatles, The1970-01-01
Paperback WriterBeatles, The1970-01-01
Penny LaneBeatles, The1970-01-01
Please Please MeBeatles, The1970-01-01
RainBeatles, The1970-01-01
Real LoveBeatles, The1970-01-01
RevolutionBeatles, The1970-01-01
Rock and Roll MusicBeatles, The1970-01-01
Rocky RaccoonBeatles, The1970-01-01
Roll over BeethovenBeatles, The1970-01-01
Run for Your LifeBeatles, The1970-01-01
Sexy SadieBeatles, The1970-01-01
Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club BandBeatles, The1970-01-01
She Came in Through the Bathroom WindowBeatles, The1970-01-01
She Loves YouBeatles, The1970-01-01
She Loves You (Cantada)Beatles, The1970-01-01
She's a WomanBeatles, The1970-01-01
She's Leaving HomeBeatles, The1970-01-01
SomethingBeatles, The1970-01-01
Strawberry Fields ForeverBeatles, The1970-01-01
TaxmanBeatles, The1970-01-01
Tell Me WhyBeatles, The1970-01-01
The Ballad of John and YokoBeatles, The1970-01-01
The Continuing Story of Bungalow BillBeatles, The1970-01-01
The Fool on the HillBeatles, The1970-01-01
The Long and Winding RoadBeatles, The1970-01-01
The Night BeforeBeatles, The1970-01-01
The WordBeatles, The1970-01-01
Things We Said TodayBeatles, The1970-01-01
This BoyBeatles, The1970-01-01
Ticket to RideBeatles, The1970-01-01
Till There Was YouBeatles, The1970-01-01
Twist and ShoutBeatles, The1970-01-01
We Can Work It OutBeatles, The1970-01-01
When I'm Sixty-FourBeatles, The1970-01-01
While My Guitar Gently WeepsBeatles, The1970-01-01
Why Don't We Do It in the Road?Beatles, The1970-01-01
With a Little Help from My FriendsBeatles, The1970-01-01
Words of LoveBeatles, The1970-01-01
Yellow SubmarineBeatles, The1970-01-01
Yer BluesBeatles, The1970-01-01
YesterdayBeatles, The1970-01-01
YesturdayBeatles, The1970-01-01
You Can't Do ThatBeatles, The1970-01-01
You're Gonna Lose That GirlBeatles, The1970-01-01
You've Got to Hide Your Love AwayBeatles, The1970-01-01
Your Mother Should KnowBeatles, The1970-01-01
Hey DJ, I Can't Dance to That Music You're PlayingBeatmasters1970-01-01
El CofrecitoBeatriz Adriana1970-01-01
Esta SituacionBeatriz Adriana1970-01-01
Just a LittleBeau Brummels1970-01-01
Laugh LaughBeau Brummels1970-01-01
A Little TimeBeautiful South1970-01-01
Don't Marry Her Have MeBeautiful South1970-01-01
DumbBeautiful South1970-01-01
How Longs a Tear Take to DryBeautiful South1970-01-01
Little TimeBeautiful South1970-01-01
Perfect 10Beautiful South1970-01-01
RotterdamBeautiful South1970-01-01
Song for WhoeverBeautiful South1970-01-01
Be Our Guest (From “Beauty and the Beast”)Beauty and the Beast1970-01-01
Be Our Guest (Instrumental)Beauty and the Beast1970-01-01
Beauty and the BeastBeauty and the Beast1970-01-01
Beauty and the Beast (From “Beauty and the Beast”)Beauty and the Beast1970-01-01
Beauty and the Beast (Instrumental)Beauty and the Beast1970-01-01
Beauty and the Beast (Vocals)Beauty and the Beast1970-01-01
Belle (From “Beauty and the Beast”)Beauty and the Beast1970-01-01
Belle (Instrumental)Beauty and the Beast1970-01-01
Days in the Sun (From “Beauty and the Beast”)Beauty and the Beast1970-01-01
Days in the Sun (Instrumental)Beauty and the Beast1970-01-01
Evermore (From “Beauty and the Beast”)Beauty and the Beast1970-01-01
Evermore(Instrumental)Beauty and the Beast1970-01-01
Gaston (From “Beauty and the Beast”)Beauty and the Beast1970-01-01
Gaston (Instrumental)Beauty and the Beast1970-01-01
HomeBeauty and the Beast1970-01-01
Home (Vocals)Beauty and the Beast1970-01-01
How Does a Moment Last Forever (From “Beauty and the Beast”)Beauty and the Beast1970-01-01
How Does a Moment Last Forever (Instrumental)Beauty and the Beast1970-01-01
Something There (From “Beauty and the Beast”)Beauty and the Beast1970-01-01
Something There (Instrumental)Beauty and the Beast1970-01-01
Close to YouBeBe & CeCe Winans1970-01-01
HeavenBeBe & CeCe Winans1970-01-01
I Found Love (Cindy's Song)BeBe & CeCe Winans1970-01-01
Love of My LifeBebe & Cece Winans1970-01-01
Never ThoughtBeBe & CeCe Winans1970-01-01
Stay with MeBebe Winans1970-01-01
Devil's HaircutBeck1970-01-01
E ProBeck1970-01-01
New PollutionBeck1970-01-01
GetawayBecky Baeling1970-01-01
Heaven Is a Place on EarthBecky Baeling1970-01-01
I Can't Fight This FeelingBecky Hobbs1970-01-01
Jones on the JukeboxBecky Hobbs1970-01-01
Talk Back Trembling LipsBecky Hobbs1970-01-01
Statler BrothersBed of Roses1970-01-01
AloneBee Gees1970-01-01
Boogie ChildBee Gees1970-01-01
Don't Forget to RememberBee Gees1970-01-01
E.S.P.Bee Gees1970-01-01
Fanny (Be Tender with My Love)Bee Gees1970-01-01
For Whom the Bell TollsBee Gees1970-01-01
GreaseBee Gees1970-01-01
HolidayBee Gees1970-01-01
How Can You Mend a Broken HeartBee Gees1970-01-01
How Deep Is Your LoveBee Gees1970-01-01
I Gotta Get Outta This PlaceBee Gees1970-01-01
I Started a JokeBee Gees1970-01-01
I've Gotta Get a Message to YouBee Gees1970-01-01
If I Can't Have YouBee Gees1970-01-01
Islands in the StreamBee Gees1970-01-01
Jive TalkinBee Gees1970-01-01
Lonely DaysBee Gees1970-01-01
Love So RightBee Gees1970-01-01
Love You Inside OutBee Gees1970-01-01
MassachusettsBee Gees1970-01-01
Melody FairBee Gees1970-01-01
More Than a WomanBee Gees1970-01-01
New York Mining Disaster 1941Bee Gees1970-01-01
Night FeverBee Gees1970-01-01
Nights on BroadwayBee Gees1970-01-01
Started a Joke, IBee Gees1970-01-01
Stayin' AliveBee Gees1970-01-01
This Is Where I Came InBee Gees1970-01-01
To Love SomebodyBee Gees1970-01-01
Too Much HeavenBee Gees1970-01-01
TragedyBee Gees1970-01-01
WordsBee Gees1970-01-01
You Should Be DancingBee Gees1970-01-01
You Win AgainBee Gees1970-01-01
Feel It BoyBeenie Man & Janet1970-01-01
DudeBeenie Man & Ms Thing1970-01-01
Can't BelieveBei Maejor1970-01-01
TroubleBei Maejor ft. J. Cole1970-01-01
Baila Mi CorazonBelanova1970-01-01
Muriendo LentoBelinda & Moderatto1970-01-01
Circle in the SandBelinda Carlisle1970-01-01
Heaven Is a Place on EarthBelinda Carlisle1970-01-01
I Get WeakBelinda Carlisle1970-01-01
In Too DeepBelinda Carlisle1970-01-01
Mad About YouBelinda Carlisle1970-01-01
We Want the Same ThingBelinda Carlisle1970-01-01
Livin' It up (Friday Night)Bell & James1970-01-01
Sven Sven SvenBell & Spurling1970-01-01
Do Me!Bell Biv Devoe1970-01-01
PoisonBell Biv Devoe1970-01-01
Something in Your EyesBell Biv Devoe1970-01-01
BubbaBellamy Brothers1970-01-01
Can I Come to YouBellamy Brothers1970-01-01
Cowboy BeatBellamy Brothers1970-01-01
Dancin' CowboysBellamy Brothers1970-01-01
Do You Love As Good As You LookBellamy Brothers1970-01-01
For All the Wrong ReasonsBellamy Brothers1970-01-01
I Could Be PersuadedBellamy Brothers1970-01-01
I Need More of YouBellamy Brothers1970-01-01
If I Said You Have a Beautiful Body Would You Hold It Against MeBellamy Brothers1970-01-01
Kids of the Baby BoomBellamy Brothers1970-01-01
Let Your Love FlowBellamy Brothers1970-01-01
Lie to You for Your LoveBellamy Brothers1970-01-01
Lovers Live LongerBellamy Brothers1970-01-01
Need More of You, IBellamy Brothers1970-01-01
Old HippieBellamy Brothers1970-01-01
Old Hippie (The Sequel)Bellamy Brothers1970-01-01
On a Summer NightBellamy Brothers1970-01-01
Redneck GirlBellamy Brothers1970-01-01
Rip off the KnobBellamy Brothers1970-01-01
Shine Them BucklesBellamy Brothers1970-01-01
Sugar DaddyBellamy Brothers1970-01-01
We Dared the LightningBellamy Brothers1970-01-01
What'll I DoBellamy Brothers1970-01-01
When I'm Away from YouBellamy Brothers1970-01-01
World's Greatest LoverBellamy Brothers1970-01-01
You Ain't Just Whistlin' DixieBellamy Brothers1970-01-01
Clapping SongBelle Stars1970-01-01
Iko IkoBelle Stars1970-01-01
Iko Iko (12 Remix Edit)Belle Stars1970-01-01
Sign of the TimesBelle Stars1970-01-01
Perfect BlissBellefire1970-01-01
Feed the TreeBelly1970-01-01
TreeBelly Feed1970-01-01
Don't Play That SongBen E. King1970-01-01
I Who Have NothingBen E. King1970-01-01
Spanish HarlemBen E. King1970-01-01
Stand By MeBen E. King1970-01-01
ArmyBen Folds Five1970-01-01
BrickBen Folds Five1970-01-01
LandedBen Folds Five1970-01-01
Rocking the SuburbsBen Folds Five1970-01-01
Diamonds on the InsideBen Harper1970-01-01
Steal My KissesBen Harper1970-01-01
Steal My KissesBen Harper & Innocent Criminals1970-01-01
Everything BurnsBen Moody & Anastacia1970-01-01
I WillBen Taylor1970-01-01
Cantares De NavidadBenito De Jesus1970-01-01
No Soy El AireBenjamin1970-01-01
Shaving CreamBenny Bell1970-01-01
ErnieBenny Hill1970-01-01
Into the NightBenny Mardones1970-01-01
BruisedBens, The1970-01-01
Baby, You've Got What It TakesBenton & Washington1970-01-01
That's an AmericanBenton Blount1970-01-01
Bonito Y SabrosoBeny More1970-01-01
CienfuegosBeny More1970-01-01
Como FueBeny More1970-01-01
La MucuraBeny More1970-01-01
Maracaibo OrientalBeny More1970-01-01
Mata SiguarayaBeny More1970-01-01
Me Voy Pa L PuebloBeny More1970-01-01
No Hay Tierra Como La MiaBeny More1970-01-01
Que Bueno Baila UstedBeny More1970-01-01
Jagged Edge of a Broken HeartBering Strait1970-01-01
Little Bitty TearBerl Ives1970-01-01
No More WordsBerlin1970-01-01
Sex (I'm A...)Berlin1970-01-01
Take My Breath AwayBerlin1970-01-01
No Voy a TrabajaBermudas1970-01-01
Mad Passionate LoveBernard Bresslaw1970-01-01
Shower Me with Your LoveBernard Jackson1970-01-01
He's in Town Rockin'Berries1970-01-01
Sunshine After the RainBerries1970-01-01
CasablancaBertie Higgins1970-01-01
Just Another Day in ParadiseBertie Higgins1970-01-01
Key LargoBertie Higgins1970-01-01
Hard Candy ChristmasBest Little Whorehouse in Texas, The1970-01-01
Delicious Surprise (I Believe)Beth Hart1970-01-01
L.A. SongBeth Hart1970-01-01
Happy GirlBeth Nielsen Chapman1970-01-01
Sand & WaterBeth Nielsen Chapman1970-01-01
Shake My SoulBeth Nielsen Chapman1970-01-01
ConceivedBeth Orton1970-01-01
Boogie Woogie Bugle BoyBette Midler1970-01-01
Come On-a My HouseBette Midler1970-01-01
Do You Want to DanceBette Midler1970-01-01
Every Road Leads Back to YouBette Midler1970-01-01
FriendsBette Midler1970-01-01
From a DistanceBette Midler1970-01-01
Gift of LoveBette Midler1970-01-01
Glory of LoveBette Midler1970-01-01
Half as MuchBette Midler1970-01-01
Hey ThereBette Midler1970-01-01
I Could Have Danced All NightBette Midler1970-01-01
In My LifeBette Midler1970-01-01
In the Cool of the EveningBette Midler1970-01-01
Lullaby in BlueBette Midler1970-01-01
Mambo ItalianoBette Midler1970-01-01
Memories of YouBette Midler1970-01-01
My One True FriendBette Midler1970-01-01
My True FriendBette Midler1970-01-01
On a Slow Boat to ChinaBette Midler1970-01-01
SistersBette Midler1970-01-01
TenderlyBette Midler1970-01-01
The RoseBette Midler1970-01-01
This Ole HouseBette Midler1970-01-01
Under the BoardwalkBette Midler1970-01-01
White ChristmasBette Midler1970-01-01
Wind Beneath My WingsBette Midler1970-01-01
You'll Never KnowBette Midler1970-01-01
Ocean Colour SceneBetter Day1970-01-01
A LifetimeBetter Than Ezra1970-01-01
At the StarsBetter Than Ezra1970-01-01
Desperately WantingBetter Than Ezra1970-01-01
Extra OrdinaryBetter Than Ezra1970-01-01
GoodBetter Than Ezra1970-01-01
In the BloodBetter Than Ezra1970-01-01
King of New OrleansBetter Than Ezra1970-01-01
One More MurderBetter Than Ezra1970-01-01
RosealiaBetter Than Ezra1970-01-01
Where Are You BabyBetty Boo1970-01-01
It's in His KissBetty Everett1970-01-01
Shoop Shoop Song (It's in His Kiss)Betty Everett1970-01-01
It Had to Be YouBetty Hutton1970-01-01
Take the A-TrainBetty Roche1970-01-01
Clean up WomanBetty Wright1970-01-01
Grapes on a VineBetty Wright & the Roots ft. Lil Wayne1970-01-01
Old SongsBetty Wright & the Roots ft. Lil Wayne1970-01-01
Hard WayBetween You and Me1970-01-01
Jesus Is Just AlrightBetween You and Me1970-01-01
Lean on MeBetween You and Me1970-01-01
Socially AcceptableBetween You and Me1970-01-01
He's a TrampBeu Sisters1970-01-01
He's a Tramp (Vocals)Beu Sisters1970-01-01
A Woman MightBeverley Ellis1970-01-01
Shoulda Woulda CouldaBeverley Knight1970-01-01
Don't Say You Don't RememberBeverly Bremers1970-01-01
Promise MeBeverly Craven1970-01-01
Get UpBeverly Knight1970-01-01
Shoulda Woulda CouldaBeverly Knight1970-01-01
HowlBeware of Darkness1970-01-01
At Last (Obama Inaugural Rendition)Beyonce1970-01-01
Baby BoyBeyonce1970-01-01
Broken Hearted GirlBeyonce1970-01-01
Check on ItBeyonce1970-01-01
Crazy in LoveBeyonce1970-01-01
Dangerously in LoveBeyonce1970-01-01
Get Me BodiedBeyonce1970-01-01
If I Were a BoyBeyonce1970-01-01
Me, Myself & IBeyonce1970-01-01
Naughty GirlBeyonce1970-01-01
Ring the AlarmBeyonce1970-01-01
Single Ladies (Put a Ring on It)Beyonce1970-01-01
Sweet DreamsBeyonce1970-01-01
Video PhoneBeyonce1970-01-01
Why Don't You Love MeBeyonce1970-01-01
Wishing on a StarBeyonce1970-01-01
Work It OutBeyonce1970-01-01
Deja VuBeyonce & Jay Z1970-01-01
Crazy in LoveBeyonce & Jay-Z1970-01-01
Naughty Girl (Remix)Beyonce & Lil' Flip1970-01-01
Closer I Get to YouBeyonce & Luther Vandross1970-01-01
Baby BoyBeyonce & Sean Paul1970-01-01
Crazy in LoveBeyonce & Sean Paul1970-01-01
Beautiful LiarBeyonce & Shakira1970-01-01
Check on ItBeyonce & Slim Thug1970-01-01
Las MilBibi Gayton1970-01-01
AngustiaBienvenido Granda1970-01-01
En La Orilla Del MarBienvenido Granda1970-01-01
Florecilla De AmorBienvenido Granda1970-01-01
IndecisionBienvenido Granda1970-01-01
No Toques Ese DiscoBienvenido Granda1970-01-01
NostalgiaBienvenido Granda1970-01-01
ObsesionBienvenido Granda1970-01-01
Otra CopaBienvenido Granda1970-01-01
Oyeme MamaBienvenido Granda1970-01-01
Perfume De GardeniaBienvenido Granda1970-01-01
Por Dos CaminosBienvenido Granda1970-01-01
Sonando ContigoBienvenido Granda1970-01-01
TotalBienvenido Granda1970-01-01
I Love Myself TodayBif Naked1970-01-01
Moment of WeaknessBif Naked1970-01-01
SpacemanBif Naked1970-01-01
MountainsBiffy Clyro1970-01-01
8th of NovemberBig & Rich1970-01-01
Between Raising Hell and Amazing GraceBig & Rich1970-01-01
Big TimeBig & Rich1970-01-01
Comin' to Your CityBig & Rich1970-01-01
Deadwood MountainBig & Rich1970-01-01
Holy WaterBig & Rich1970-01-01
I Play Chicken with the TrainBig & Rich1970-01-01
Kick My Ass (Radio Version)Big & Rich1970-01-01
Lost in the MomentBig & Rich1970-01-01
Lost in This MomentBig & Rich1970-01-01
Lost in This Moment (Radio Version)Big & Rich1970-01-01
Never Mind MeBig & Rich1970-01-01
Never Mind Me (Duet Version)Big & Rich1970-01-01
Save a Horse (Ride a Cowboy)Big & Rich1970-01-01
That's Why I PrayBig & Rich1970-01-01
Wild West ShowBig & Rich1970-01-01
Wild West Show (Duet Version)Big & Rich1970-01-01
You Shook Me All Night LongBig & Rich1970-01-01
I Play Chicken WithBig & Rich, Cowboy Troy1970-01-01
So Long FarewellBig Bad Voodoo Daddy1970-01-01
You and Me and the Bottle Makes 3 Tonight (Baby)Big Bad Voodoo Daddy1970-01-01
ABC-DEF-GHIBig Bird (Sesame Street)1970-01-01
Sumthing's Gotta GiveBig Boi & Mary Blige1970-01-01
Chantilly LaceBig Bopper1970-01-01
Mis Ojos Lloran Por TiBig Boy1970-01-01
Baby BoyBig Brovaz1970-01-01
OkBig Brovaz1970-01-01
Yo No FuiBig Circo1970-01-01
In a Big CountryBig Country1970-01-01
In ChristBig Daddy Weave1970-01-01
Swinging on a StarBig Dee Irwin1970-01-01
BittersweetBig Head Todd & the Monsters1970-01-01
Broken Hearted SaviorBig Head Todd & the Monsters1970-01-01
CircleBig Head Todd & the Monsters1970-01-01
Please Don't Tell HerBig Head Todd & the Monsters1970-01-01
Cold OutsideBig House1970-01-01
FaithBig House1970-01-01
You Ain't Lonely YetBig House1970-01-01
Shake Rattle and RollBig Joe Turner1970-01-01
Cool 3 Be SouthernBig K.R.I.T.1970-01-01
Live from the UndergroundBig K.R.I.T.1970-01-01
Rich Dad, Poor DadBig K.R.I.T.1970-01-01
If I FallBig K.R.I.T. ft. Meline Fiona1970-01-01
Long After I'm GoneBig Kenny1970-01-01
Long After I’m GoneBig Kenny1970-01-01
Baby, I Love Your WayBig Mountain1970-01-01
Get TogetherBig Mountain1970-01-01
DominosBig Pink1970-01-01
I Do ItBig Sean1970-01-01
My LastBig Sean ft. Chris Brown1970-01-01
Go GirlBig Sean, Wale Yo Gotti, ft. Big K.R.I.T. & Wiz Khalifa1970-01-01
It Don't Mean a ThingBig Time Operator1970-01-01
Turn Back the Hands of TimeBig Twist & the Mellow Fellows1970-01-01
Oh YeahBig Tymers1970-01-01
Still FlyBig Tymers1970-01-01
Oh YeahBig Tymers & Gotti & Boo & Tateeze1970-01-01
Love ItBilal1970-01-01
Bright Lights and Country MusicBill and erson1970-01-01
Corner of My LifeBill and erson1970-01-01
I Can't Wait Any LongerBill and erson1970-01-01
I Get the FeverBill and erson1970-01-01
My Life Throw It Away If I Want ToBill and erson1970-01-01
Southern FriedBill and erson1970-01-01
StillBill and erson1970-01-01
Bimbo #5Bill Clinton Parody1970-01-01
What Kind of Fool Do You Think I AmBill Deal & the Rhondels1970-01-01
I'm a CowboyBill Engvall1970-01-01
Now That's AwesomeBill Engvall1970-01-01
Here's Your SignBill Engvall & Travis Tritt1970-01-01
Here's Your Sign (Get the Picture)Bill Engvall & Travis Tritt1970-01-01
That Kind of LifeBill Gentry1970-01-01
Rock Around the ClockBill Haley & the Comets1970-01-01
Saints Rock 'N RollBill Haley & the Comets1970-01-01
See Ya Later, AlligatorBill Haley & the Comets1970-01-01
Shake, Rattle & RollBill Haley & the Comets1970-01-01
You Will Always Be MineBill Luther1970-01-01
Brown Eyed WomanBill Medley1970-01-01
Brown-Eyed GirlBill Medley1970-01-01
(I've Had) the Time of My LifeBill Medley & Jennifer Warnes1970-01-01
I've Had the Time of My LifeBill Medley and Jennifer Warnes1970-01-01
Blue Moon of KentuckyBill Monroe1970-01-01
Kentucky WaltzBill Monroe1970-01-01
Nine Pound HammerBill Monroe1970-01-01
Blue Moon of KentuckyBill Monroe & His Bluegrass Boys1970-01-01
Ain't No SunshineBill Withers1970-01-01
Just the Two of UsBill Withers1970-01-01
Lean on MeBill Withers1970-01-01
Lovely DayBill Withers1970-01-01
Use MeBill Withers1970-01-01
Si Si Je Suis Un Rock StarBill Wyman1970-01-01
Because We Want ToBillie1970-01-01
Do You Have a Girl FriendBillie1970-01-01
Honey to the BeeBillie1970-01-01
She Wants YouBillie1970-01-01
One VoiceBillie Gilman1970-01-01
Ain't Nobody's BusinessBillie Holiday1970-01-01
But BeautifulBillie Holiday1970-01-01
Crazy He Calls MeBillie Holiday1970-01-01
Don't ExplainBillie Holiday1970-01-01
Don't Worry 'Bout MeBillie Holiday1970-01-01
Easy Livin'Billie Holiday1970-01-01
End of a Love AffairBillie Holiday1970-01-01
For All We KnowBillie Holiday1970-01-01
For Heaven's SakeBillie Holiday1970-01-01
Glad to Be UnhappyBillie Holiday1970-01-01
Gloomy SundayBillie Holiday1970-01-01
God Bless the ChildBillie Holiday1970-01-01
Good Morning HeartacheBillie Holiday1970-01-01
Harbour LightsBillie Holiday1970-01-01
He Calls Me CrazyBillie Holiday1970-01-01
He's Funny That WayBillie Holiday1970-01-01
I Can't Give You Anything but LoveBillie Holiday1970-01-01
I Get Along Without You Very WellBillie Holiday1970-01-01
I Hear MusicBillie Holiday1970-01-01
I'll Be AroundBillie Holiday1970-01-01
I'm a Fool to Want YouBillie Holiday1970-01-01
It Might As Well Be SpringBillie Holiday1970-01-01
It's Easy to RememberBillie Holiday1970-01-01
Lover ManBillie Holiday1970-01-01
MistyBillie Holiday1970-01-01
Moonlight in VermontBillie Holiday1970-01-01
My ManBillie Holiday1970-01-01
SolitudeBillie Holiday1970-01-01
Strange FruitBillie Holiday1970-01-01
Them There EyesBillie Holiday1970-01-01
Tweedle DeeBillie Holiday1970-01-01
Violets for Your FursBillie Holiday1970-01-01
What a Difference a Day MakesBillie Holiday1970-01-01
You Don't Know What Love IsBillie Holiday1970-01-01
You've ChangedBillie Holiday1970-01-01
57 ChevroletBillie Jo Spears1970-01-01
Blanket on the GroundBillie Jo Spears1970-01-01
What I've Got in MindBillie Jo Spears1970-01-01
A Few Words Too ManyBillie Myers1970-01-01
Kiss the RainBillie Myers1970-01-01
Tell MeBillie Myers1970-01-01
Because We Want ToBillie Piper1970-01-01
Day & NightBillie Piper1970-01-01
Do You Have a GirlfriendBillie Piper1970-01-01
Honey to the BeeBillie Piper1970-01-01
She Wants YouBillie Piper1970-01-01
Something Deep InsideBillie Piper1970-01-01
Tide Is HighBillie Piper1970-01-01
Walk of LifeBillie Piper1970-01-01
Your Loving ArmsBillie Ray Martin1970-01-01
A Tear FellBilly “Crash” Craddock1970-01-01
Ain't Nothin' Shakin'Billy “Crash” Craddock1970-01-01
Broken Down in Tiny PiecesBilly “Crash” Craddock1970-01-01
Dream LoverBilly “Crash” Craddock1970-01-01
Easy as PieBilly “Crash” Craddock1970-01-01
I Cheated on a Good Woman's LoveBilly “Crash” Craddock1970-01-01
I Love the Blues & the Boogie WoogieBilly “Crash” Craddock1970-01-01
I'm Gonna Knock on Your DoorBilly “Crash” Craddock1970-01-01
If I Could Write a Song As BeautifulBilly “Crash” Craddock1970-01-01
Knock Three TimesBilly “Crash” Craddock1970-01-01
Rub It InBilly “Crash” Craddock1970-01-01
Ruby, BabyBilly “Crash” Craddock1970-01-01
Still Thinkin' Bout YouBilly “Crash” Craddock1970-01-01
Sweet Magnolia BlossomBilly “Crash” Craddock1970-01-01
You Rubbed It in All WrongBilly “Crash” Craddock1970-01-01
Try HonestyBilly Balent1970-01-01
Let the Little Girl DanceBilly Bland1970-01-01
What a Woman FeelsBilly Burnette1970-01-01
Don'tBilly Currington1970-01-01
Good DirectionsBilly Currington1970-01-01
I Got a Feelin'Billy Currington1970-01-01
Let Me Down EasyBilly Currington1970-01-01
Love Done GoneBilly Currington1970-01-01
Must Be Doin' Somethin' RightBilly Currington1970-01-01
People Are CrazyBilly Currington1970-01-01
Pretty Good at Drinking BeerBilly Currington1970-01-01
Tangled UpBilly Currington1970-01-01
That's How Country Boys RollBilly Currington1970-01-01
Walk a Little StraighterBilly Currington1970-01-01
Why, Why, WhyBilly Currington1970-01-01
Hey GirlBilly Cyrrington1970-01-01
Billy the KidBilly Dean1970-01-01
Cowboy BandBilly Dean1970-01-01
I Wanna Take Care of YouBilly Dean1970-01-01
I Wouldn't Be a ManBilly Dean1970-01-01
I'm Not Built That WayBilly Dean1970-01-01
If There Hadn't Been YouBilly Dean1970-01-01
Innocent BystanderBilly Dean1970-01-01
It's What I DoBilly Dean1970-01-01
Let Them Be LittleBilly Dean1970-01-01
Once in a WhileBilly Dean1970-01-01
Only Here for a Little WhileBilly Dean1970-01-01
Only the WindBilly Dean1970-01-01
Real ManBilly Dean1970-01-01
Somewhere in My Broken HeartBilly Dean1970-01-01
Thank God I'm a Country BoyBilly Dean1970-01-01
That Girl's Been Spyin' on MeBilly Dean1970-01-01
Tryin' to Hide a Fire in the DarkBilly Dean1970-01-01
We Just DisagreeBilly Dean1970-01-01
Wish You Were HereBilly Dean1970-01-01
Cottage for SaleBilly Eckstine1970-01-01
Everything I Have Is YoursBilly Eckstine1970-01-01
I ApologizeBilly Eckstine1970-01-01
If You Could See Me NowBilly Eckstine1970-01-01
My Foolish HeartBilly Eckstine1970-01-01
TenderlyBilly Eckstine1970-01-01
A Thousand StarsBilly Fury1970-01-01
Because of LoveBilly Fury1970-01-01
ColetteBilly Fury1970-01-01
Do You Really Love Me TooBilly Fury1970-01-01
Halfway to ParadiseBilly Fury1970-01-01
I WillBilly Fury1970-01-01
I'd Never Find Another YouBilly Fury1970-01-01
I'm Lost Without YouBilly Fury1970-01-01
In SummerBilly Fury1970-01-01
In Thoughts of YouBilly Fury1970-01-01
JealousyBilly Fury1970-01-01
Last Night Was Made for LoveBilly Fury1970-01-01
Like I've Never Been GoneBilly Fury1970-01-01
Maybe TomorrowBilly Fury1970-01-01
Once Upon a DreamBilly Fury1970-01-01
Somebody Else's GirlBilly Fury1970-01-01
That's LoveBilly Fury1970-01-01
When Will You Say I Love YouBilly Fury1970-01-01
Wonderous PlaceBilly Fury1970-01-01
ElizabethBilly Gillman1970-01-01
OklahomaBilly Gillman1970-01-01
One VoiceBilly Gillman1970-01-01
She's My GirlBilly Gillman1970-01-01
Snake SongBilly Gillman1970-01-01
There's a HeroBilly Gillman1970-01-01
All I Wanted Was YouBilly Hoffman1970-01-01
You're the TicketBilly Hoffman1970-01-01
Cradle of LoveBilly Idol1970-01-01
Dancing with MyselfBilly Idol1970-01-01
Eyes Without a FaceBilly Idol1970-01-01
Flesh for FantasyBilly Idol1970-01-01
Hot in the CityBilly Idol1970-01-01
I Forgot to Be Your LoverBilly Idol1970-01-01
L.A. WomanBilly Idol1970-01-01
Mony MonyBilly Idol1970-01-01
Mony Mony (Live)Billy Idol1970-01-01
Rebel YellBilly Idol1970-01-01
ScreamBilly Idol1970-01-01
Shock to the SystemBilly Idol1970-01-01
White WeddingBilly Idol1970-01-01
Bad to MeBilly J. Kramer & the Dakotas1970-01-01
Do You Want to Know a SecretBilly J. Kramer & the Dakotas1970-01-01
Little ChildrenBilly J. Kramer & the Dakotas1970-01-01
Trains & Boats & PlanesBilly J. Kramer & the Dakotas1970-01-01
Cherry Hill ParkBilly Joe Royal1970-01-01
Down in the BoondocksBilly Joe Royal1970-01-01
I'm Okay and Gettin' BetterBilly Joe Royal1970-01-01
Love Has No RightBilly Joe Royal1970-01-01
Out of Sight and on My MindBilly Joe Royal1970-01-01
Searchin' for Some Kind of ClueBilly Joe Royal1970-01-01
Tell It Like It IsBilly Joe Royal1970-01-01
A Matter of TrustBilly Joel1970-01-01
Alexa the DowneasterBilly Joel1970-01-01
All About SoulBilly Joel1970-01-01
AllentownBilly Joel1970-01-01
Always a WomanBilly Joel1970-01-01
An Innocent ManBilly Joel1970-01-01
And So It GoesBilly Joel1970-01-01
Ballad of Billy the KidBilly Joel1970-01-01
Big ShotBilly Joel1970-01-01
Captain JackBilly Joel1970-01-01
Don't Ask Me WhyBilly Joel1970-01-01
Downeaster AlexaBilly Joel1970-01-01
EntertainerBilly Joel1970-01-01
Goodnight SaigonBilly Joel1970-01-01
Hey GirlBilly Joel1970-01-01
HonestyBilly Joel1970-01-01
I Go to ExtremesBilly Joel1970-01-01
It's Still Rock and Roll to MeBilly Joel1970-01-01
Just the Way You AreBilly Joel1970-01-01
Keeping the FaithBilly Joel1970-01-01
Leave a Tender Moment AloneBilly Joel1970-01-01
Longest TimeBilly Joel1970-01-01
LullabyBilly Joel1970-01-01
LullabyeBilly Joel1970-01-01
Lullabye (Goodnight, My Angel)Billy Joel1970-01-01
Miami 2017 (Seen the Lights Go out on Broadway)Billy Joel1970-01-01
Modern WomanBilly Joel1970-01-01
Movin' out (Anthony's Song)Billy Joel1970-01-01
My LifeBilly Joel1970-01-01
New York State of MindBilly Joel1970-01-01
Only the Good Die YoungBilly Joel1970-01-01
Piano ManBilly Joel1970-01-01
PressureBilly Joel1970-01-01
River of DreamsBilly Joel1970-01-01
Running on IceBilly Joel1970-01-01
Say Goodbye to HollywoodBilly Joel1970-01-01
Scenes from an Italian RestaurantBilly Joel1970-01-01
ShamelessBilly Joel1970-01-01
She's Always a WomanBilly Joel1970-01-01
She's Got a WayBilly Joel1970-01-01
Sometimes a FantasyBilly Joel1970-01-01
StilettoBilly Joel1970-01-01
StrangerBilly Joel1970-01-01
Tell Her About ItBilly Joel1970-01-01
This Is the TimeBilly Joel1970-01-01
To Make You Feel My LoveBilly Joel1970-01-01
Uptown GirlBilly Joel1970-01-01
ViennaBilly Joel1970-01-01
We Didn't Start the FireBilly Joel1970-01-01
You May Be RightBilly Joel1970-01-01
You're Only HumanBilly Joel1970-01-01
Baby GrandBilly Joel & Ray Charles1970-01-01
New York State of MindBilly Joel & Tony Bennett1970-01-01
Didn't Have YouBilly Montana1970-01-01
No YesterdayBilly Montana1970-01-01
Rain Through the RoofBilly Montana1970-01-01
Caribbean QueenBilly Ocean1970-01-01
Color of LoveBilly Ocean1970-01-01
Colour of LoveBilly Ocean1970-01-01
Get Outta My Dreams, Get into My CarBilly Ocean1970-01-01
Love Really Hurts Without YouBilly Ocean1970-01-01
Love ZoneBilly Ocean1970-01-01
LoverboyBilly Ocean1970-01-01
Mystery LadyBilly Ocean1970-01-01
Red Light Spells DangerBilly Ocean1970-01-01
Somewhere in My Broken HeartBilly Ocean1970-01-01
SuddenlyBilly Ocean1970-01-01
There'll Be Sad SongsBilly Ocean1970-01-01
There'll Be Sad Songs (To Make You Cry)Billy Ocean1970-01-01
When the Going Gets ToughBilly Ocean1970-01-01
Me and Mrs. JonesBilly Paul1970-01-01
Nothing from NothingBilly Preston1970-01-01
Will It Go 'Round in CirclesBilly Preston1970-01-01
With You I'm Born AgainBilly Preston & Syreeta1970-01-01
Achy Breaky HeartBilly Ray Cyrus1970-01-01
Ain't Your Dog No MoreBilly Ray Cyrus1970-01-01
Back to TennesseeBilly Ray Cyrus1970-01-01
Burn Down the Trailer ParkBilly Ray Cyrus1970-01-01
Busy ManBilly Ray Cyrus1970-01-01
Could've Been MeBilly Ray Cyrus1970-01-01
Crazy 'Bout You BabyBilly Ray Cyrus1970-01-01
Deja BlueBilly Ray Cyrus1970-01-01
Give My Heart to YouBilly Ray Cyrus1970-01-01
I'm So MiserableBilly Ray Cyrus1970-01-01
In the Heart of a WomanBilly Ray Cyrus1970-01-01
It Won't Be the LastBilly Ray Cyrus1970-01-01
It's All the Same to MeBilly Ray Cyrus1970-01-01
One Last ThrillBilly Ray Cyrus1970-01-01
Ready, Set, Don't GoBilly Ray Cyrus1970-01-01
Runway LightsBilly Ray Cyrus1970-01-01
She's Not Crying AnymoreBilly Ray Cyrus1970-01-01
Some Gave AllBilly Ray Cyrus1970-01-01
Somebody NewBilly Ray Cyrus1970-01-01
Somebody Said a PrayerBilly Ray Cyrus1970-01-01
Storm in the HeartlandBilly Ray Cyrus1970-01-01
Talk SomeBilly Ray Cyrus1970-01-01
Time for Letting GoBilly Ray Cyrus1970-01-01
Trail of TearsBilly Ray Cyrus1970-01-01
Under the HoodBilly Ray Cyrus1970-01-01
When I'm GoneBilly Ray Cyrus1970-01-01
Wher'm I Gonna LiveBilly Ray Cyrus1970-01-01
Words By HeartBilly Ray Cyrus1970-01-01
You Won't Be Lonely NowBilly Ray Cyrus1970-01-01
Your Loving ArmsBilly Ray Martin1970-01-01
Everybody Wants YouBilly Squier1970-01-01
In the DarkBilly Squier1970-01-01
Lonely Is the NightBilly Squier1970-01-01
My Kinda LoverBilly Squier1970-01-01
StrokeBilly Squier1970-01-01
SummertimeBilly Stewart1970-01-01
I Can HelpBilly Swan1970-01-01
Try HonestyBilly Talent1970-01-01
Storybook ChildrenBilly Vera & Judy Clay1970-01-01
At This MomentBilly Vera & the Beaters1970-01-01
Charlie's ShoesBilly Walker1970-01-01
Sixty Minute ManBilly Ward and his Dominoes1970-01-01
StardustBilly Ward and his Dominoes1970-01-01
I'm Gonna Sit Right Down & Write Myself a LetterBilly Williams1970-01-01
Daddy Had a Cardiac and Mama's Got a CadillacBilly Yates1970-01-01
FlowersBilly Yates1970-01-01
ShadowsBilly Yates1970-01-01
What Do You Want from Me NowBilly Yates1970-01-01
Around the World in 80 DaysBing Crosby1970-01-01
Begin the BeguineBing Crosby1970-01-01
Count Your BlessingsBing Crosby1970-01-01
Dear Hearts and Gentle PeopleBing Crosby1970-01-01
Deep in the Heart of TexasBing Crosby1970-01-01
Don't Fence Me InBing Crosby1970-01-01
Far Away PlacesBing Crosby1970-01-01
I Kiss Your Hand, MadameBing Crosby1970-01-01
In the Good Old Summer TimeBing Crosby1970-01-01
It's Easy to RememberBing Crosby1970-01-01
Pennies from HeavenBing Crosby1970-01-01
Side By SideBing Crosby1970-01-01
Silver BellsBing Crosby1970-01-01
Singing in the RainBing Crosby1970-01-01
Some Enchanted Evening (South Pacific)Bing Crosby1970-01-01
SwaneeBing Crosby1970-01-01
Swinging on a StarBing Crosby1970-01-01
True LoveBing Crosby1970-01-01
White ChristmasBing Crosby1970-01-01
You Are My SunshineBing Crosby1970-01-01
You Must Have Been a Beautiful BabyBing Crosby1970-01-01
You're the TopBing Crosby1970-01-01
Peace on Earth - the Little Drummer BoyBing Crosby & David Bowie1970-01-01
True LoveBing Crosby & Grace Kelly1970-01-01
Me IlusioneBinomio De Oro1970-01-01
Volvio El DolorBinomio De Oro1970-01-01
In the DeepBird York1970-01-01
Pop BottlesBirdman & Lil' Wayne1970-01-01
Stuntin' Like My DaddyBirdman & Lil' Wayne1970-01-01
Written on HerBirdman ft. Jay Sean1970-01-01
Your Best Days YetBishop Paul S. Morton1970-01-01
Just a FriendBiz Markie1970-01-01
This Is Something for the RadioBiz Markie1970-01-01
It's Oh So QuietBjork1970-01-01
Wonderful LifeBlack1970-01-01
Evil ThingsBlack Angels1970-01-01
Indigo MeadowBlack Angels1970-01-01
Ride on TimeBlack Box1970-01-01
Rock-A-ByeBlack Buddafly1970-01-01
BlackberryBlack Crowes, The1970-01-01
Go FasterBlack Crowes, The1970-01-01
Good FridayBlack Crowes, The1970-01-01
Hard to HandleBlack Crowes, The1970-01-01
Jealous AgainBlack Crowes, The1970-01-01
Kicking My Heart AroundBlack Crowes, The1970-01-01
Lickin'Black Crowes, The1970-01-01
Only a FoolBlack Crowes, The1970-01-01
RemedyBlack Crowes, The1970-01-01
She Talks to AngelsBlack Crowes, The1970-01-01
Soul SingingBlack Crowes, The1970-01-01
Twice As HardBlack Crowes, The1970-01-01
Gone GoingBlack Eyed Peas & Jack Johnson, The1970-01-01
Where Is the Love?Black Eyed Peas & Justin Timberlake, The1970-01-01
Request LineBlack Eyed Peas & Macy Gray, The1970-01-01
Boom Boom PowBlack Eyed Peas, The1970-01-01
Don't LieBlack Eyed Peas, The1970-01-01
Don't Phunk with My HeartBlack Eyed Peas, The1970-01-01
Hey MamaBlack Eyed Peas, The1970-01-01
I Gotta FeelingBlack Eyed Peas, The1970-01-01
Imma BeBlack Eyed Peas, The1970-01-01
Just Can't Get EnoughBlack Eyed Peas, The1970-01-01
Let's Get It StartedBlack Eyed Peas, The1970-01-01
Mas Que NadaBlack Eyed Peas, The1970-01-01
Meet Me HalfwayBlack Eyed Peas, The1970-01-01
Missing YouBlack Eyed Peas, The1970-01-01
My HumpsBlack Eyed Peas, The1970-01-01
Pump ItBlack Eyed Peas, The1970-01-01
Rock That BodyBlack Eyed Peas, The1970-01-01
Shut UpBlack Eyed Peas, The1970-01-01
The TimeBlack Eyed Peas, The1970-01-01
Where Is the Love?Black Eyed Peas, The1970-01-01
Let's Do It AgainBlack Girl1970-01-01
Lonely BoyBlack Keys, The1970-01-01
Tignten UpBlack Keys, The1970-01-01
Time AgoBlack Lab1970-01-01
Blessed HayrideBlack Label Society1970-01-01
StillbornBlack Label Society1970-01-01
AgadooBlack Lace1970-01-01
Do the CongaBlack Lace1970-01-01
Hokey CokeyBlack Lace1970-01-01
Hokey PokeyBlack Lace1970-01-01
You See the Trouble with MeBlack Legend1970-01-01
Same MistakesBlack Lillies, The1970-01-01
Jim DandyBlack Oak Arkansas1970-01-01
Let the Day BeginBlack Rebel Motorcycle Club1970-01-01
Bad Boy for LifeBlack Rob & P. Diddy & Mark Curry1970-01-01
Heaven & HellBlack Sabbath1970-01-01
Iron ManBlack Sabbath1970-01-01
Mob RulesBlack Sabbath1970-01-01
N.I.B.Black Sabbath1970-01-01
Neon KnightsBlack Sabbath1970-01-01
ParanoidBlack Sabbath1970-01-01
Paranoid & War Pigs (Live)Black Sabbath1970-01-01
Sabbath, Bloody SabbathBlack Sabbath1970-01-01
SnowblindBlack Sabbath1970-01-01
Sweet LeafBlack Sabbath1970-01-01
War PigsBlack Sabbath1970-01-01
Irish Folk SongBlack Velvet Band1970-01-01
Walking in RhythmBlackbyrds1970-01-01
Highway SongBlackfoot1970-01-01
Train, TrainBlackfoot1970-01-01
A Hole in My HeartBlackHawk1970-01-01
Almost a Memory NowBlackHawk1970-01-01
Big GuitarBlackHawk1970-01-01
Days of AmericaBlackHawk1970-01-01
Down in FlamesBlackHawk1970-01-01
Every Once in a WhileBlackHawk1970-01-01
Goodbye Says It AllBlackHawk1970-01-01
I Need You All the TimeBlackHawk1970-01-01
I Sure Can Smell the RainBlackHawk1970-01-01
I'm Not Strong Enough to Say NoBlackHawk1970-01-01
King of the WorldBlackHawk1970-01-01
Like There Ain't No YesterdayBlackHawk1970-01-01
One Night in New OrleansBlackHawk1970-01-01
Postmarked BirminghamBlackHawk1970-01-01
That's Just About RightBlackHawk1970-01-01
There You Have ItBlackHawk1970-01-01
Your Own Little Corner of My HeartBlackHawk1970-01-01
Before I Let You GoBlackstreet1970-01-01
Don't Leave MeBlackstreet1970-01-01
I Want It That WayBlackstreet1970-01-01
No DiggityBlackstreet1970-01-01
Take Me ThereBlackstreet1970-01-01
Tonight's the NightBlackstreet1970-01-01
Take Me ThereBlackstreet & Mya1970-01-01
Mr. BlueBlackwell1970-01-01
Best ManBlaine Larsen1970-01-01
Chillin'Blaine Larsen1970-01-01
How Do You Get That LonelyBlaine Larsen1970-01-01
I Don't Know What She SaidBlaine Larsen1970-01-01
Spoken Like a ManBlaine Larsen1970-01-01
Lips of a BottleBlaine Larsen & Gretchen Wilson1970-01-01
Have Fun, Go MadBlair1970-01-01
Another Perfect DayBlake & Brian1970-01-01
AddictedBlake Shelton1970-01-01
All About TonightBlake Shelton1970-01-01
All over MeBlake Shelton1970-01-01
AustinBlake Shelton1970-01-01
BabyBlake Shelton1970-01-01
Came Here to ForgetBlake Shelton1970-01-01
Don't Make MeBlake Shelton1970-01-01
DreamerBlake Shelton1970-01-01
Drink on ItBlake Shelton1970-01-01
God Gave Me YouBlake Shelton1970-01-01
Good at Startin' FiresBlake Shelton1970-01-01
Good at Startin’ FiresBlake Shelton1970-01-01
Goodbye TimeBlake Shelton1970-01-01
Heavy Liftin'Blake Shelton1970-01-01
HomeBlake Shelton1970-01-01
Honey BeeBlake Shelton1970-01-01
I'll Just Hold OnBlake Shelton1970-01-01
Kiss My Country AssBlake Shelton1970-01-01
More I DrinkBlake Shelton1970-01-01
Nobody but MeBlake Shelton1970-01-01
Ol' RedBlake Shelton1970-01-01
OverBlake Shelton1970-01-01
Playboys of the Southwestern WorldBlake Shelton1970-01-01
She Wouldn't Be GoneBlake Shelton1970-01-01
Some BeachBlake Shelton1970-01-01
Sunny in SeattleBlake Shelton1970-01-01
When Somebody Knows You That WellBlake Shelton1970-01-01
Who Are You When I'm Not LookingBlake Shelton1970-01-01
Boy's Round HereBlake Shelton & Pistol Annies1970-01-01
Hillbilly BoneBlake Shelton & Trace Adkins1970-01-01
I've Got This FeelingBlake Wise1970-01-01
Living on the CeilingBlancmange1970-01-01
Do, IBlaque1970-01-01
I DoBlaque1970-01-01
I'm GoodBlaque1970-01-01
Im GoodBlaque1970-01-01
Bring It All to MeBlaque & N'Sync1970-01-01
Dancin' (Radio)Blaque & N'Sync1970-01-01
CrossroadsBlazin Squad1970-01-01
Flip ReverseBlazin Squad1970-01-01
ReminisceBlazin Squad1970-01-01
We Just Be Dreamin'Blazin Squad1970-01-01
All AlongBlessid Union of Souls1970-01-01
Believe, IBlessid Union of Souls1970-01-01
Hey Leonardo (She Likes Me for Me)Blessid Union of Souls1970-01-01
I BelieveBlessid Union of Souls1970-01-01
I Wanna Be ThereBlessid Union of Souls1970-01-01
Let Me Be the OneBlessid Union of Souls1970-01-01
Light in Your EyesBlessid Union of Souls1970-01-01
Oh VirginiaBlessid Union of Souls1970-01-01
Standing at the Edge of the EarthBlessid Union of Souls1970-01-01
Story Book LifeBlessid Union of Souls1970-01-01
Storybook LifeBlessid Union of Souls1970-01-01
That's the Girl I've Been Telling You AboutBlessid Union of Souls1970-01-01
Can't Find My Way HomeBlind Faith1970-01-01
No RainBlind Melon1970-01-01
Three Is a Magic NumberBlind Melon1970-01-01
Sleepwalking Blindside1970-01-01
Adam's SongBlink 1821970-01-01
All the Same ThingsBlink 1821970-01-01
All the Small ThingsBlink 1821970-01-01
AlwaysBlink 1821970-01-01
DammitBlink 1821970-01-01
DownBlink 1821970-01-01
Feeling ThisBlink 1821970-01-01
First DateBlink 1821970-01-01
I Miss YouBlink 1821970-01-01
Man OverboardBlink 1821970-01-01
Man Overboard (Radio Version)Blink 1821970-01-01
Rock ShowBlink 1821970-01-01
Stay Together for the KidsBlink 1821970-01-01
What's My Age Again?Blink 1821970-01-01
PrayerBloc Party1970-01-01
Call MeBlondie1970-01-01
Denis DenisBlondie1970-01-01
Good BoysBlondie1970-01-01
Hanging on the TelephoneBlondie1970-01-01
Heart of GlassBlondie1970-01-01
I'm Always Touched By Your PresenceBlondie1970-01-01
Island of Lost SoulsBlondie1970-01-01
Nothing Is Real but the GirlBlondie1970-01-01
One Way or AnotherBlondie1970-01-01
Picture ThisBlondie1970-01-01
Rip Her to ShredsBlondie1970-01-01
Sunday GirlBlondie1970-01-01
Tide Is HighBlondie1970-01-01
Union City BlueBlondie1970-01-01
And When I DieBlood, Sweat & Tears1970-01-01
God Bless the ChildBlood, Sweat & Tears1970-01-01
Hi-De-HoBlood, Sweat & Tears1970-01-01
I Can't Quit HerBlood, Sweat & Tears1970-01-01
I Love You More Than You’ll Ever KnowBlood, Sweat & Tears1970-01-01
Spinning WheelBlood, Sweat & Tears1970-01-01
You've Made Me So Very HappyBlood, Sweat & Tears1970-01-01
A Lap Dance Is So Much Better When the Stripper Is CryingBloodhound Gang1970-01-01
Ballad of Chasey LaneBloodhound Gang1970-01-01
Fire Water BurnBloodhound Gang1970-01-01
MopeBloodhound Gang1970-01-01
MusicBloodhound Gang1970-01-01
The Bad TouchBloodhound Gang1970-01-01
The Bad Touch (Male Duet)Bloodhound Gang1970-01-01
The Ballad of Chasey LainBloodhound Gang1970-01-01
Peel Me a GrapeBlossom Dearie1970-01-01
It Doesn't Have to Be That WayBlow Monkeys1970-01-01
BreatheBlu Cantrell1970-01-01
Hit 'Em up Style (Oops!)Blu Cantrell1970-01-01
Make Me Wanna ScreamBlu Cantrell1970-01-01
Sleep in the MiddleBlu Cantrell1970-01-01
Till I'm GoneBlu Cantrell1970-01-01
BreatheBlu Cantrell & Sean Paul1970-01-01
All RiseBlue1970-01-01
Fly ByBlue1970-01-01
If You Come BackBlue1970-01-01
Too CloseBlue1970-01-01
U Make Me WannaBlue1970-01-01
Sorry Seems to Be the Hardest WordBlue & Elton John1970-01-01
Signed, Sealed, Delivered I'm YoursBlue & Stevie Wonder1970-01-01
Firecracker and Ferris WheelsBlue County1970-01-01
Good Little GirlsBlue County1970-01-01
I Get ToBlue County1970-01-01
Nothin' but Cowboy BootsBlue County1970-01-01
That's CoolBlue County1970-01-01
SideshowBlue Magic1970-01-01
I Feel the LoveBlue Man Group & Venus Hum1970-01-01
Burning in the SunBlue Merle1970-01-01
Melting PotBlue Mink1970-01-01
We All Fall DownBlue Murder1970-01-01
Hate MeBlue October1970-01-01
Into the OceanBlue October1970-01-01
Burnin' for YouBlue Oyster Cult1970-01-01
Don't Fear the ReaperBlue Oyster Cult1970-01-01
GodzillaBlue Oyster Cult1970-01-01
Naked in the RainBlue Pearl1970-01-01
5 Days in MayBlue Rodeo1970-01-01
Bad TimingBlue Rodeo1970-01-01
Hasn't Hit Me YetBlue Rodeo1970-01-01
Head over HeelsBlue Rodeo1970-01-01
Lost TogetherBlue Rodeo1970-01-01
Rain Down on MeBlue Rodeo1970-01-01
Till I Am Myself AgainBlue Rodeo1970-01-01
TryBlue Rodeo1970-01-01
Hooked on a FeelingBlue Swede1970-01-01
Young at HeartBluebells1970-01-01
634-5789Blues Brothers1970-01-01
Can't Turn You LooseBlues Brothers1970-01-01
Can't Turn You Loose (Instrumental)Blues Brothers1970-01-01
Everybody Needs Somebody to LoveBlues Brothers1970-01-01
Expressway to Your HeartBlues Brothers1970-01-01
Flip, Flop & FlyBlues Brothers1970-01-01
Funky NassauBlues Brothers1970-01-01
Ghost Riders in the SkyBlues Brothers1970-01-01
Gimme Some Lovin'Blues Brothers1970-01-01
Going Back to MiamiBlues Brothers1970-01-01
Hey BartenderBlues Brothers1970-01-01
Jailhouse RockBlues Brothers1970-01-01
John the RevelatorBlues Brothers1970-01-01
Minnie the MoocherBlues Brothers1970-01-01
MoneyBlues Brothers1970-01-01
New OrleansBlues Brothers1970-01-01
RawhideBlues Brothers1970-01-01
RespectBlues Brothers1970-01-01
Riders in the SkyBlues Brothers1970-01-01
Riot in Cell Block Number NineBlues Brothers1970-01-01
Rubber BiscuitBlues Brothers1970-01-01
San Francisco BayBlues Brothers1970-01-01
Shake Your Tail ft.herBlues Brothers1970-01-01
She Caught the KatyBlues Brothers1970-01-01
Soul ManBlues Brothers1970-01-01
SoulmanBlues Brothers1970-01-01
Soulsville 634-5789Blues Brothers1970-01-01
Sweet Home ChicagoBlues Brothers1970-01-01
Sweet Home Chicago (Radio Version)Blues Brothers1970-01-01
Theme from RawhideBlues Brothers1970-01-01
ThinkBlues Brothers1970-01-01
Who's Making LoveBlues Brothers1970-01-01
Minnie the MoocherBlues Brothers & Cab Calloway1970-01-01
Shake a Tail ft.herBlues Brothers & Ray Charles1970-01-01
Ride Captain RideBlues Image1970-01-01
We Ain't Got Nothin' YetBlues Magoos1970-01-01
But AnywayBlues Traveler1970-01-01
Carolina BluesBlues Traveler1970-01-01
HookBlues Traveler1970-01-01
Most PrecariousBlues Traveler1970-01-01
RunaroundBlues Traveler1970-01-01
Beetle BumBlur1970-01-01
Bug ManBlur1970-01-01
Charmless ManBlur1970-01-01
Coffee & TVBlur1970-01-01
Country HouseBlur1970-01-01
Crazy BeatBlur1970-01-01
Girls & BoysBlur1970-01-01
Music Is My RadarBlur1970-01-01
No Distance Left to RunBlur1970-01-01
Out of TimeBlur1970-01-01
Song 2Blur1970-01-01
There's No Other WayBlur1970-01-01
All StarsBlush1970-01-01
U Will KnowBMU1970-01-01
I Don't Want to BeBo Bice1970-01-01
Inside Your HeavenBo Bice1970-01-01
Real ThingBo Bice1970-01-01
U Make Me BetterBo Bice1970-01-01
Vehicle (Live Idol Version)Bo Bice1970-01-01
You Take Yourself with YouBo Bice1970-01-01
Bo DiddleyBo Diddley1970-01-01
I'm a ManBo Diddley1970-01-01
You Can't Judge a Book By It's CoverBo Diddley1970-01-01
Billy Don't Be a HeroBo Donaldson & the Heywoods1970-01-01
Twelve Days of ChristmasBob & Doug McKenzie1970-01-01
Twelve Days of Christmas (Christmas)Bob & Doug McKenzie1970-01-01
Harlem ShuffleBob & Earl1970-01-01
Buzz, Buzz (The Vibrator Song)Bob & Tom Band1970-01-01
Butterfly KissesBob Carlisle1970-01-01
Christmas ShoesBob Carlisle1970-01-01
Father's LoveBob Carlisle1970-01-01
Lately (Dreaming About Babies)Bob Carlisle1970-01-01
All Along the WatchtowerBob Dylan1970-01-01
Blowin' in the WindBob Dylan1970-01-01
Don't Think Twice, It's AlrightBob Dylan1970-01-01
Forever YoungBob Dylan1970-01-01
Hard Rain's a Gonna Fall, ABob Dylan1970-01-01
HurricaneBob Dylan1970-01-01
It Ain't Me BabeBob Dylan1970-01-01
It's All over Now, Baby BlueBob Dylan1970-01-01
Just Like a WomanBob Dylan1970-01-01
Just Like a WomenBob Dylan1970-01-01
Knockin' on Heaven's DoorBob Dylan1970-01-01
Lay Lady LayBob Dylan1970-01-01
Like a Rolling StoneBob Dylan1970-01-01
Maggie's FarmBob Dylan1970-01-01
Mr. Tambourine ManBob Dylan1970-01-01
Positively 4th StreetBob Dylan1970-01-01
Rainy Day Women No. 12 & 35Bob Dylan1970-01-01
Shelter from the StormBob Dylan1970-01-01
Subterranean Homesick BluesBob Dylan1970-01-01
Tangled up in BlueBob Dylan1970-01-01
The Times They Are a-Changin'Bob Dylan1970-01-01
Don't Think Twice It's AlrightBob Dylan & Eric Clapton1970-01-01
That Swinging Manger (Christmas)Bob Francis1970-01-01
Thanks for the MemoriesBob Hope1970-01-01
Thanks for the MemoryBob Hope1970-01-01
Chicken DanceBob Kames & Foul Four1970-01-01
CheaterBob Kuban & Inmen1970-01-01
CheaterBob Kuban & the In-Men1970-01-01
Elusive ButterflyBob Lind1970-01-01
Let's Think About LivingBob Luman1970-01-01
Lonely Women Make Beautiful LoversBob Luman1970-01-01
Still Loving YouBob Luman1970-01-01
When You Say LoveBob Luman1970-01-01
Bad CardBob Marley1970-01-01
Bob MarleyBob Marley1970-01-01
Buffalo SoldierBob Marley1970-01-01
Could You Be LovedBob Marley1970-01-01
Don`t Rock the BoatBob Marley1970-01-01
Get up Stand UpBob Marley1970-01-01
I Shot the SheriffBob Marley1970-01-01
Iron Lion ZionBob Marley1970-01-01
Iron, Lion, ZionBob Marley1970-01-01
Is This LoveBob Marley1970-01-01
Jammin'Bob Marley1970-01-01
JammingBob Marley1970-01-01
KayaBob Marley1970-01-01
Lively up YourselfBob Marley1970-01-01
Natural MysticBob Marley1970-01-01
No Woman, No CryBob Marley1970-01-01
One LoveBob Marley1970-01-01
One Love (Original Version)Bob Marley1970-01-01
Put It OnBob Marley1970-01-01
Redemption SongBob Marley1970-01-01
Stir It UpBob Marley1970-01-01
Sun Is ShiningBob Marley1970-01-01
Three Little BirdsBob Marley1970-01-01
Waiting in VainBob Marley1970-01-01
WarBob Marley1970-01-01
Turn the Lights Down LowBob Marley & Lauryn Hill1970-01-01
Bob MarleyBob Marley & the Wailers1970-01-01
Buffalo SoldierBob Marley & the Wailers1970-01-01
Iron, Lion, ZionBob Marley & the Wailers1970-01-01
Is This LoveBob Marley & the Wailers1970-01-01
Jammin'Bob Marley & the Wailers1970-01-01
No Woman, No CryBob Marley & the Wailers1970-01-01
Stir It UpBob Marley & the Wailers1970-01-01
Sun Is ShinningBob Marley & the Wailers1970-01-01
Three Little BirdsBob Marley & the Wailers1970-01-01
I Am Santa Claus (Christmas)Bob Rivers1970-01-01
Walkin' Round in Women's UnderwearBob Rivers1970-01-01
I Am Santa ClausBob Rivers & Twisted Radio1970-01-01
Come with Me TonightBob Schneider1970-01-01
Against the WindBob Seger1970-01-01
Beautiful LoserBob Seger1970-01-01
Betty Lou's Gettin' out TonightBob Seger1970-01-01
C'est La VieBob Seger1970-01-01
Come to PoppaBob Seger1970-01-01
Famous Final SceneBob Seger1970-01-01
Feel Like a NumberBob Seger1970-01-01
Fire Down BelowBob Seger1970-01-01
Fire LakeBob Seger1970-01-01
Good for MeBob Seger1970-01-01
Her StrutBob Seger1970-01-01
Hollywood NightsBob Seger1970-01-01
Horizontal BopBob Seger1970-01-01
KatmanduBob Seger1970-01-01
Like a RockBob Seger1970-01-01
Lock and LoadBob Seger1970-01-01
MainstreetBob Seger1970-01-01
Night MovesBob Seger1970-01-01
Old Time Rock and RollBob Seger1970-01-01
Ramblin' Gamblin ManBob Seger1970-01-01
Ramblin' Gamblin' ManBob Seger1970-01-01
Real LoveBob Seger1970-01-01
Rock and Roll Never ForgetsBob Seger1970-01-01
Roll Me AwayBob Seger1970-01-01
ShakedownBob Seger1970-01-01
Shame on the MoonBob Seger1970-01-01
Still the SameBob Seger1970-01-01
Sunspot BabyBob Seger1970-01-01
Till It ShinesBob Seger1970-01-01
Trying to Live My Life Without YouBob Seger1970-01-01
Turn the PageBob Seger1970-01-01
Wait for MeBob Seger1970-01-01
We've Got TonightBob Seger1970-01-01
You'll Accomp'ny MeBob Seger1970-01-01
Against the WindBob Seger & the Silver Bullet Band1970-01-01
Beautiful LoserBob Seger & the Silver Bullet Band1970-01-01
Betty Lou's Gettin' out TonightBob Seger & the Silver Bullet Band1970-01-01
C'est La VieBob Seger & the Silver Bullet Band1970-01-01
Come to PapaBob Seger & the Silver Bullet Band1970-01-01
Famous Final SceneBob Seger & the Silver Bullet Band1970-01-01
Feel Like a NumberBob Seger & the Silver Bullet Band1970-01-01
Fire Down BelowBob Seger & the Silver Bullet Band1970-01-01
Fire LakeBob Seger & the Silver Bullet Band1970-01-01
Good for MeBob Seger & the Silver Bullet Band1970-01-01
Her StrutBob Seger & the Silver Bullet Band1970-01-01
Hollywood NightsBob Seger & the Silver Bullet Band1970-01-01
KatmanduBob Seger & the Silver Bullet Band1970-01-01
Like a RockBob Seger & the Silver Bullet Band1970-01-01
Little Drummer BoyBob Seger & the Silver Bullet Band1970-01-01
MainstreetBob Seger & the Silver Bullet Band1970-01-01
Night MovesBob Seger & the Silver Bullet Band1970-01-01
Old Time Rock and RollBob Seger & the Silver Bullet Band1970-01-01
Ramblin' Gamblin' ManBob Seger & the Silver Bullet Band1970-01-01
Rock and Roll Never ForgetsBob Seger & the Silver Bullet Band1970-01-01
Roll Me AwayBob Seger & the Silver Bullet Band1970-01-01
ShakedownBob Seger & the Silver Bullet Band1970-01-01
Shame on the MoonBob Seger & the Silver Bullet Band1970-01-01
Still the SameBob Seger & the Silver Bullet Band1970-01-01
Sunspot BabyBob Seger & the Silver Bullet Band1970-01-01
Till It ShinesBob Seger & the Silver Bullet Band1970-01-01
Trying to Live My Life Without YouBob Seger & the Silver Bullet Band1970-01-01
Turn the PageBob Seger & the Silver Bullet Band1970-01-01
We've Got TonightBob Seger & the Silver Bullet Band1970-01-01
You'll Accomp'ny MeBob Seger & the Silver Bullet Band1970-01-01
Can We Fix ItBob the Builder1970-01-01
Mambo Number 5Bob the Builder1970-01-01
Ebony EyesBob Welch1970-01-01
Sentimental LadyBob Welch1970-01-01
Big Balls in CowtownBob Wills1970-01-01
Bubbles in My BeerBob Wills1970-01-01
Faded LoveBob Wills1970-01-01
Heart to Heart TalkBob Wills1970-01-01
I Ain't Got Nobody (And Nobody Cares for Me)Bob Wills1970-01-01
Ida Red Like to BoogieBob Wills1970-01-01
Maiden's PrayerBob Wills1970-01-01
Milk Cow BluesBob Wills1970-01-01
Roly PolyBob Wills1970-01-01
San Antonio RoseBob Wills1970-01-01
St. Louis BluesBob Wills1970-01-01
Stay a Little LongerBob Wills1970-01-01
Sugar MoonBob Wills1970-01-01
Take Me Back to TulsaBob Wills1970-01-01
Time Changes EverythingBob Wills1970-01-01
Wabash BluesBob Wills1970-01-01
Big Balls in CowtownBob Wills & His Texas Playboys1970-01-01
Bubbles in My BeerBob Wills & His Texas Playboys1970-01-01
Faded LoveBob Wills & His Texas Playboys1970-01-01
Heart to Heart TalkBob Wills & His Texas Playboys1970-01-01
I Ain't Got Nobody (And Nobody Cares for Me)Bob Wills & His Texas Playboys1970-01-01
Ida Red Like to BoogieBob Wills & His Texas Playboys1970-01-01
Maiden's PrayerBob Wills & His Texas Playboys1970-01-01
Milk Cow BluesBob Wills & His Texas Playboys1970-01-01
New San Antonio RoseBob Wills & His Texas Playboys1970-01-01
Roly PolyBob Wills & His Texas Playboys1970-01-01
San Antonio RoseBob Wills & His Texas Playboys1970-01-01
St. Louis BluesBob Wills & His Texas Playboys1970-01-01
Stay a Little LongerBob Wills & His Texas Playboys1970-01-01
Sugar MoonBob Wills & His Texas Playboys1970-01-01
Take Me Back to TulsaBob Wills & His Texas Playboys1970-01-01
Time Changes EverythingBob Wills & His Texas Playboys1970-01-01
Wabash BluesBob Wills & His Texas Playboys1970-01-01
Mr. LeeBobbettes1970-01-01
You'd Think He'd Know Me BetterBobbie Cryner1970-01-01
I'll Never Fall in Love AgainBobbie Gentry1970-01-01
Ode to Billie JoeBobbie Gentry1970-01-01
500 Miles Away from HomeBobby Bare1970-01-01
All American BoyBobby Bare1970-01-01
Chicken Every SundayBobby Bare1970-01-01
Come SundownBobby Bare1970-01-01
Daddy What IfBobby Bare1970-01-01
Detroit CityBobby Bare1970-01-01
Dropkick Me, JesusBobby Bare1970-01-01
Four Strong WindsBobby Bare1970-01-01
Game of TrianglesBobby Bare1970-01-01
It's AlrightBobby Bare1970-01-01
JoggerBobby Bare1970-01-01
Margie's at the Lincoln Park InnBobby Bare1970-01-01
Marie LaveauBobby Bare1970-01-01
Miller's CaveBobby Bare1970-01-01
Please Don't Tell Me How the Story EndsBobby Bare1970-01-01
Streets of BaltimoreBobby Bare1970-01-01
That's How I Got to MemphisBobby Bare1970-01-01
WinnerBobby Bare1970-01-01
Crazy ArmsBobby Beckham1970-01-01
Stormy Monday BluesBobby Bland1970-01-01
Turn on Your Love LightBobby Bland1970-01-01
Montego BayBobby Bloom1970-01-01
Monster MashBobby Boris Pickett1970-01-01
Don't Be CruelBobby Brown1970-01-01
Every Little StepBobby Brown1970-01-01
GirlfriendBobby Brown1970-01-01
Good EnoughBobby Brown1970-01-01
Hangin' AroundBobby Brown1970-01-01
Humpin' AroundBobby Brown1970-01-01
I'm Your FriendBobby Brown1970-01-01
My PrerogativeBobby Brown1970-01-01
Rock Wit'chaBobby Brown1970-01-01
RoniBobby Brown1970-01-01
Something in CommonBobby Brown1970-01-01
Two Can Play That GameBobby Brown1970-01-01
Love LiteBobby Caldwell1970-01-01
Stuck on YouBobby Caldwell1970-01-01
What You Won't Do for LoveBobby Caldwell1970-01-01
18 Yellow RosesBobby Darin1970-01-01
Beyond the SeaBobby Darin1970-01-01
Bill BaileyBobby Darin1970-01-01
ClementineBobby Darin1970-01-01
Dream LoverBobby Darin1970-01-01
If I Were a CarpenterBobby Darin1970-01-01
La MerBobby Darin1970-01-01
La Mer (Beyond the Sea)Bobby Darin1970-01-01
Lazy RiverBobby Darin1970-01-01
Mack the KnifeBobby Darin1970-01-01
MoreBobby Darin1970-01-01
MultiplicationBobby Darin1970-01-01
Oh, Look at Me NowBobby Darin1970-01-01
Once in a LifetimeBobby Darin1970-01-01
Queen of HopBobby Darin1970-01-01
Splish SplashBobby Darin1970-01-01
Sunday in New YorkBobby Darin1970-01-01
That's AllBobby Darin1970-01-01
ThingsBobby Darin1970-01-01
Up a Lazy RiverBobby Darin1970-01-01
Won't You Come Home, Bill BaileyBobby Darin1970-01-01
You Must Have Been a Beautiful BabyBobby Darin1970-01-01
You're the Reason I'm LivingBobby Darin1970-01-01
Rockin' RobinBobby Day1970-01-01
ReboundBobby Dean1970-01-01
C'mon and SwimBobby Freeman1970-01-01
Do You Wanna DanceBobby Freeman1970-01-01
I Fought the Law (And the Law Won)Bobby Fuller Four1970-01-01
Autumn of My LifeBobby Goldsboro1970-01-01
HoneyBobby Goldsboro1970-01-01
Little ThingsBobby Goldsboro1970-01-01
Me and the ElephantBobby Goldsboro1970-01-01
Summer (The First Time)Bobby Goldsboro1970-01-01
Watching Scotty GrowBobby Goldsboro1970-01-01
SunnyBobby Hebb1970-01-01
FrauleinBobby Helms1970-01-01
Jingle Bell RockBobby Helms1970-01-01
Jingle Bell Rock (Christmas)Bobby Helms1970-01-01
My Special AngelBobby Helms1970-01-01
Tossin' and Turnin'Bobby Lewis1970-01-01
Don't Worry, Be HappyBobby McFerrin1970-01-01
Monster MashBobby Pickett & Crypt Kickers1970-01-01
Don't Ask Me How I KnowBobby Pinson1970-01-01
DesveladoBobby Pulido1970-01-01
El CazadorBobby Pulido1970-01-01
EnsenameBobby Pulido1970-01-01
La RosaBobby Pulido1970-01-01
Le PedireBobby Pulido1970-01-01
Llevame ContigoBobby Pulido1970-01-01
Ojala Te AnimesBobby Pulido1970-01-01
Permaneces En MiBobby Pulido1970-01-01
Que Mas Te Puedo DarBobby Pulido1970-01-01
Se Me Olvido OlvidarteBobby Pulido1970-01-01
Se Murio De AmorBobby Pulido1970-01-01
Un Angel Del CieloBobby Pulido1970-01-01
Un Golpe De SuerteBobby Pulido1970-01-01
VanidosaBobby Pulido1970-01-01
ViveBobby Pulido1970-01-01
Zona De PeligroBobby Pulido1970-01-01
Forget HimBobby Rydell1970-01-01
SwayBobby Rydell1970-01-01
Swingin' SchoolBobby Rydell1970-01-01
Wild OneBobby Rydell1970-01-01
Easy Come, Easy GoBobby Sherman1970-01-01
Little WomanBobby Sherman1970-01-01
WordsBobby V1970-01-01
Grab SomebodyBobby V ft. Twista1970-01-01
Slow DownBobby Valentino1970-01-01
Tell MeBobby Valentino1970-01-01
AnonymousBobby Valentino & Timbaland1970-01-01
Come Back When You Grow UpBobby Vee1970-01-01
Devil or AngelBobby Vee1970-01-01
More Than I Can SayBobby Vee1970-01-01
Night Has a Thousand EyesBobby Vee1970-01-01
Rubber BallBobby Vee1970-01-01
Run to HimBobby Vee1970-01-01
Take Good Care of My BabyBobby Vee1970-01-01
Blue on BlueBobby Vinton1970-01-01
Blue VelvetBobby Vinton1970-01-01
Halfway to ParadiseBobby Vinton1970-01-01
I Love How You Love MeBobby Vinton1970-01-01
Mr. LonelyBobby Vinton1970-01-01
My Heart Belongs to Only YouBobby Vinton1970-01-01
My Melody of LoveBobby Vinton1970-01-01
Please Love Me ForeverBobby Vinton1970-01-01
Roses Are Red (My Love)Bobby Vinton1970-01-01
There! I Said It AgainBobby Vinton1970-01-01
There! I've Said It AgainBobby Vinton1970-01-01
Looking for LoveBobby Womack1970-01-01
Mr. LeeBobettes1970-01-01
Closer to FreeBoDeans1970-01-01
Feed the FireBoDeans1970-01-01
Hurt By LoveBoDeans1970-01-01
If It Makes YouBoDeans1970-01-01
Not the SameBodyjar1970-01-01
I Like the Way You MoveBodyrockers1970-01-01
Yeah YeahBodyrox1970-01-01
Azul AzulBomba, La1970-01-01
Itsy Bitsy Teenie WeenieBombalurina1970-01-01
Seven Little Girls Sitting in the BackseatBombalurina1970-01-01
19 and CrazyBomshel1970-01-01
Ain't My Day to CareBomshel1970-01-01
Country Music Love Song (It Was an Absolutely FingBomshel1970-01-01
Fight Like a GirlBomshel1970-01-01
Just FineBomshel1970-01-01
(You Want To) Make a MemoryBon Jovi1970-01-01
AlwaysBon Jovi1970-01-01
Bad MedicineBon Jovi1970-01-01
Bed of RosesBon Jovi1970-01-01
Blaze of GloryBon Jovi1970-01-01
Born to Be My BabyBon Jovi1970-01-01
Every DayBon Jovi1970-01-01
Have a Nice DayBon Jovi1970-01-01
I'll Be There for YouBon Jovi1970-01-01
In and out of LoveBon Jovi1970-01-01
In These ArmsBon Jovi1970-01-01
It's My LifeBon Jovi1970-01-01
Janie, Don't Take Your Love to TownBon Jovi1970-01-01
Keep the FaithBon Jovi1970-01-01
Lay Your Hands on MeBon Jovi1970-01-01
Lie to MeBon Jovi1970-01-01
Livin' on a PrayerBon Jovi1970-01-01
Living in SinBon Jovi1970-01-01
Midnight in ChelseaBon Jovi1970-01-01
MisunderstoodBon Jovi1970-01-01
Never Say GoodbyeBon Jovi1970-01-01
One Wild NightBon Jovi1970-01-01
One Wild Night (2001 Version)Bon Jovi1970-01-01
Only LonelyBon Jovi1970-01-01
Please Come Home for ChristmasBon Jovi1970-01-01
Queen of New OrleansBon Jovi1970-01-01
Raise Your HandsBon Jovi1970-01-01
Real LifeBon Jovi1970-01-01
Rockin' in the Free WorldBon Jovi1970-01-01
RunawayBon Jovi1970-01-01
Say It Isn't SoBon Jovi1970-01-01
Silent NightBon Jovi1970-01-01
Someday I'll Be Saturday NightBon Jovi1970-01-01
Something for the PainBon Jovi1970-01-01
Thank You for Loving MeBon Jovi1970-01-01
This Ain't a Love SongBon Jovi1970-01-01
Wanted Dead or AliveBon Jovi1970-01-01
We Weren't Born to FollowBon Jovi1970-01-01
When I Said GoodbyeBon Jovi1970-01-01
You Give Love a Bad NameBon Jovi1970-01-01
You Want to Make a MemoryBon Jovi1970-01-01
Who Says You Can't Go HomeBon Jovi & Jennifer Nettles1970-01-01
Never ScaredBone Crusher1970-01-01
BelfastBoney M1970-01-01
Brown Girl in the RingBoney M1970-01-01
Daddy CoolBoney M1970-01-01
Mary's Boy Child, Oh My LordBoney M1970-01-01
Rivers of BabylonBoney M1970-01-01
Love LetterBonnie Hayes1970-01-01
All at OnceBonnie Raitt1970-01-01
Angel from MontgomeryBonnie Raitt1970-01-01
Blue for No ReasonBonnie Raitt1970-01-01
Come to MeBonnie Raitt1970-01-01
Feeling of FallingBonnie Raitt1970-01-01
Give It up or Let Me GoBonnie Raitt1970-01-01
GuiltyBonnie Raitt1970-01-01
Have a HeartBonnie Raitt1970-01-01
Hell to PayBonnie Raitt1970-01-01
I Can't Help You NowBonnie Raitt1970-01-01
I Can't Make You Love MeBonnie Raitt1970-01-01
I Don't Want Anything to ChangeBonnie Raitt1970-01-01
I Sho DoBonnie Raitt1970-01-01
I Will Not Be BrokenBonnie Raitt1970-01-01
Longing in Their HeartsBonnie Raitt1970-01-01
Love Has No PrideBonnie Raitt1970-01-01
Love LetterBonnie Raitt1970-01-01
Love Me Like a ManBonnie Raitt1970-01-01
Love Sneakin' up on YouBonnie Raitt1970-01-01
Lover's WillBonnie Raitt1970-01-01
Luck of the DrawBonnie Raitt1970-01-01
Marriage Made in HollywoodBonnie Raitt1970-01-01
Nick of TimeBonnie Raitt1970-01-01
No BuisnessBonnie Raitt1970-01-01
No BusinessBonnie Raitt1970-01-01
No Way to Treat a LadyBonnie Raitt1970-01-01
Not the Only OneBonnie Raitt1970-01-01
One Belief AwayBonnie Raitt1970-01-01
One Part Be My LoverBonnie Raitt1970-01-01
Right Down the LineBonnie Raitt1970-01-01
Rock SteadyBonnie Raitt1970-01-01
RunawayBonnie Raitt1970-01-01
Silver LiningBonnie Raitt1970-01-01
Since I Fell for YouBonnie Raitt1970-01-01
Slow RideBonnie Raitt1970-01-01
Something to Talk AboutBonnie Raitt1970-01-01
Steal Your Heart AwayBonnie Raitt1970-01-01
Storm WarningBonnie Raitt1970-01-01
Tangled and DarkBonnie Raitt1970-01-01
Thing Called LoveBonnie Raitt1970-01-01
Too Soon to TellBonnie Raitt1970-01-01
Walkin' BluesBonnie Raitt1970-01-01
YouBonnie Raitt1970-01-01
You Got ItBonnie Raitt1970-01-01
Rock SteadyBonnie Raitt & Bryan Adams1970-01-01
Good Man Good WomanBonnie Raitt & Delbert McClinton1970-01-01
Have You Ever Seen the RainBonnie Tyler1970-01-01
Heaven Must Have Sent YouBonnie Tyler1970-01-01
Holding out for a HeroBonnie Tyler1970-01-01
It's a HeartacheBonnie Tyler1970-01-01
Lost in FranceBonnie Tyler1970-01-01
Total Eclipse of the HeartBonnie Tyler1970-01-01
Cuando El Amor Se DanaBonny Cepeda1970-01-01
BarneyBoo Radleys1970-01-01
What U Do 2 MeBoomkat1970-01-01
Wreckoning (Radio Version)Boomkat1970-01-01
I Don't Like MondaysBoomtown Rats1970-01-01
Boogie 2NiteBooty Luv1970-01-01
I Want to Wake up with YouBoris Gardiner1970-01-01
Monster MashBoris Pickett1970-01-01
Porch PeopleBorrowed Blue1970-01-01
CarmenzaBoscan & Bojorques & Augusto1970-01-01
We LiveBosson1970-01-01
A Man I'll Never BeBoston1970-01-01
Breaking up Is Hard to DoBoston1970-01-01
Don't Look BackBoston1970-01-01
Long TimeBoston1970-01-01
More Than a FeelingBoston1970-01-01
Peace of MindBoston1970-01-01
Rock & Roll BandBoston1970-01-01
We're ReadyBoston1970-01-01
Be My LoverBouche, La1970-01-01
Fallin' in LoveBouche, La1970-01-01
Sweet DreamsBouche, La1970-01-01
Do You Wanna Hold MeBow Wow1970-01-01
Fresh AZIMIZBow Wow1970-01-01
Go Wild in the CountryBow Wow1970-01-01
I Want CandyBow Wow1970-01-01
Let's Get DownBow Wow1970-01-01
Shorty Like MineBow Wow1970-01-01
Like YouBow Wow & Ciara1970-01-01
GirlfriendBow Wow & Omarion1970-01-01
Let Me Hold YouBow Wow & Omarion1970-01-01
Marco PoloBow Wow & Soulja Boy Tell'em1970-01-01
BetterBow Wow & T-Pain1970-01-01
Outta My SystemBow Wow & T-Pain1970-01-01
Pain - BetterBow Wow & T-Pain1970-01-01
Ain't Thinkin Bout ItBow Wow ft. Chris Brown1970-01-01
You Can Get It AllBow Wow ft. Johnta Austin1970-01-01
I Want CandyBow Wow Wow1970-01-01
1985Bowling for Soup1970-01-01
1985 (Vocals)Bowling for Soup1970-01-01
Girl All the Bad Guys WantBowling for Soup1970-01-01
Girl All the Bad Guys Want Bowling for Soup1970-01-01
OhioBowling for Soup1970-01-01
Punk Rock 101Bowling for Soup1970-01-01
TurbulenceBowling for Soup1970-01-01
When We DieBowling for Soup1970-01-01
I Feel SoBox Car Racer1970-01-01
I Feel So Box Car Racer1970-01-01
There IsBox Car Racer1970-01-01
Cry Like a BabyBox Tops1970-01-01
LetterBox Tops1970-01-01
Sweet Cream Ladies, Forward MarchBox Tops1970-01-01
Little NumbersBoy1970-01-01
Crying GameBoy George1970-01-01
Bigger Fish to FryBoy Howdy1970-01-01
She Can't Love YouBoy Howdy1970-01-01
She'd Give AnythingBoy Howdy1970-01-01
They Don't Make 'Em Like That AnymoreBoy Howdy1970-01-01
True to His WordBoy Howdy1970-01-01
That's What Love Can DoBoy Krazy1970-01-01
Waiting for a Star to FallBoy Meets Girl1970-01-01
Bewitched, Bothered and BewilderedBoyer, Anita1970-01-01
I Wanna Be a CowboyBoys Don't Cry1970-01-01
Great EscapeBoys Like Girls1970-01-01
Heart Heart HeartbreakBoys Like Girls1970-01-01
Hero/HeroineBoys Like Girls1970-01-01
Love DrunkBoys Like Girls1970-01-01
ThunderBoys Like Girls1970-01-01
Two Is Better Than OneBoys Like Girls & Taylor Swift1970-01-01
4 Seasons of LonelinessBoyz II Men1970-01-01
A Song for MamaBoyz II Men1970-01-01
End of the RoadBoyz II Men1970-01-01
Four Seasons of LonlinessBoyz II Men1970-01-01
I Can't Make You Love MeBoyz II Men1970-01-01
I RememberBoyz II Men1970-01-01
I Will Get ThereBoyz II Men1970-01-01
I'll Make Love to YouBoyz II Men1970-01-01
In the Still of the Night (I'll Remember)Boyz II Men1970-01-01
It's So Hard to Say Goodbye to YesterdayBoyz II Men1970-01-01
MotownphillyBoyz II Men1970-01-01
On Bended KneeBoyz II Men1970-01-01
One More DanceBoyz II Men1970-01-01
One Sweet DayBoyz II Men1970-01-01
Pass You ByBoyz II Men1970-01-01
Please Don't GoBoyz II Men1970-01-01
Please Dont GoBoyz II Men1970-01-01
SlowlyBoyz II Men1970-01-01
Still of the NightBoyz II Men1970-01-01
Thank You in AdvanceBoyz II Men1970-01-01
Vibin'Boyz II Men1970-01-01
Water Runs DryBoyz II Men1970-01-01
What You Won't Do for LoveBoyz II Men & Mc Lyte1970-01-01
More Than You'll Ever KnowBoyz II Men ft. Charlie Wilson1970-01-01
Dem BoyzBoyz N Da Hood1970-01-01
A Different BeatBoyzone1970-01-01
All That I NeedBoyzone1970-01-01
Baby Can I Hold YouBoyzone1970-01-01
Coming Home NowBoyzone1970-01-01
Every Day I Love YouBoyzone1970-01-01
Father & SonBoyzone1970-01-01
I Love the Way You Love MeBoyzone1970-01-01
Isn't It a WonderBoyzone1970-01-01
Key to My LifeBoyzone1970-01-01
Love Me for a ReasonBoyzone1970-01-01
No Matter WhatBoyzone1970-01-01
Picture of YouBoyzone1970-01-01
So GoodBoyzone1970-01-01
We've Got It Goin' OnBoyzone1970-01-01
When the Going Gets ToughBoyzone1970-01-01
You Needed MeBoyzone1970-01-01
Fly Like a BirdBoz Scaggs1970-01-01
GeorgiaBoz Scaggs1970-01-01
Harbor LightsBoz Scaggs1970-01-01
It's OverBoz Scaggs1970-01-01
JojoBoz Scaggs1970-01-01
Lido ShuffleBoz Scaggs1970-01-01
Look What You've Done to MeBoz Scaggs1970-01-01
LowdownBoz Scaggs1970-01-01
Miss SunBoz Scaggs1970-01-01
Some ChangeBoz Scaggs1970-01-01
We're All AloneBoz Scaggs1970-01-01
What Can I SayBoz Scaggs1970-01-01
Lido ShuffleBoz Skaggs1970-01-01
Look What You've Done to MeBoz Skaggs1970-01-01
Cherokee BoogieBR5491970-01-01
Even If It's WrongBR5491970-01-01
Little RamonaBR5491970-01-01
Too Lazy to Work, Too Nervous to StealBR5491970-01-01
I Meant ToBrad Cotter1970-01-01
Before I Knew BetterBrad Martin1970-01-01
Just Like LoveBrad Martin1970-01-01
One of Those DaysBrad Martin1970-01-01
Rub Me the Right WayBrad Martin1970-01-01
AlcoholBrad Paisley1970-01-01
American Saturday NightBrad Paisley1970-01-01
Anythiing Like MeBrad Paisley1970-01-01
Anything Like MeBrad Paisley1970-01-01
Beat This SummerBrad Paisley1970-01-01
CelebrityBrad Paisley1970-01-01
Celebrity (Radio Version)Brad Paisley1970-01-01
FlowersBrad Paisley1970-01-01
He Didn't Have to Be MeBrad Paisley1970-01-01
I Wish You'd StayBrad Paisley1970-01-01
I'm Gonna Miss HerBrad Paisley1970-01-01
I'm Still a GuyBrad Paisley1970-01-01
Letter to MeBrad Paisley1970-01-01
Little MomentsBrad Paisley1970-01-01
Me NeitherBrad Paisley1970-01-01
Mud on the TiresBrad Paisley1970-01-01
Ol' RedBrad Paisley1970-01-01
OnlineBrad Paisley1970-01-01
She's EverythingBrad Paisley1970-01-01
Southern Comfort ZoneBrad Paisley1970-01-01
ThenBrad Paisley1970-01-01
This Is Country MusicBrad Paisley1970-01-01
TicksBrad Paisley1970-01-01
Time Well WastedBrad Paisley1970-01-01
Two People Fall in LoveBrad Paisley1970-01-01
Two People Fell in LoveBrad Paisley1970-01-01
Waitin' on a WomanBrad Paisley1970-01-01
WaterBrad Paisley1970-01-01
We DancedBrad Paisley1970-01-01
Welcome to the FutureBrad Paisley1970-01-01
When I Get Where I'm GoingBrad Paisley1970-01-01
Who Needs PicturesBrad Paisley1970-01-01
WorldBrad Paisley1970-01-01
Wrapped AroundBrad Paisley1970-01-01
Old AlabamaBrad Paisley & Alabama1970-01-01
Whiskey LullabyBrad Paisley & Alison Krauss1970-01-01
Oh Love (Duet)Brad Paisley & Carrie Underwood1970-01-01
Hard to Be a Husband, Hard to Be a WifeBrad Paisley & Chely Wright1970-01-01
When I Get to Where I'm GoingBrad Paisley & Dolly Parton1970-01-01
Celebrity (CMT Version)Brad Paisley & Friends1970-01-01
Too CountryBrad Paisley & Friends1970-01-01
Don't Drink the WaterBrad Paisley, Blake Shelton1970-01-01
Tan LinesBrad Wolf1970-01-01
Too Many MondaysBrad Wolf1970-01-01
Too Many Mondays (Not Enough Saturday Nights)Brad Wolf1970-01-01
Love Oughta to Be PerfectBrad Wolf & Pete Rose1970-01-01
Love Oughta to Be PerfectBrad Wolf ft. Pete Rose1970-01-01
Grown ManBradd Young1970-01-01
Mr. BartenderBradley Gaskin1970-01-01
It's a Sunshine DayBrady Bunch1970-01-01
Keep OnBrady Bunch1970-01-01
Time to ChangeBrady Bunch1970-01-01
Another You Another MeBrady Seals1970-01-01
Been There, Drunk ThatBrady Seals1970-01-01
I FellBrady Seals1970-01-01
Natural Born LoversBrady Seals1970-01-01
The Best Is Yet to ComeBrady Seals1970-01-01
Drinking in L.A.Bran Van 30001970-01-01
Dream on DreamerBrand New Heavies1970-01-01
Midnight at the OasisBrand New Heavies1970-01-01
Never StopBrand New Heavies1970-01-01
SometimesBrand New Heavies1970-01-01
You Got a FriendBrand New Heavies1970-01-01
StoryBrandi Carlile1970-01-01
TurpentineBrandi Carlile1970-01-01
What Can I SayBrandi Carlile1970-01-01
CrossfireBrandon Flowers1970-01-01
Just a Good FriendBrandon Jackson1970-01-01
HaggardBrandon Rhyder1970-01-01
Almost Doesn't CountBrandy1970-01-01
Angel in DisguiseBrandy1970-01-01
Another Day in ParadiseBrandy1970-01-01
Best FriendBrandy1970-01-01
Everything I Do, I Do It for YouBrandy1970-01-01
Full MoonBrandy1970-01-01
Have You EverBrandy1970-01-01
I Wanna Be DownBrandy1970-01-01
Long DistanceBrandy1970-01-01
Missin' YouBrandy1970-01-01
Right Here (Departed)Brandy1970-01-01
Rock with YouBrandy1970-01-01
Sittin' up in My RoomBrandy1970-01-01
Top of the WorldBrandy1970-01-01
U Don't Know Me (Like U Used To)Brandy1970-01-01
What About UsBrandy1970-01-01
Who Is She 2 UBrandy1970-01-01
Wildest DreamsBrandy1970-01-01
Another Day in ParadiseBrandy & J. Ray1970-01-01
Talk About Our LoveBrandy & Kanye West1970-01-01
Top of the WorldBrandy & Mase1970-01-01
Boy Is MineBrandy & Monica1970-01-01
That Boy Is MineBrandy & Monica1970-01-01
Broken HeartedBrandy & Morris Wayne1970-01-01
Broken HeartedBrandy & Wanya Morris1970-01-01
The Best Is Yet to ComeBrandy Seals1970-01-01
Whole Lotta HurtBrandy Seals1970-01-01
Movin' OnBrass Construction1970-01-01
Amandote SonandoteBraulio1970-01-01
El EquilibristaBraulio1970-01-01
El Vicio De Tu BocaBraulio1970-01-01
En BancarrotaBraulio1970-01-01
En La Carcel De Tu PielBraulio1970-01-01
La Mas Bella HerejiaBraulio1970-01-01
Secreto De AmorBraulio1970-01-01
Black Is BlackBravos, Los1970-01-01
So Many WaysBraxtons1970-01-01
Baby I'm-A Want YouBread1970-01-01
Down on My KneesBread1970-01-01
Everything I OwnBread1970-01-01
Guitar ManBread1970-01-01
I Wanna Make It with YouBread1970-01-01
It Don't Matter to MeBread1970-01-01
Last TimeBread1970-01-01
Let Your Love GoBread1970-01-01
Lost Without Your LoveBread1970-01-01
Make It with YouBread1970-01-01
Mother FreedomBread1970-01-01
Sweet SurrenderBread1970-01-01
Too Much LoveBread1970-01-01
ScriptBreak Even1970-01-01
BreathBreaking Benjamin1970-01-01
Diary of JaneBreaking Benjamin1970-01-01
I Will Not BowBreaking Benjamin1970-01-01
RainBreaking Benjamin1970-01-01
SkinBreaking Benjamin1970-01-01
So ColdBreaking Benjamin1970-01-01
Sooner or LaterBreaking Benjamin1970-01-01
Until the EndBreaking Benjamin1970-01-01
Hands to HeavenBreathe1970-01-01
London Bridge Is Falling DownBred1970-01-01
Dry Your EyesBrenda & the Tabulations1970-01-01
You've Made Me So Very HappyBrenda Holloway1970-01-01
HeridaBrenda K. Starr1970-01-01
All Alone Am IBrenda Lee1970-01-01
As UsualBrenda Lee1970-01-01
Dum DumBrenda Lee1970-01-01
EmotionsBrenda Lee1970-01-01
End of the WorldBrenda Lee1970-01-01
Fly Me to the MoonBrenda Lee1970-01-01
Fool #1Brenda Lee1970-01-01
Fool Number OneBrenda Lee1970-01-01
I Want to Be WantedBrenda Lee1970-01-01
I'm SorryBrenda Lee1970-01-01
If You Love MeBrenda Lee1970-01-01
Let's Jump the BroomstickBrenda Lee1970-01-01
Rockin' Around the Christmas TreeBrenda Lee1970-01-01
Speak to Me PrettyBrenda Lee1970-01-01
Stupid CupidBrenda Lee1970-01-01
Sunday SunriseBrenda Lee1970-01-01
Sweet Nothin'sBrenda Lee1970-01-01
Where the Boys AreBrenda Lee1970-01-01
Who's Sorry NowBrenda Lee1970-01-01
Winter WonderlandBrenda Lee1970-01-01
Piano in the DarkBrenda Russell1970-01-01
Gimme Little SignBrenton Wood1970-01-01
Comeback Kid (That's My Dog)Brett Dennen1970-01-01
Make You CrazyBrett Dennen ft. Femi Kuti1970-01-01
Don't YaBrett Eldredge1970-01-01
It Ain't Gotta Be LoveBrett Eldredge1970-01-01
RaymondBrett Eldredge1970-01-01
After AllBrett James1970-01-01
Chasin' AmyBrett James1970-01-01
Chasin’ AmyBrett James1970-01-01
Female BondingBrett James1970-01-01
Worth the FallBrett James1970-01-01
One Toke over the LineBrewer & Shipley1970-01-01
Matchstick Men & Matchstick CatsBrian & Michael1970-01-01
1Brian Cabera1970-01-01
Skies Wide OpenBrian Culbertson1970-01-01
Skies Wide OpenBrian Culbertson ft. Avant1970-01-01
You're My MusicBrian Culbertson ft. Noel Gourdin1970-01-01
Still HereBrian Culbertson ft. Vivian Green1970-01-01
Every Father Is a SonBrian Duncan1970-01-01
I Love You with My LifeBrian Duncan1970-01-01
When It Comes to LoveBrian Duncan1970-01-01
BabyfaceBrian Hyland1970-01-01
Ginny Come LatelyBrian Hyland1970-01-01
Itsy Bitsy Teenie Weenie Yellow Polka Dot BikiniBrian Hyland1970-01-01
Sealed with a KissBrian Hyland1970-01-01
99.9% Sure (I've Never Been Here Before)Brian McComas1970-01-01
I Could Never Love You EnoughBrian McComas1970-01-01
Middle of NowhereBrian McComas1970-01-01
Night Disappear with YouBrian McComas1970-01-01
You're in My HeadBrian McComas1970-01-01
TwistedBrian McFadden1970-01-01
4th of JulyBrian McKnight1970-01-01
6, 8, 12Brian McKnight1970-01-01
After the LoveBrian McKnight1970-01-01
AnytimeBrian McKnight1970-01-01
Back at OneBrian McKnight1970-01-01
Crazy LoveBrian McKnight1970-01-01
Everytime You Go AwayBrian McKnight1970-01-01
Fall 5.0Brian McKnight1970-01-01
Find Myself in YouBrian McKnight1970-01-01
Just a Little BitBrian McKnight1970-01-01
Let Me Love YouBrian McKnight1970-01-01
Love IsBrian McKnight1970-01-01
Love of My LifeBrian McKnight1970-01-01
On the Down LowBrian McKnight1970-01-01
One Last CryBrian McKnight1970-01-01
Only One for MeBrian McKnight1970-01-01
Shoulda, Woulda, CouldaBrian McKnight1970-01-01
Stay or Let It GoBrian McKnight1970-01-01
StillBrian McKnight1970-01-01
Still in LoveBrian McKnight1970-01-01
TemptationBrian McKnight1970-01-01
Used to Be My GirlBrian McKnight1970-01-01
What I've Been Waiting ForBrian McKnight1970-01-01
What We Do HereBrian McKnight1970-01-01
WinBrian McKnight1970-01-01
Tell Me What's It Gonna BeBrian McKnight & Jermaine Dupri1970-01-01
Love IsBrian McKnight & Vanessa Williams1970-01-01
TemptationBrian Mcknight ft. Brian Mcknight Jr1970-01-01
Candy ManBrian Poole & the Tremeloes1970-01-01
Do You Love MeBrian Poole & the Tremeloes1970-01-01
Someone SomeoneBrian Poole & the Tremeloes1970-01-01
Jump, Jive An' WailBrian Setzer1970-01-01
This Cat's on a Hot Tin RoofBrian Setzer1970-01-01
This Old HouseBrian Setzer1970-01-01
Jump, Jive An' WailBrian Setzer Orchestra1970-01-01
This Cat's on a Hot Tin RoofBrian Setzer Orchestra1970-01-01
This Old HouseBrian Setzer Orchestra1970-01-01
Someone Else's StarBrian White1970-01-01
You're Still Beautiful to MeBrian White1970-01-01
Your ImaginationBrian Wilson1970-01-01
Mil BesosBribones, Los1970-01-01
Meat and Potato ManBrice Long1970-01-01
Find the Real AlterBridge1970-01-01
Hillbilly RockstarBridgette Tatum1970-01-01
That's Love Y'allBridgette Tatum1970-01-01
Life After YouBrie Larson1970-01-01
She SaidBrie Larson1970-01-01
Almost Like Being in LoveBrigadoon1970-01-01
(I Can't Get No) SatisfactionBritney Spears1970-01-01
(You Drive Me) CrazyBritney Spears1970-01-01
3Britney Spears1970-01-01
3 (Three)Britney Spears1970-01-01
Autumn GoodbyeBritney Spears1970-01-01
Baby One More TimeBritney Spears1970-01-01
Beat Goes OnBritney Spears1970-01-01
Born to Make You HappyBritney Spears1970-01-01
Bottom of My Broken HeartBritney Spears1970-01-01
BoysBritney Spears1970-01-01
Boys (Remix)Britney Spears1970-01-01
Break the IceBritney Spears1970-01-01
Britney SpearsBritney Spears1970-01-01
Can't Make You Love MeBritney Spears1970-01-01
CircusBritney Spears1970-01-01
Crazy (You Drive Me)Britney Spears1970-01-01
CriminalBritney Spears1970-01-01
Dear DiaryBritney Spears1970-01-01
Don't Go Knockin' on My DoorBritney Spears1970-01-01
Don't Let Me Be the Last to KnowBritney Spears1970-01-01
Email My HeartBritney Spears1970-01-01
EverytimeBritney Spears1970-01-01
From the Bottom of My Broken HeartBritney Spears1970-01-01
Gimme MoreBritney Spears1970-01-01
Girl in the MirrorBritney Spears1970-01-01
Hold It Against MeBritney Spears1970-01-01
I Am a Slave for YouBritney Spears1970-01-01
I Love Rock N RollBritney Spears1970-01-01
I Wanna GoBritney Spears1970-01-01
I Will Be ThereBritney Spears1970-01-01
I'm a Slave 4 UBritney Spears1970-01-01
I'm Not a Girl, Not Yet a WomanBritney Spears1970-01-01
If U Seek AmyBritney Spears1970-01-01
Let Me BeBritney Spears1970-01-01
LuckyBritney Spears1970-01-01
My Only WishBritney Spears1970-01-01
My PerogativeBritney Spears1970-01-01
My PrerogativeBritney Spears1970-01-01
One Kiss from YouBritney Spears1970-01-01
Ooh La LaBritney Spears1970-01-01
Oops I Farted Again (Parody)Britney Spears1970-01-01
Oops! I Did It AgainBritney Spears1970-01-01
OutrageousBritney Spears1970-01-01
OverprotectedBritney Spears1970-01-01
Piece of MeBritney Spears1970-01-01
RadarBritney Spears1970-01-01
Slave 4 UBritney Spears1970-01-01
Soda PopBritney Spears1970-01-01
Someday (I Will Understand)Britney Spears1970-01-01
SometimesBritney Spears1970-01-01
StrongerBritney Spears1970-01-01
Till the World EndsBritney Spears1970-01-01
ToxicBritney Spears1970-01-01
Up' N DownBritney Spears1970-01-01
What U See (Is What U Get)Britney Spears1970-01-01
When Your Eyes Say ItBritney Spears1970-01-01
Where Are You NowBritney Spears1970-01-01
WomanizerBritney Spears1970-01-01
You Drive Me CrazyBritney Spears1970-01-01
Me Against the MusicBritney Spears & Madonna1970-01-01
Boys (Neptune Remix)Britney Spears & Pharrell William1970-01-01
GoldBritt Nicole1970-01-01
42nd StreetBroadway1970-01-01
All I Ask of YouBroadway1970-01-01
As Long as He Needs MeBroadway1970-01-01
Chitty Chitty Bang BangBroadway1970-01-01
Consider YourselfBroadway1970-01-01
Do I Hear a WaltzBroadway1970-01-01
Don't Rain on My ParadeBroadway1970-01-01
Easy StreetBroadway1970-01-01
Fully Dressed (Children)Broadway1970-01-01
Good Morning StarshineBroadway1970-01-01
Hello DollyBroadway1970-01-01
I Could Have Danced All NightBroadway1970-01-01
I Don't Need Anything but YouBroadway1970-01-01
I Think I'm Gonna Like It HereBroadway1970-01-01
If I Only Had a HeartBroadway1970-01-01
Impossible DreamBroadway1970-01-01
It Might As Well Be SpringBroadway1970-01-01
Let Me Entertain YouBroadway1970-01-01
Little GirlsBroadway1970-01-01
Money Makes the World Go RoundBroadway1970-01-01
Music of the NightBroadway1970-01-01
On a Clear DayBroadway1970-01-01
Party's OverBroadway1970-01-01
Something Was MissingBroadway1970-01-01
Sound of MusicBroadway1970-01-01
Truly ScrumptiousBroadway1970-01-01
What Kind of Fool Am IBroadway1970-01-01
High RoadBroken Bells1970-01-01
The High RoadBroken Bells1970-01-01
Alma MiaBronco1970-01-01
Amigo Con Derecho NoBronco1970-01-01
Con Zapatos De TaconBronco1970-01-01
Dos Mujeres Un CaminoBronco1970-01-01
Mi Amigo BroncoBronco1970-01-01
Que No Quede HuellaBronco1970-01-01
Sergio El BailadorBronco1970-01-01
Smalltown BoyBronski Beat1970-01-01
A Rainy Night in GeorgiaBrook Benton1970-01-01
Baby, You've Got What It TakesBrook Benton1970-01-01
EndlesslyBrook Benton1970-01-01
House Is Not a HomeBrook Benton1970-01-01
It's Just a Matter of TimeBrook Benton1970-01-01
KiddioBrook Benton1970-01-01
About UsBrooke Hogan & Paul Wall1970-01-01
FallingBrooke Hogan ft. Stacks1970-01-01
Long As You Come HomeBrooke Valentine1970-01-01
GirlfightBrooke Valentine & Big Boi & Lil Jon1970-01-01
Hold up My HeartBrooke White1970-01-01
Radio RadioBrooke White1970-01-01
Worst That Could HappenBrooklyn Bridge1970-01-01
A Few Good Rides AwayBrooks & Dunn1970-01-01
A Man This LonelyBrooks & Dunn1970-01-01
Against the WindBrooks & Dunn1970-01-01
Ain't Nothing 'Bout YouBrooks & Dunn1970-01-01
Beer ThirtyBrooks & Dunn1970-01-01
BelieveBrooks & Dunn1970-01-01
Best of My LoveBrooks & Dunn1970-01-01
Boot Scootin' BoogieBrooks & Dunn1970-01-01
Brand New ManBrooks & Dunn1970-01-01
Building BridgesBrooks & Dunn1970-01-01
Cool Drink of WaterBrooks & Dunn1970-01-01
Cowboy TownBrooks & Dunn1970-01-01
Cowgirls Don't CryBrooks & Dunn1970-01-01
Days of ThunderBrooks & Dunn1970-01-01
Every RiverBrooks & Dunn1970-01-01
Folsom Prison BluesBrooks & Dunn1970-01-01
God Must Be BusyBrooks & Dunn1970-01-01
Good Girls Go to HeavenBrooks & Dunn1970-01-01
Hard Workin' ManBrooks & Dunn1970-01-01
He's Got YouBrooks & Dunn1970-01-01
Heartbroke out of My MindBrooks & Dunn1970-01-01
Hillbilly DeluxeBrooks & Dunn1970-01-01
Honky Tonk TruthBrooks & Dunn1970-01-01
How Long GoneBrooks & Dunn1970-01-01
Husbands & WivesBrooks & Dunn1970-01-01
I Am That ManBrooks & Dunn1970-01-01
I Can't Get over YouBrooks & Dunn1970-01-01
I Can't Put out This FireBrooks & Dunn1970-01-01
I'll Never Forgive My HeartBrooks & Dunn1970-01-01
I'm No GoodBrooks & Dunn1970-01-01
If That's the Way You Want ItBrooks & Dunn1970-01-01
If You See Him If You See HerBrooks & Dunn1970-01-01
It's Getting Better All the TimeBrooks & Dunn1970-01-01
Little Miss Honky TonkBrooks & Dunn1970-01-01
Long GoodbyeBrooks & Dunn1970-01-01
Lost and FoundBrooks & Dunn1970-01-01
Mama Don't Get Dressed up for NothingBrooks & Dunn1970-01-01
Mexican MinutesBrooks & Dunn1970-01-01
Missing YouBrooks & Dunn1970-01-01
My Heart Is Lost to YouBrooks & Dunn1970-01-01
My MariaBrooks & Dunn1970-01-01
My Next Broken HeartBrooks & Dunn1970-01-01
Neon MoonBrooks & Dunn1970-01-01
Only in AmericaBrooks & Dunn1970-01-01
Our Time Is ComingBrooks & Dunn1970-01-01
Over the Next HillBrooks & Dunn1970-01-01
Play Something CountryBrooks & Dunn1970-01-01
Proud of the House We BuiltBrooks & Dunn1970-01-01
Put a Girl in ItBrooks & Dunn1970-01-01
Red Dirt RoadBrooks & Dunn1970-01-01
Red Dirt Road (Radio Version)Brooks & Dunn1970-01-01
Ride 'Em High, Ride 'Em LowBrooks & Dunn1970-01-01
Rock My World (Little Country Girl)Brooks & Dunn1970-01-01
She Used to Be MineBrooks & Dunn1970-01-01
She's Not the Cheatin' KindBrooks & Dunn1970-01-01
She's the Kind of TroubleBrooks & Dunn1970-01-01
South of Santa FeBrooks & Dunn1970-01-01
Still in Love with YouBrooks & Dunn1970-01-01
Ten Rounds with Jose CuervoBrooks & Dunn1970-01-01
Texas Women Don't Stay Lonely LongBrooks & Dunn1970-01-01
That Ain’t No Way to GoBrooks & Dunn1970-01-01
That's What It's All AboutBrooks & Dunn1970-01-01
That's What She Gets for Loving MeBrooks & Dunn1970-01-01
We'll Burn That BridgeBrooks & Dunn1970-01-01
Whiskey Under the BridgeBrooks & Dunn1970-01-01
Why Would I Say GoodbyeBrooks & Dunn1970-01-01
You Can't Take the Honky Tonk out of the GirlBrooks & Dunn1970-01-01
You'll Always Be Loved By MeBrooks & Dunn1970-01-01
You're Gonna Miss Me When I'm GoneBrooks & Dunn1970-01-01
You're My AngelBrooks & Dunn1970-01-01
If You See Him, If You See HerBrooks & Dunn & Reba McEntire1970-01-01
Wild As the WindBrooks & Dunn & Trisha Yearwood1970-01-01
Drop the BoyBros1970-01-01
I Owe You NothingBros1970-01-01
Love StoriesBrother1970-01-01
Great SpiritsBrother Bear1970-01-01
Great Spirits (Vocals)Brother Bear1970-01-01
Look Through My EyesBrother Bear1970-01-01
Look Through My Eyes (Vocals)Brother Bear1970-01-01
No Way OutBrother Bear1970-01-01
No Way out (Vocals)Brother Bear1970-01-01
On My WayBrother Bear1970-01-01
On My Way (Vocals)Brother Bear1970-01-01
TransformationBrother Bear1970-01-01
Transformation (Vocals)Brother Bear1970-01-01
WelcomeBrother Bear1970-01-01
Welcome (Vocals)Brother Bear1970-01-01
Harder I TryBrother Beyond1970-01-01
And Fools Shine OnBrother Cane1970-01-01
Got No ShameBrother Cane1970-01-01
Hard Act to FollowBrother Cane1970-01-01
I Lie in the Bed I MakeBrother Cane1970-01-01
MacheteBrother Cane1970-01-01
That Don't Satisfy MeBrother Cane1970-01-01
Voice of EujenaBrother Cane1970-01-01
Eagle over AngelBrother Phelps1970-01-01
Ever Changing WomanBrother Phelps1970-01-01
Let GoBrother Phelps1970-01-01
Were You Really Livin'Brother Phelps1970-01-01
FigaroBrotherhood of Man1970-01-01
Save All Your Kisses for MeBrotherhood of Man1970-01-01
United We StandBrotherhood of Man1970-01-01
500 MilesBrothers Four1970-01-01
Five Hundred MilesBrothers Four1970-01-01
Green FieldsBrothers Four1970-01-01
Green FieldsBrothers Four1970-01-01
Green GreenBrothers Four1970-01-01
Green Leaves of SummerBrothers Four1970-01-01
Green Leaves of SummerBrothers Four1970-01-01
GreenfieldsBrothers Four1970-01-01
Michael, Row the Boat AshoreBrothers Four1970-01-01
Seven DaffodilsBrothers Four1970-01-01
Try to RememberBrothers Four1970-01-01
Try to RememberBrothers Four1970-01-01
Where Have All the Flowers GoneBrothers Four1970-01-01
Yellow BirdBrothers Four1970-01-01
I'll Be Good to YouBrothers Johnson1970-01-01
StompBrothers Johnson1970-01-01
Strawberry Letter #23Brothers Johnson1970-01-01
Picture of YouBrown & Bruwers1970-01-01
I Don't Want to Have to Marry YouBrown & Cornelius1970-01-01
Old LamplighterBrowns1970-01-01
Scarlet Ribbons (For Her Hair)Browns1970-01-01
Three BellsBrowns1970-01-01
5 Miles to EmptyBrownstone1970-01-01
If You Love MeBrownstone1970-01-01
Smoking in the Boys RoomBrownsville Station1970-01-01
Walk OnBruce Carrol1970-01-01
Hey BabyBruce Chanel1970-01-01
Keep OnBruce Chanel1970-01-01
Lovers in a Dangerous TimeBruce Cockburn1970-01-01
Fields of GreyBruce Hornsby1970-01-01
Gonna Be Some Changes MadeBruce Hornsby1970-01-01
Harbor LightsBruce Hornsby1970-01-01
Rainbows CadillacBruce Hornsby1970-01-01
Valley RoadBruce Hornsby1970-01-01
Walk in the SunBruce Hornsby1970-01-01
Mandolin RainBruce Hornsby & the Range1970-01-01
Way It IsBruce Hornsby & the Range1970-01-01
What Would Willie DoBruce Robinson1970-01-01
Good LifeBruce Robison1970-01-01
Travelin' SoldierBruce Robison1970-01-01
What Would Willie DoBruce Robison1970-01-01
10th Ave Freeze OutBruce Springsteen1970-01-01
BackstreetsBruce Springsteen1970-01-01
BadlandsBruce Springsteen1970-01-01
Because of the NightBruce Springsteen1970-01-01
Blinded By the LightBruce Springsteen1970-01-01
Bobby JeanBruce Springsteen1970-01-01
Born in the U.S.A.Bruce Springsteen1970-01-01
Born to RunBruce Springsteen1970-01-01
Brilliant DisguiseBruce Springsteen1970-01-01
Cadillac RanchBruce Springsteen1970-01-01
Cover MeBruce Springsteen1970-01-01
Dancing in the DarkBruce Springsteen1970-01-01
Darlington CountryBruce Springsteen1970-01-01
Fade AwayBruce Springsteen1970-01-01
FireBruce Springsteen1970-01-01
Girls in Their Summer ClothesBruce Springsteen1970-01-01
Glory DaysBruce Springsteen1970-01-01
Gypsy BikerBruce Springsteen1970-01-01
Human TouchBruce Springsteen1970-01-01
Hungry HeartBruce Springsteen1970-01-01
I'll Work for Your LoveBruce Springsteen1970-01-01
I'm Goin' DownBruce Springsteen1970-01-01
I'm on FireBruce Springsteen1970-01-01
Jersey GirlBruce Springsteen1970-01-01
Last to DieBruce Springsteen1970-01-01
Livin' in the FutureBruce Springsteen1970-01-01
Lonesome DayBruce Springsteen1970-01-01
Long Walk HomeBruce Springsteen1970-01-01
Look but Better Not TouchBruce Springsteen1970-01-01
MagicBruce Springsteen1970-01-01
Merry Christmas BabyBruce Springsteen1970-01-01
My HometownBruce Springsteen1970-01-01
No SurrenderBruce Springsteen1970-01-01
Out in the StreetBruce Springsteen1970-01-01
Pink CadillacBruce Springsteen1970-01-01
Radio NowhereBruce Springsteen1970-01-01
RisingBruce Springsteen1970-01-01
RiverBruce Springsteen1970-01-01
RosalitaBruce Springsteen1970-01-01
Rosalita (Come out Tonight)Bruce Springsteen1970-01-01
Santa Claus Is Comin' to Town (Christmas)Bruce Springsteen1970-01-01
Secret GardenBruce Springsteen1970-01-01
Streets of PhiladelphiaBruce Springsteen1970-01-01
Tenth Avenue FreezeoutBruce Springsteen1970-01-01
Thunder RoadBruce Springsteen1970-01-01
Tougher Than the RestBruce Springsteen1970-01-01
Tunnel of LoveBruce Springsteen1970-01-01
Two HeartsBruce Springsteen1970-01-01
Waitin' on a Sunny DayBruce Springsteen1970-01-01
WarBruce Springsteen1970-01-01
You'll Be Comin' DownBruce Springsteen1970-01-01
Your Own Worst EnemyBruce Springsteen1970-01-01
24K MagicBruno Mars1970-01-01
Count on MeBruno Mars1970-01-01
GrenadeBruno Mars1970-01-01
It Will RainBruno Mars1970-01-01
Just the Way You AreBruno Mars1970-01-01
Lazy SongBruno Mars1970-01-01
Locked out of HeavenBruno Mars1970-01-01
Marry YouBruno Mars1970-01-01
Runaway BabyBruno Mars1970-01-01
TreasureBruno Mars1970-01-01
When I Was Your ManBruno Mars1970-01-01
Ingratos Ojos MiosBruno Villareal1970-01-01
Can't Get EnoughBrutha1970-01-01
I Can't Hear the MusicBrutha & Fabolous1970-01-01
18 Till I DieBryan Adams1970-01-01
All for LoveBryan Adams1970-01-01
Back to YouBryan Adams1970-01-01
Best of MeBryan Adams1970-01-01
Can't Stop This Thing We StartedBryan Adams1970-01-01
Can’t Stop This Thing We StartedBryan Adams1970-01-01
Cloud No. 9Bryan Adams1970-01-01
Cuts Like a KnifeBryan Adams1970-01-01
Do I Have to Say the WordsBryan Adams1970-01-01
Everything I Do (I Do It for You)Bryan Adams1970-01-01
Have You Ever Really Loved a WomanBryan Adams1970-01-01
Heat of the NightBryan Adams1970-01-01
HeavenBryan Adams1970-01-01
Here I AmBryan Adams1970-01-01
I Do It for You (Everything I Do)Bryan Adams1970-01-01
I'll Always Be Right ThereBryan Adams1970-01-01
Inside OutBryan Adams1970-01-01
It's Only LoveBryan Adams1970-01-01
Kids Wanna RockBryan Adams1970-01-01
Let's Make a Night to RememberBryan Adams1970-01-01
On a Day Like TodayBryan Adams1970-01-01
Only Thing That Looks Good on Me Is YouBryan Adams1970-01-01
Please Forgive MeBryan Adams1970-01-01
Run Run Rudolph (Christmas)Bryan Adams1970-01-01
Run to YouBryan Adams1970-01-01
SomebodyBryan Adams1970-01-01
StarBryan Adams1970-01-01
Straight from the HeartBryan Adams1970-01-01
Summer of '69Bryan Adams1970-01-01
That's the Way I Like ItBryan Adams1970-01-01
There Will Never Be Another TonightBryan Adams1970-01-01
This TimeBryan Adams1970-01-01
This Time I'm in It for LoveBryan Adams1970-01-01
Thought I'd Died and Gone to HeavenBryan Adams1970-01-01
When You Love SomeoneBryan Adams1970-01-01
Why Do You Have to Be So Hard to LoveBryan Adams1970-01-01
I Finally Found SomeoneBryan Adams & Barbra Streisand1970-01-01
When You're GoneBryan Adams & Melanie C.1970-01-01
It's Only LoveBryan Adams & Tina Turner1970-01-01
All I Want Is YouBryan Ferry1970-01-01
Angel EyesBryan Ferry1970-01-01
Let's Stick TogetherBryan Ferry1970-01-01
Love Is a DrugBryan Ferry1970-01-01
Bad Day to Let You GoBryan White1970-01-01
Eugene You GeniusBryan White1970-01-01
God Gave Me YouBryan White1970-01-01
How LongBryan White1970-01-01
I Stand AloneBryan White1970-01-01
I'm Not Supposed to Love You AnymoreBryan White1970-01-01
Look at Me NowBryan White1970-01-01
Looking Through Your EyesBryan White1970-01-01
Love Is the Right PlaceBryan White1970-01-01
Me & the MoonBryan White1970-01-01
Me and the MoonBryan White1970-01-01
One Small MiracleBryan White1970-01-01
Rebecca LynnBryan White1970-01-01
Sittin' on GoBryan White1970-01-01
So Much for PretendingBryan White1970-01-01
Someone Else's StarBryan White1970-01-01
That's Another SongBryan White1970-01-01
Tree of HeartsBryan White1970-01-01
You're Still Beautiful to MeBryan White1970-01-01
A Whole New WorldBryson Belle1970-01-01
DeliveranceBubba Sparxxx1970-01-01
Heat It UpBubba Sparxxx1970-01-01
UglyBubba Sparxxx1970-01-01
Ms. New BootyBubba Sparxxx & Ying Yang Twins1970-01-01
Above and Beyond the Call of LoveBuck Owens1970-01-01
Act NaturallyBuck Owens1970-01-01
Before You GoBuck Owens1970-01-01
Big in VegasBuck Owens1970-01-01
Excuse Me (I Think I've Got a Heartache)Buck Owens1970-01-01
Hello TroubleBuck Owens1970-01-01
Hello Trouble Come on InBuck Owens1970-01-01
I Don't Care (Just As Long As You Love Me)Buck Owens1970-01-01
I've Got a Tiger By the TailBuck Owens1970-01-01
It Takes People Like You (To Make People Like Me)Buck Owens1970-01-01
Kansas City SongBuck Owens1970-01-01
Love's Gonna Live HereBuck Owens1970-01-01
Made in JapanBuck Owens1970-01-01
My Heart Skips a BeatBuck Owens1970-01-01
Open up Your HeartBuck Owens1970-01-01
Rollin' in My Sweet Baby's ArmsBuck Owens1970-01-01
Ruby (Are You Mad at Your Man)Buck Owens1970-01-01
Sam's PlaceBuck Owens1970-01-01
Santa Looked a Lot Like DaddyBuck Owens1970-01-01
Santa Looked a Lot Like Daddy (Christmas)Buck Owens1970-01-01
Together AgainBuck Owens1970-01-01
Under Your Spell AgainBuck Owens1970-01-01
Waitin' in the Welfare LineBuck Owens1970-01-01
All Night LongBuckcherry1970-01-01
For the MoviesBuckcherry1970-01-01
Lit UpBuckcherry1970-01-01
Rescue MeBuckcherry1970-01-01
Don't You CryBuckinghams1970-01-01
Hey Baby (They're Playing Our Song)Buckinghams1970-01-01
Kind of a DragBuckinghams1970-01-01
Mercy Mercy MercyBuckinghams1970-01-01
Pacman FeverBuckner & Garcia1970-01-01
Land of Make BelieveBucks Fizz1970-01-01
Makin' Your Mind UpBucks Fizz1970-01-01
A Different WorldBucky Covington1970-01-01
A Father's Love (The Only Way He Knew How)Bucky Covington1970-01-01
Gotta Be SomebodyBucky Covington1970-01-01
Hold a WomanBucky Covington1970-01-01
I Want My Life BackBucky Covington1970-01-01
I'll WalkBucky Covington1970-01-01
I’ll WalkBucky Covington1970-01-01
It's Good to Be UsBucky Covington1970-01-01
MexicomaBucky Covington1970-01-01
St James InfirmaryBuddy Blu Band1970-01-01
Damn Right, I've Got the BluesBuddy Guy1970-01-01
Goin' HomeBuddy Guy1970-01-01
MoneyBuddy Guy1970-01-01
Baby I Don't CareBuddy Holly1970-01-01
Bo DiddleyBuddy Holly1970-01-01
Brown Eyed Handsome ManBuddy Holly1970-01-01
Early in the MorningBuddy Holly1970-01-01
EverydayBuddy Holly1970-01-01
HeartbeatBuddy Holly1970-01-01
It Doesn't Matter AnymoreBuddy Holly1970-01-01
It's So EasyBuddy Holly1970-01-01
Listen to MeBuddy Holly1970-01-01
Maybe BabyBuddy Holly1970-01-01
Not Fade AwayBuddy Holly1970-01-01
Oh BoyBuddy Holly1970-01-01
Peggy Sue Got MarriedBuddy Holly1970-01-01
Raining in My HeartBuddy Holly1970-01-01
Rave OnBuddy Holly1970-01-01
That'll Be the DayBuddy Holly1970-01-01
Think It OverBuddy Holly1970-01-01
True Love WaysBuddy Holly1970-01-01
True Loves WaysBuddy Holly1970-01-01
Well… All RightBuddy Holly1970-01-01
WishingBuddy Holly1970-01-01
Words of LoveBuddy Holly1970-01-01
Baby I Don't CareBuddy Holly & the Crickets1970-01-01
Bo DiddleyBuddy Holly & the Crickets1970-01-01
Brown Eyed Handsome ManBuddy Holly & the Crickets1970-01-01
Early in the MorningBuddy Holly & the Crickets1970-01-01
EverydayBuddy Holly & the Crickets1970-01-01
HeartbeatBuddy Holly & the Crickets1970-01-01
It Doesn't Matter AnymoreBuddy Holly & the Crickets1970-01-01
It's So EasyBuddy Holly & the Crickets1970-01-01
Listen to MeBuddy Holly & the Crickets1970-01-01
Maybe BabyBuddy Holly & the Crickets1970-01-01
Not Fade AwayBuddy Holly & the Crickets1970-01-01
Oh BoyBuddy Holly & the Crickets1970-01-01
Peggy Sue Got MarriedBuddy Holly & the Crickets1970-01-01
Raining in My HeartBuddy Holly & the Crickets1970-01-01
Rave OnBuddy Holly & the Crickets1970-01-01
That'll Be the DayBuddy Holly & the Crickets1970-01-01
Think It OverBuddy Holly & the Crickets1970-01-01
True Love WaysBuddy Holly & the Crickets1970-01-01
Well...All RightBuddy Holly & the Crickets1970-01-01
WishingBuddy Holly & the Crickets1970-01-01
Words of LoveBuddy Holly & the Crickets1970-01-01
Help Pour out the Rain (Lacey's Song)Buddy Jewell1970-01-01
If She Was Any Other WomanBuddy Jewell1970-01-01
Jesus, Elvis and MeBuddy Jewell1970-01-01
One Step at a TimeBuddy Jewell1970-01-01
So GoneBuddy Jewell1970-01-01
Sweet Southern ComfortBuddy Jewell1970-01-01
Party DollBuddy Knox1970-01-01
Purple HazeBuddy Miles1970-01-01
Purple HazeBuddy Miles & S.Lukather1970-01-01
Purple HazeBuddy Miles & Steve Lukather1970-01-01
Amor De Loca JuventudBuena Vista Social Club1970-01-01
CandelaBuena Vista Social Club1970-01-01
Chan ChanBuena Vista Social Club1970-01-01
De Camino a La VeredaBuena Vista Social Club1970-01-01
Dos GardeniasBuena Vista Social Club1970-01-01
El CarreteroBuena Vista Social Club1970-01-01
El Cuarto De TulaBuena Vista Social Club1970-01-01
Y Tu Que Has HechoBuena Vista Social Club1970-01-01
Heart Hold OnBuffalo Club, The1970-01-01
If She Don't Love YouBuffalo Club, The1970-01-01
Nothin' Less Than LoveBuffalo Club, The1970-01-01
For What It's WorthBuffalo Springfield1970-01-01
Sit Down, I Think I Love YouBuffalo Springfield1970-01-01
Video Killed the Radio StarBuggles1970-01-01
Como Fui a Enamorarme De TiBukis, Los1970-01-01
Despues De Un AdiosBukis, Los1970-01-01
Dime Donde Y CuandoBukis, Los1970-01-01
Falso AmorBukis, Los1970-01-01
Mi Mayor NecesidadBukis, Los1970-01-01
MorenitaBukis, Los1970-01-01
Navidad Sin TiBukis, Los1970-01-01
Necesito Una CompaneraBukis, Los1970-01-01
Presiento Que Voy a LlorarBukis, Los1970-01-01
Si Me RecuerdasBukis, Los1970-01-01
Tu CarcelBukis, Los1970-01-01
Y Ahora Te VasBukis, Los1970-01-01
Smooth up in YaBulletboys1970-01-01
Funny Way of Laughin'Burl Ives1970-01-01
Holly Jolly ChristmasBurl Ives1970-01-01
Little Bitty TearBurl Ives1970-01-01
Little Bitty Tear, ABurl Ives1970-01-01
Live to Love AgainBurnin' Daylight1970-01-01
Say YesBurnin' Daylight1970-01-01
Don't Get No Better Than ThatBurns & Poe1970-01-01
How Long Is Long EnoughBurns & Poe1970-01-01
AlfieBurt Bacharach & Hal David1970-01-01
Blue on BlueBurt Bacharach & Hal David1970-01-01
Do You Know the Way to San JoseBurt Bacharach & Hal David1970-01-01
I Say a Little PrayerBurt Bacharach & Hal David1970-01-01
Magic MomentsBurt Bacharach & Hal David1970-01-01
This Guy's in Love with YouBurt Bacharach & Hal David1970-01-01
Walk on ByBurt Bacharach & Hal David1970-01-01
What the World Needs NowBurt Bacharach & Hal David1970-01-01
Windows of the WorldBurt Bacharach & Hal David1970-01-01
Wives and LoversBurt Bacharach & Hal David1970-01-01
Break It to Them GentlyBurton Cummings1970-01-01
Stand TallBurton Cummings1970-01-01
Boys Are Back in TownBus Boys1970-01-01
Baby Come HomeBush1970-01-01
Chemicals Between UsBush1970-01-01
Everything ZenBush1970-01-01
Greedy FlyBush1970-01-01
Headful of GhostsBush1970-01-01
Letting the Cables SleepBush1970-01-01
Little ThingsBush1970-01-01
People That We LoveBush1970-01-01
The Sound of WinterBush1970-01-01
War MachineBush1970-01-01
Break Ya NeckBusta Rhymes1970-01-01
Eye Can SeeBusta Rhymes1970-01-01
Gimme Some MoreBusta Rhymes1970-01-01
I Know What You WantBusta Rhymes1970-01-01
Light Your Ass on FireBusta Rhymes1970-01-01
Make It ClapBusta Rhymes1970-01-01
Put Your Hands Where My Eyes Could SeeBusta Rhymes1970-01-01
Touch It (Clean Version)Busta Rhymes1970-01-01
I Know What You WantBusta Rhymes & Mariah Carey1970-01-01
Where's Your MoneyBusta Rhymes & ODB1970-01-01
Pass the Courvoisier Part IIBusta Rhymes & P. Diddy1970-01-01
I Love My B****Busta Rhymes & Will.I.Am1970-01-01
I Love My ChickBusta Rhymes & Will.I.Am1970-01-01
Crashed the WeddingBusted1970-01-01
Sleeping with the Light OnBusted1970-01-01
What I Go to School ForBusted1970-01-01
Year 3000Busted1970-01-01
You Said NoBusted1970-01-01
Hot Hot HotBuster Poindexter1970-01-01
Zat You Santa Claus (Christmas)Buster Poindexter1970-01-01
PepperButthole Surfers1970-01-01
Outside My WindowBuxton, Sarah1970-01-01
Ever Fallen in Love (With Someone You Should't've)Buzzcocks1970-01-01
A Lot of Livin' to DoBye Bye Birdie1970-01-01
KidsBye Bye Birdie1970-01-01
All I Really Want to DoByrds1970-01-01
Eight Miles HighByrds1970-01-01
Mr. SpacemanByrds1970-01-01
Mr. Tambourine ManByrds1970-01-01
My Back PagesByrds1970-01-01
So You Want to Be a Rock 'N' Roll StarByrds1970-01-01
Teach Your ChildrenByrds1970-01-01
Turn, Turn, TurnByrds1970-01-01
Side - Boyfriend•GirlfriendC1970-01-01
Texas PlatesC1970-01-01
Do You Want to Get FunkyC & C Music Factory1970-01-01
Gonna Make You SweatC & C Music Factory1970-01-01
Things That Make You Go HmmmC & C Music Factory1970-01-01
TimeC. Club1970-01-01
FinallyC.C. Penniston1970-01-01
Sweets for My SweetC.J. Lewis1970-01-01
ConvoyC.W. McCall1970-01-01
Wolf Creek PassC.W. McCall1970-01-01
Walk Wit a DipCa$h1970-01-01
Minnie the MoocherCab Calloway1970-01-01
BounceCab, The1970-01-01
No Rompas MasCaballo Dorado1970-01-01
Don't Tell MamaCabaret1970-01-01
Maybe This TimeCabaret1970-01-01
Mein HerrCabaret1970-01-01
Money Makes the World Go 'RoundCabaret1970-01-01
Money SongCabaret1970-01-01
Mi BombónCabas1970-01-01
Dos Coronas a Mi MadreCadetes De Linares1970-01-01
El PalomitoCadetes De Linares1970-01-01
Lo Dos AmigasCadetes De Linares1970-01-01
Mandato DivinoCadetes De Linares1970-01-01
No Hay NovedadCadetes De Linares1970-01-01
Jerk It OutCaesars1970-01-01
La LolaCafe Quijano1970-01-01
EresCafe Tacuba1970-01-01
Best of TimesCage Aux Folles, La1970-01-01
I Am What I AmCage Aux Folles, La1970-01-01
La Cage Aux FollesCage Aux Folles, La1970-01-01
Look over ThereCage Aux Folles, La1970-01-01
Song on the SandCage Aux Folles, La1970-01-01
Ain't No Rest for the WickedCage the Elephant1970-01-01
La Negra TomasaCaifanes, Los1970-01-01
Address in the StarsCaitlin & Will1970-01-01
I Will SurviveCake1970-01-01
Let Me GoCake1970-01-01
Never ThereCake1970-01-01
No PhoneCake1970-01-01
Short Skirt, Long JacketCake1970-01-01
Country BumpkinCal Smith1970-01-01
Lord Knows I'm Drinkin'Cal Smith1970-01-01
KickbackCali Swag1970-01-01
Burn OutCali Swag District1970-01-01
Burn out (Drive Fast)Cali Swag District1970-01-01
KickbackCali Swag District1970-01-01
I Heard It Through the GrapevineCalifornia Raisins1970-01-01
Atrevete Te TeCalle 131970-01-01
Cabe-C-OCalle 131970-01-01
El Tango Del PecadoCalle 131970-01-01
La JirafaCalle 131970-01-01
La PeleitaCalle 131970-01-01
No Hay IgualCalle 131970-01-01
Se Vale to ToCalle 131970-01-01
SuaveCalle 131970-01-01
AdrienneCalling, The1970-01-01
AnythingCalling, The1970-01-01
Could It Be Any HarderCalling, The1970-01-01
For YouCalling, The1970-01-01
Our LivesCalling, The1970-01-01
These Are the DaysCalling, The1970-01-01
Things Will Go My WayCalling, The1970-01-01
Wherever You Will GoCalling, The1970-01-01
Formas De AmorCalo1970-01-01
Corazon De AceroCalva & Arcuza & Pablo1970-01-01
Dance Wiv MeCalvin Harris1970-01-01
Fell So CloseCalvin Harris1970-01-01
FlashbackCalvin Harris1970-01-01
I'm Not AloneCalvin Harris1970-01-01
Ready for the WeekendCalvin Harris1970-01-01
I Need Your LoveCalvin Harris, Elllie Goulding1970-01-01
Sweet NoghingCalvin Harris, Florence Welch1970-01-01
Hey MaCam'ron & Juelz Santana1970-01-01
Oh BoyCam'ron & Juelz Santana1970-01-01
Down & OutCam'ron & Kanye West & Syleena Johnson1970-01-01
Hey MumaCam'ron & Vado1970-01-01
Speakin TungsCam'ron & Vado1970-01-01
How to Handle a WomanCamelot1970-01-01
I Loved You Once in SilenceCamelot1970-01-01
If Ever I Would Leave YouCamelot1970-01-01
Back and ForthCameo1970-01-01
She's StrangeCameo1970-01-01
Word UpCameo1970-01-01
Coleccionista De CancionesCamila1970-01-01
Me Da IgualCamila1970-01-01
Perderte De NuevoCamila1970-01-01
Sin Tu AmorCamila1970-01-01
Solo Para TiCamila1970-01-01
Todo CambioCamila1970-01-01
Yo QuieroCamila1970-01-01
HavanaCamila Cabello ft. Young Thug1970-01-01
She Moved Through the FairCamilla Kerslake1970-01-01
Algo De MeCamilo Blanes1970-01-01
Donde Estes Con Quien EstesCamilo Blanes1970-01-01
El Amor De Mi VidaCamilo Blanes1970-01-01
JamasCamilo Blanes1970-01-01
MelinaCamilo Blanes1970-01-01
PerdonameCamilo Blanes1970-01-01
Quieres Ser Mi AmanteCamilo Blanes1970-01-01
AlguienCamilo Sesto1970-01-01
Amor AmarsCamilo Sesto1970-01-01
Amor De MujersCamilo Sesto1970-01-01
Amor LibreCamilo Sesto1970-01-01
AyudadmeCamilo Sesto1970-01-01
CalladosCamilo Sesto1970-01-01
CelosCamilo Sesto1970-01-01
Con El Viento a Tu FavorCamilo Sesto1970-01-01
Corazon EncadenadoCamilo Sesto1970-01-01
Donde Estes Con Quien EstesCamilo Sesto1970-01-01
El Amor De Mi VidaCamilo Sesto1970-01-01
Enamorate De MiCamilo Sesto1970-01-01
Fresa SalvajeCamilo Sesto1970-01-01
Has Nacido LibreCamilo Sesto1970-01-01
JamasCamilo Sesto1970-01-01
La Culpa Ha Sido MiaCamilo Sesto1970-01-01
MelinaCamilo Sesto1970-01-01
Mi Buen AmorCamilo Sesto1970-01-01
Mi Mundo TuCamilo Sesto1970-01-01
MientemeCamilo Sesto1970-01-01
PerdonameCamilo Sesto1970-01-01
Piel De AngelCamilo Sesto1970-01-01
Que Sera De TiCamilo Sesto1970-01-01
Quieres Ser Mi AmanteCamilo Sesto1970-01-01
Si Tu Te VasCamilo Sesto1970-01-01
Solo TuCamilo Sesto1970-01-01
Te QuieroCamilo Sesto1970-01-01
Todo Por NadaCamilo Sesto1970-01-01
Un Amor No Muere Asi Como AsiCamilo Sesto1970-01-01
Vivir Asi Es Morir De AmorCamilo Sesto1970-01-01
CalladosCamilo Sesto Y Angelo Carrasco1970-01-01
Cartas MarcadasCaminantes, Los1970-01-01
Felipe ArriagaCaminos De Michoacan1970-01-01
Take the Skinheads BowlingCamper Van Beethoven1970-01-01
Now or NeverCamryn1970-01-01
It's All Right with MeCan Can1970-01-01
Tiene Espinas El RosalCanaveral1970-01-01
Tres Veces Te EngañeCandelario Macedo1970-01-01
Nights on BroadwayCandi Staton1970-01-01
Young Hearts Run FreeCandi Staton1970-01-01
Cover MeCandlebox1970-01-01
Far BehindCandlebox1970-01-01
Happy PillsCandlebox1970-01-01
It's AlrightCandlebox1970-01-01
That Thing You DoCandy Coburn1970-01-01
Goin' up to the CountryCanned Heat1970-01-01
Let's Work TogetherCanned Heat1970-01-01
On the Road AgainCanned Heat1970-01-01
Land of 1000 DancesCannibal and the Headhunters1970-01-01
Amame En Camara LentaCano Estremera1970-01-01
El Muneco De La CiudadCano Estremera1970-01-01
La Boda De EllaCano Estremera1970-01-01
Me Quede Con Las GanasCano Estremera1970-01-01
Si Me Caso MejoroCano Estremera1970-01-01
Te AmareCano Estremera1970-01-01
U Got to Let the MusicCapella1970-01-01
Safe and SoundCapitol Cities1970-01-01
Cool JerkCapitols1970-01-01
Oh YeahCaprice1970-01-01
There's a Moon out TonightCapris1970-01-01
Do That to Me One More TimeCaptain & Tenille1970-01-01
Lonely Night (Angel Face)Captain & Tenille1970-01-01
Love Will Keep Us TogetherCaptain & Tenille1970-01-01
Muskrat LoveCaptain & Tenille1970-01-01
Shop AroundCaptain & Tenille1970-01-01
Way I Want to Touch YouCaptain & Tenille1970-01-01
Hooked on a FeelingCaptain Hook (Shrek)1970-01-01
Hooked on a Feeling (Vocals)Captain Hook (Shrek)1970-01-01
Happy TalkCaptain Sensible1970-01-01
Road to Nowhere (Wot) Supposed to BeCaptain Sensible1970-01-01
WotCaptain Sensible1970-01-01
City HighCaramel1970-01-01
You Don't Have to Be a Baby to CryCaravelles1970-01-01
What About Everything?Carbon Leaf1970-01-01
Compre Una CantinaCardenales De Nuevo Leon1970-01-01
Been ItCardigans1970-01-01
Erase RewindCardigans1970-01-01
My Favorite GameCardigans1970-01-01
Skip a RopeCargill1970-01-01
Don't Let Me Cross OverCarl Butler1970-01-01
She's a Bad Mamma JammaCarl Carlton1970-01-01
Kung Fu FightingCarl Douglas1970-01-01
Fatty Bum BumCarl Malcolm1970-01-01
Blue Suede ShoesCarl Perkins1970-01-01
Dixie FriedCarl Perkins1970-01-01
Honey Don'tCarl Perkins1970-01-01
MatchboxCarl Perkins1970-01-01
Deep WaterCarl Smith1970-01-01
Hey Joe!Carl Smith1970-01-01
If Teardrops Were PenniesCarl Smith1970-01-01
Let Old Mother Nature Have Her WayCarl Smith1970-01-01
Loose TalkCarl Smith1970-01-01
When You Feel Like You're in Love Don't Just StandCarl Smith1970-01-01
You Are the OneCarl Smith1970-01-01
EmotionalCarl Thomas1970-01-01
I WishCarl Thomas1970-01-01
Make It AlrightCarl Thomas1970-01-01
Summer RainCarl Thomas1970-01-01
B-A-B-YCarla Thomas1970-01-01
BabyCarla Thomas1970-01-01
Gee WhizCarla Thomas1970-01-01
Gee Whiz Look at HIs EyesCarla Thomas1970-01-01
Come on BackCarlene Carter1970-01-01
Every Little ThingCarlene Carter1970-01-01
HurricaneCarlene Carter1970-01-01
I Fell in LoveCarlene Carter1970-01-01
I Love You 'Cause I Want ToCarlene Carter1970-01-01
Something Already GoneCarlene Carter1970-01-01
Sweetest ThingCarlene Carter1970-01-01
Unbreakable HeartCarlene Carter1970-01-01
Puño De TierraCarlos Coral1970-01-01
A Media LuzCarlos Gardel1970-01-01
Adios MuchachoCarlos Gardel1970-01-01
CaminitoCarlos Gardel1970-01-01
Cuesta AbajoCarlos Gardel1970-01-01
El Dia Que Me QuierasCarlos Gardel1970-01-01
La CumparsitaCarlos Gardel1970-01-01
Mano a ManoCarlos Gardel1970-01-01
Mi Buenos Aires QueridoCarlos Gardel1970-01-01
VolverCarlos Gardel1970-01-01
La BoaCarlos J. Reyes & Felipe Reyna1970-01-01
Busco Una MujerCarlos Ponce1970-01-01
Black Magic WomanCarlos Santana1970-01-01
Love of My LifeCarlos Santana1970-01-01
Maria MariaCarlos Santana1970-01-01
Open InvitationCarlos Santana1970-01-01
Put Your Lights OnCarlos Santana & Everlast1970-01-01
Maria MariaCarlos Santana & Product G&B1970-01-01
SmoothCarlos Santana & Rob Thomas1970-01-01
19 De NoviembreCarlos Vives1970-01-01
CaballitoCarlos Vives1970-01-01
CaritoCarlos Vives1970-01-01
Como TuCarlos Vives1970-01-01
Dejame EntrarCarlos Vives1970-01-01
El Amor De Mi TierraCarlos Vives1970-01-01
FidelinaCarlos Vives1970-01-01
Fruta FrescaCarlos Vives1970-01-01
La CelosaCarlos Vives1970-01-01
La Gota FriaCarlos Vives1970-01-01
La MaravillaCarlos Vives1970-01-01
La PiraguaCarlos Vives1970-01-01
La Tierra Del OlvidoCarlos Vives1970-01-01
LaHamaca GrandeCarlos Vives1970-01-01
Luna NuevaCarlos Vives1970-01-01
Maria TeresaCarlos Vives1970-01-01
Matilde LinaCarlos Vives1970-01-01
Pa' MayteCarlos Vives1970-01-01
PapadioCarlos Vives1970-01-01
Quiero Verte SonreirCarlos Vives1970-01-01
RosaCarlos Vives1970-01-01
Tu Amor EternoCarlos Vives1970-01-01
Voy a Olvidarme De MiCarlos Vives1970-01-01
Amores FingidosCarlos Y Jose1970-01-01
El ChubascoCarlos Y Jose1970-01-01
Flor De CapomoCarlos Y Jose1970-01-01
Santado a La Vera Del CaminoCarlos, Roberto & Eydie Gorme1970-01-01
I'm Gonna Blow Your MindCarly Hennessy1970-01-01
Call Me MaybeCarly Raye Jepsen1970-01-01
All I Want Is YouCarly Simon1970-01-01
AnticipationCarly Simon1970-01-01
As Time Goes ByCarly Simon1970-01-01
Better Not Tell HerCarly Simon1970-01-01
Coming Around AgainCarly Simon1970-01-01
Devoted to YouCarly Simon1970-01-01
Haven't Got Time for the PainCarly Simon1970-01-01
In the Wee Small HoursCarly Simon1970-01-01
JesseCarly Simon1970-01-01
Legend in Your Own TimeCarly Simon1970-01-01
Let the River RunCarly Simon1970-01-01
Like a RiverCarly Simon1970-01-01
MockingbirdCarly Simon1970-01-01
Nobody Does It BetterCarly Simon1970-01-01
Right Thing to DoCarly Simon1970-01-01
So Far AwayCarly Simon1970-01-01
Stuff That Dreams Are Made OfCarly Simon1970-01-01
That's the Way I've Always Heard It Should BeCarly Simon1970-01-01
Touched By the SunCarly Simon1970-01-01
We're Not Makin' Love AnymoreCarly Simon1970-01-01
You Belong to MeCarly Simon1970-01-01
You're So VainCarly Simon1970-01-01
Addicted to JesusCarman1970-01-01
I've Been DeliveredCarman1970-01-01
I Cried for YouCarmen McRae1970-01-01
Nothin' Like SummerCarmen Rasmusen1970-01-01
One Night StandCarol Mack Parker1970-01-01
Anyone at AllCarole King1970-01-01
BeautifulCarole King1970-01-01
I Feel the Earth MoveCarole King1970-01-01
It Might As Well Rain Until SeptemberCarole King1970-01-01
It's Too LateCarole King1970-01-01
JazzmanCarole King1970-01-01
NightingaleCarole King1970-01-01
Now and ForeverCarole King1970-01-01
One Fine DayCarole King1970-01-01
Smackwater JackCarole King1970-01-01
So Far AwayCarole King1970-01-01
Sweet SeasonsCarole King1970-01-01
Will You Still Love Me TomorrowCarole King1970-01-01
Wolverton MountainCarole King1970-01-01
You've Got a FriendCarole King1970-01-01
Coming Around AgainCarole King & Carly Simon1970-01-01
Devoted to YouCarole King & Carly Simon1970-01-01
I Feel the Earth MoveCarole King & Carly Simon1970-01-01
It Might As Well Rain Until SeptemberCarole King & Carly Simon1970-01-01
JazzmanCarole King & Carly Simon1970-01-01
MockingbirdCarole King & Carly Simon1970-01-01
NightingaleCarole King & Carly Simon1970-01-01
One Fine DayCarole King & Carly Simon1970-01-01
Right Thing to DoCarole King & Carly Simon1970-01-01
So Far AwayCarole King & Carly Simon1970-01-01
Sweet SeasonsCarole King & Carly Simon1970-01-01
That's the Way I've Heard It ShouldCarole King & Carly Simon1970-01-01
You Belong to MeCarole King & Carly Simon1970-01-01
Country GirlCarolina Chocolate Drops1970-01-01
Dulce Veneno Version BaladaCarolina Lao1970-01-01
DrownCarolina Liar1970-01-01
Show Me What I Am Looking ForCarolina Liar1970-01-01
American RadioCarolina Rain1970-01-01
Get Outta My WayCarolina Rain1970-01-01
Isn't SheCarolina Rain1970-01-01
Weight of the WorldCarolina Rain1970-01-01
Nothing to ProveCaroline's Spine1970-01-01
ComplicatedCarolyn Dawn Johnson1970-01-01
Die of a Broken HeartCarolyn Dawn Johnson1970-01-01
Don't Want You to GoCarolyn Dawn Johnson1970-01-01
GeorgiaCarolyn Dawn Johnson1970-01-01
Got a Good DayCarolyn Dawn Johnson1970-01-01
I Don't Want You to GoCarolyn Dawn Johnson1970-01-01
Little Bit of This, Little Bit of ThatCarolyn Dawn Johnson1970-01-01
One Day Closer to YouCarolyn Dawn Johnson1970-01-01
Simple LifeCarolyn Dawn Johnson1970-01-01
Some Mother's SonCarolyn Dawn Johnson1970-01-01
The Whole ThingCarolyn Dawn Johnson1970-01-01
Whole ThingCarolyn Dawn Johnson1970-01-01
Hi-Lili, Hi-LoCaron, Leslie1970-01-01
If I Loved YouCarousel1970-01-01
June Is Bustin' out All OverCarousel1970-01-01
You'll Never Walk AloneCarousel1970-01-01
(They Long to Be) Close to YouCarpenters1970-01-01
A Song for YouCarpenters1970-01-01
Calling Occupants of InterplanetaryCarpenters1970-01-01
Close to You, (They Long to Be)Carpenters1970-01-01
For All We KnowCarpenters1970-01-01
Goodbye to LoveCarpenters1970-01-01
Hurting Each OtherCarpenters1970-01-01
I Need to Be in LoveCarpenters1970-01-01
I Won't Last a Day Without YouCarpenters1970-01-01
I Won’t Last a Day Without YouCarpenters1970-01-01
It's Going to Take Some TimeCarpenters1970-01-01
Jambalaya (On the Bayou)Carpenters1970-01-01
Leave Yesterday BehindCarpenters1970-01-01
Let Me Be the OneCarpenters1970-01-01
Make Believe It's Your First TimeCarpenters1970-01-01
Maybe It's YouCarpenters1970-01-01
Merry Christmas Darling (Christmas)Carpenters1970-01-01
Only YesterdayCarpenters1970-01-01
Please Mr PostmanCarpenters1970-01-01
Please Mr. PostmanCarpenters1970-01-01
Rainy Days and MondaysCarpenters1970-01-01
Sing (Sing a Song)Carpenters1970-01-01
There's a Kind of HushCarpenters1970-01-01
Top of the WorldCarpenters1970-01-01
Touch Me When We're DancingCarpenters1970-01-01
We've Only Just BegunCarpenters1970-01-01
Yesterday Once MoreCarpenters1970-01-01
Yesturday Once MoreCarpenters1970-01-01
You're the OneCarpenters1970-01-01
All American GirlCarrie Underwood1970-01-01
All-American GirlCarrie Underwood1970-01-01
Before He CheatsCarrie Underwood1970-01-01
Blown AwayCarrie Underwood1970-01-01
ChangeCarrie Underwood1970-01-01
Cowboy CasanovaCarrie Underwood1970-01-01
Crazy DreamsCarrie Underwood1970-01-01
Dirty LaundryCarrie Underwood1970-01-01
Do You Hear What I HearCarrie Underwood1970-01-01
Don't Forget to Remember MeCarrie Underwood1970-01-01
Flat on the FloorCarrie Underwood1970-01-01
Forever ChangedCarrie Underwood1970-01-01
Get out of This TownCarrie Underwood1970-01-01
Good GirlCarrie Underwood1970-01-01
Home Sweet HomeCarrie Underwood1970-01-01
How Great Thou ArtCarrie Underwood1970-01-01
I Ain't in Checotah AnymoreCarrie Underwood1970-01-01
I Know You Won'tCarrie Underwood1970-01-01
I Told You SoCarrie Underwood1970-01-01
I'll Stand By YouCarrie Underwood1970-01-01
Inside Your Heart (Live Idol Version)Carrie Underwood1970-01-01
Inside Your HeavenCarrie Underwood1970-01-01
Jesus, Take the WheelCarrie Underwood1970-01-01
Just a DreamCarrie Underwood1970-01-01
Last NameCarrie Underwood1970-01-01
Look at MeCarrie Underwood1970-01-01
Mama's SongCarrie Underwood1970-01-01
More Boys I MeetCarrie Underwood1970-01-01
Play OnCarrie Underwood1970-01-01
QuitterCarrie Underwood1970-01-01
So SmallCarrie Underwood1970-01-01
Some HeartsCarrie Underwood1970-01-01
Someday When I Stop Loving YouCarrie Underwood1970-01-01
Songs Like ThisCarrie Underwood1970-01-01
Temporary HomeCarrie Underwood1970-01-01
The More Boys I MeetCarrie Underwood1970-01-01
This TimeCarrie Underwood1970-01-01
TwistedCarrie Underwood1970-01-01
Two Black CadillacsCarrie Underwood1970-01-01
UnapologizeCarrie Underwood1970-01-01
Undo ItCarrie Underwood1970-01-01
WastedCarrie Underwood1970-01-01
We're Young & BeautifulCarrie Underwood1970-01-01
What Can I SayCarrie Underwood1970-01-01
Wheel of the WorldCarrie Underwood1970-01-01
You Son't Find ThisCarrie Underwood1970-01-01
What Can I SayCarrie Underwood & Song of Sylvia1970-01-01
Behind the CloudsCars (Disney)1970-01-01
Behind the Clouds (Vocals)Cars (Disney)1970-01-01
Find YourselfCars (Disney)1970-01-01
Find Yourself (Vocals)Cars (Disney)1970-01-01
Life Is a HighwayCars (Disney)1970-01-01
Life Is a Highway (Vocals)Cars (Disney)1970-01-01
My Heart Would KnowCars (Disney)1970-01-01
Our TownCars (Disney)1970-01-01
Our Town (Vocals)Cars (Disney)1970-01-01
Real GoneCars (Disney)1970-01-01
Real Gone (Vocals)Cars (Disney)1970-01-01
Route 66Cars (Disney)1970-01-01
Route 66 (Vocals)Cars (Disney)1970-01-01
Sh-BoomCars (Disney)1970-01-01
Sh-Boom (Vocals)Cars (Disney)1970-01-01
DriveCars, The1970-01-01
Good Times RollCars, The1970-01-01
Just What I NeededCars, The1970-01-01
Let's GoCars, The1970-01-01
Lets GoCars, The1970-01-01
MagicCars, The1970-01-01
My Best Friend's GirlCars, The1970-01-01
Right TimeCars, The1970-01-01
Sad SongCars, The1970-01-01
Shake It UpCars, The1970-01-01
Since You're GoneCars, The1970-01-01
Tonight She ComesCars, The1970-01-01
You Might ThinkCars, The1970-01-01
A Little Less ComfortableCarter's Chord1970-01-01
Different BreedCarter's Chord1970-01-01
Love a Little BiggerCarter's Chord1970-01-01
Young LoveCarter's Chord1970-01-01
Doo DahCartoons1970-01-01
Witch DoctorCartoons1970-01-01
Brand New MeCary Morrow1970-01-01
It's Good to Be MeCaryl Mack Parker1970-01-01
One Night StandCaryl Mack Parker1970-01-01
Evacuate the Dance FloorCascada1970-01-01
Everytime We TouchCascada1970-01-01
Miracle (Radio Mix)Cascada1970-01-01
Truly Madly DeeplyCascada1970-01-01
What Hurts the MostCascada1970-01-01
Rhythm of the RainCascades1970-01-01
Missing YouCase1970-01-01
Touch Me Tease MeCase1970-01-01
Crying on a SuitcaseCasey James1970-01-01
American City SuiteCashman and West1970-01-01
Then You Can Tell Me GoodbyeCasinos1970-01-01
Make Your Own Kind of MusicCass Elliot1970-01-01
Words of LoveCass Elliot1970-01-01
Touch MeCass Fox1970-01-01
Touch MeCassandra1970-01-01
I'm a HustlaCassidy1970-01-01
Get No BetterCassidy & Mashonda1970-01-01
HotelCassidy & R. Kelly1970-01-01
My Drink N' My 2 StepCassidy & Swizz Beatz1970-01-01
Long Way 2 GoCassie1970-01-01
Me & UCassie1970-01-01
Me and UsCassie1970-01-01
Must Be LoveCassie ft. Diddy1970-01-01
Beat MammaCast1970-01-01
Liar LiarCastaways1970-01-01
Y Despues Del AmorCastro, Los1970-01-01
Yo Sin TiCastro, Los1970-01-01
Another Saturday NightCat Stevens1970-01-01
Can't Keep It InCat Stevens1970-01-01
Father and SonCat Stevens1970-01-01
Hard Headed WomanCat Stevens1970-01-01
HurtCat Stevens1970-01-01
Matthew & SonCat Stevens1970-01-01
MoonshadowCat Stevens1970-01-01
Morning Has BrokenCat Stevens1970-01-01
Oh Very YoungCat Stevens1970-01-01
Peace TrainCat Stevens1970-01-01
ReadyCat Stevens1970-01-01
SittingCat Stevens1970-01-01
Two Fine PeopleCat Stevens1970-01-01
Where Do the Children PlayCat Stevens1970-01-01
Wild WorldCat Stevens1970-01-01
Triste RecuerdoCatarino Lara1970-01-01
AvientameCatarino Leos1970-01-01
Sueno BonitoCatarino Leos1970-01-01
Dead from the Waist DownCatatonia1970-01-01
Karaoke QueenCatatonia1970-01-01
Mulder & ScullyCatatonia1970-01-01
Road RageCatatonia1970-01-01
Stone By StoneCatatonia1970-01-01
Strange GlueCatatonia1970-01-01
Upside of Being DownCatherine Britt1970-01-01
What I Did Last NightCatherine Britt1970-01-01
Where We Both Say GoodbyeCatherine Britt & Elton John1970-01-01
Where We Both Say Goodbye (Duet)Catherine Britt & Elton John1970-01-01
And All That Jazz (Chicago)Catherine Zeta-Jones (Chicago)1970-01-01
All Night Long (Touch Me)Cathy Dennis1970-01-01
IrresistibleCathy Dennis1970-01-01
Just Another DreamCathy Dennis1970-01-01
Moments of LoveCathy Dennis1970-01-01
Too Many WallsCathy Dennis1970-01-01
It's All OverCause & Effect1970-01-01
It's over NowCause & Effect1970-01-01
Tangerine SpeedoCaviar1970-01-01
Let It GoCavo1970-01-01
FinallyCe Ce Peniston1970-01-01
I'm in the MoodCe Ce Peniston1970-01-01
Movin' OnCe Ce Peniston1970-01-01
Love of My LifeCe Ce Winans & Bebe1970-01-01
HeavenCece & Bebe Winans1970-01-01
I'll Take You ThereCece & Bebe Winans1970-01-01
If Anything Ever Happened to YouCece & Bebe Winans1970-01-01
It's OKCece & Bebe Winans1970-01-01
Love of My LifeCece & Bebe Winans1970-01-01
Alabaster BoxCece Winans1970-01-01
Bright Lights Bigger CityCee Lo Green1970-01-01
Closet FreakCee Lo Green1970-01-01
F--K YouCee Lo Green1970-01-01
Forget YouCee Lo Green1970-01-01
Fool for YouCee Lo Green ft. Melanie Fiona1970-01-01
Bemba ColoraCelia Cruz1970-01-01
BurundangaCelia Cruz1970-01-01
Cao Cao Mani PicaoCelia Cruz1970-01-01
Caramelo a KiloCelia Cruz1970-01-01
Cuba, Que Lindos Son Tus PaisaCelia Cruz1970-01-01
El GuabaCelia Cruz1970-01-01
El Yerbero ModernoCelia Cruz1970-01-01
Hay Que Empezar Otra VezCelia Cruz1970-01-01
Isadora DuncanCelia Cruz1970-01-01
Juancito TrucupeyCelia Cruz1970-01-01
La Dicha MiaCelia Cruz1970-01-01
La GuaguaCelia Cruz1970-01-01
La Isla Del EncantoCelia Cruz1970-01-01
La Negra Tiene TumbaoCelia Cruz1970-01-01
La Sopa En BotellaCelia Cruz1970-01-01
La Vida Es Un CarnavalCelia Cruz1970-01-01
Lo Tuyo Es MentalCelia Cruz1970-01-01
Melao De CanaCelia Cruz1970-01-01
Pa La PalomaCelia Cruz1970-01-01
Por Si Acaso No RegresoCelia Cruz1970-01-01
Que Culpa Tengo YoCelia Cruz1970-01-01
Que Le Den CandelaCelia Cruz1970-01-01
QuimbaraCelia Cruz1970-01-01
Rie Y LloraCelia Cruz1970-01-01
Sabor GitanoCelia Cruz1970-01-01
Toro MataCelia Cruz1970-01-01
Tu VozCelia Cruz1970-01-01
Tuya Mas Que TuyaCelia Cruz1970-01-01
Usted AbusoCelia Cruz1970-01-01
Yerbero ModernoCelia Cruz1970-01-01
Yo VivireCelia Cruz1970-01-01
A New Day Has ComeCeline Dion1970-01-01
A World to Believe InCeline Dion1970-01-01
All By MyselfCeline Dion1970-01-01
Any Other WayCeline Dion1970-01-01
At LastCeline Dion1970-01-01
Aun Existe AmorCeline Dion1970-01-01
Beauty and the BeastCeline Dion1970-01-01
Because You Love MeCeline Dion1970-01-01
Call the ManCeline Dion1970-01-01
Dance with My FatherCeline Dion1970-01-01
Declaration of LoveCeline Dion1970-01-01
Drip DropCeline Dion1970-01-01
Fade AwayCeline Dion1970-01-01
Falling into YouCeline Dion1970-01-01
First Time Ever I Saw Your FaceCeline Dion1970-01-01
God Bless AmericaCeline Dion1970-01-01
Goodbye's the Saddest WordCeline Dion1970-01-01
Greatest RewardCeline Dion1970-01-01
Have You Ever Been in LoveCeline Dion1970-01-01
Here There and EverywhereCeline Dion1970-01-01
I Drove All NightCeline Dion1970-01-01
I Drove All Night Celine Dion1970-01-01
I Got Nothin' LeftCeline Dion1970-01-01
I Know What Love IsCeline Dion1970-01-01
I SurrenderCeline Dion1970-01-01
I Want You to Need MeCeline Dion1970-01-01
I'm AliveCeline Dion1970-01-01
I'm Your AngelCeline Dion1970-01-01
If There Was Any Other WayCeline Dion1970-01-01
If Walls Could TalkCeline Dion1970-01-01
If We Could Start OverCeline Dion1970-01-01
If You Asked Me ToCeline Dion1970-01-01
ImmortalityCeline Dion1970-01-01
In Some Small WayCeline Dion1970-01-01
It's All Coming Back to Me NowCeline Dion1970-01-01
Last to KnowCeline Dion1970-01-01
Let's Talk About LoveCeline Dion1970-01-01
Like a Natural WomanCeline Dion1970-01-01
LiveCeline Dion1970-01-01
Love Can Move MountainsCeline Dion1970-01-01
Love Don't Ask WhyCeline Dion1970-01-01
Map to My HeartCeline Dion1970-01-01
MisledCeline Dion1970-01-01
My Heart Will Go OnCeline Dion1970-01-01
My LoveCeline Dion1970-01-01
Nature BoyCeline Dion1970-01-01
New Day Has ComeCeline Dion1970-01-01
Nothing Broken but My HeartCeline Dion1970-01-01
O Holy NightCeline Dion1970-01-01
One HeartCeline Dion1970-01-01
Only One RoadCeline Dion1970-01-01
Power of a DreamCeline Dion1970-01-01
PrayerCeline Dion1970-01-01
Rain, Tax (It's Inevitable)Celine Dion1970-01-01
ReasonCeline Dion1970-01-01
Right in Front of YouCeline Dion1970-01-01
Send Me a LoverCeline Dion1970-01-01
Shadow of LoveCeline Dion1970-01-01
Sorry for LoveCeline Dion1970-01-01
Stand By Your SideCeline Dion1970-01-01
Surprise SurpriseCeline Dion1970-01-01
Taking ChancesCeline Dion1970-01-01
Tell HimCeline Dion1970-01-01
Ten DaysCeline Dion1970-01-01
That's Just the Woman in MeCeline Dion1970-01-01
That's the Way It IsCeline Dion1970-01-01
That’s the Way It IsCeline Dion1970-01-01
The Color of My LoveCeline Dion1970-01-01
Then You Look at MeCeline Dion1970-01-01
Think TwiceCeline Dion1970-01-01
This TimeCeline Dion1970-01-01
To Love You MoreCeline Dion1970-01-01
Treat Her Like a LadyCeline Dion1970-01-01
UsCeline Dion1970-01-01
Water from the MoonCeline Dion1970-01-01
When I Fall in LoveCeline Dion1970-01-01
When the Wrong One Loves You RightCeline Dion1970-01-01
Where Does My Heart Beat NowCeline Dion1970-01-01
You and ICeline Dion1970-01-01
You Make Me Feel Like a Natural WomanCeline Dion1970-01-01
When I Fall in LoveCeline Dion & Clive Griffin1970-01-01
All the WayCeline Dion & Frank Sinatra1970-01-01
I'll Never Hold You BackCeline Dion & Paul Anka1970-01-01
It's Hard to Say GoodbyeCeline Dion & Paul Anka1970-01-01
It's Hard to Say Goodbye (Duet)Celine Dion & Paul Anka1970-01-01
Beauty and the BeastCeline Dion & Peabo Bryson1970-01-01
Whole New WorldCeline Dion & Peabo Bryson1970-01-01
VoiceCeltic Woman1970-01-01
En Un Bosque De La ChinaCepillin1970-01-01
La Historia De Mi AmorCesar Costa1970-01-01
Mi PubleoCesar Costa1970-01-01
AmarraditosChabuca Granda1970-01-01
La Flor De La CanelaChabuca Granda1970-01-01
Summer SongChad & Jeremy1970-01-01
A Man's Gotta DoChad Brock1970-01-01
EvangelineChad Brock1970-01-01
It's a Woman ThingChad Brock1970-01-01